The rays of light shone brightly on Mirabelle's sleeping face, dying her skin a pale pink. She scrunched up her eyes, moaning. 

'Wake up! Wape up!' An urgent voice cried.

Mirabelle opened her eyes, before scooting backwards; the back of her head collided with a tree.

'Ouch.' She winced, tears prickling in the back of her eyes. She glared at the person who'd woken her up, as it wasn't a voice she recognised.

Mirabelle let out a gasp which was entwined with a whimper as she looked up at the boy in front of her.

The young man sported a golden sun tan and golden hair which hung in tangled curls to his hips. But the things that shocked Mirabelle were his unusual features; like how a short, deer-like tail was just visible under the waistband of his trousers... and the fact that he had a pair of crude-looking antlers protruding from his skull, some stands of hair were hooked over the bony branches.

'What are you?' She whispered, her bright green eyes wide. A dirt-smudged hand to her mouth.

'Never mind that, you have to run! Run!'  He shrieked. 

'Why?' She wailed, 'where am I? This isn't a dream... oh no... I've been kidnapped, oh God. No...' Mirabelle clutched the sides of her head dramatically. 

'What the-- no! You haven't been kidnapped! Just run!' He repeated, his expression grew more frantic by the second.

'No!!' Mirabelle whimpered, the "O" carrying on for a good twenty seconds. The boy have a little roar of frustration, and scooped up Mirabelle in his arms. She struggled against his strong grip for a few seconds, but he glared at her; scaring her out of challenging the wild-looking boy. 

Mirabelle looked around, fear glazed over her eyes as she looked at the jungle-like place that surrounded her. Weird plants and trees and animals the likes of which she's never seen on a documentary or learned about in any biology class.

'Why are we running?' She asked the boy, 'where are we?'

'The Labyrinths.'

'Which answer is that?'


'Uhh...' Mirabelle frowned, looking down at the boys legs which danced effortlessly across the muddy ground. She took note of how easily he spoke to her, even though he'd ran a considerable distance. 

The boy came to an abrupt stop, dropping Mirabelle on the floor before promptly walking off. 

'Hey! Hey! Hey!' Mirabelle yelled angrily, 'you can't just leave me where!!' 

'Why not?' He asked, a bored expression on his face.

'Well... because... because...'

'You have no reason, therefore nor do I.' He grunting, shrugging his shoulders. 

'I don't know where I am!!'

'That's not my problem,' he called, still walking off.

Mirabelle cursed and stood up. Ignoring her muddy behind, she chased after the antler-boy furiously.

'Don't follow me.' He snapped.

'I don't see anyone else around here to follow so you'll just...' Mirabelle froze, the realisation of the situation to set in. She was in a jungle, a foreign jungle. Why was she there in the first place? Who was this kid?

He stopped, an obvious expression of worry on his face as he looked back at the girl. Tears dripped off Mirabelle's chin and she sank to her knee's; head in her hands.

'Um... sorry... you can follow me if you want.' The boy said nervously, as if it were his first time encountering a crying girl.

He patted her head awkwardly, she peeked out at him from behind her fingers. 

'I'm Mirabelle.' She sniffled, still hidden behind her hands.

'I'm Fawl.' He replied.

'Why are you in fancy dress?'


'You've got antlers.' 

'Um... yeah... and you haven't, where the heck are you from, anyway?' Fawl asked, curious.

'England, where the heck is this?'

Fawl frowned at Mirabelle as if she'd lost her head.

'It's Labyrinth, I already told you this?' He laughed.

'I thought you were joking.' 

'No.' Now that Mirabelle was able to concentrate, she noticed Fawl had an interesting accent which she had never heard before. It was almost Irish, but French at the same time.

'Well... I'll take you to my village to see what the elders think.' 

The End

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