Alice in Not So Wonderland

As adventurous as Alice Rowan was, she knew what she was doing was only going to get her into more trouble than it was worth. Slowly sitting up in her bed, Alice looked over at her digital alarm clock and read the time.

12:30 am, Mom's asleep for sure.

With that thought she tossed the covers off of her and then rose to her feet, flicking on her lamp as she went along. She stepped in front of her full length mirror, looking herself over. Dressed in a short sleeve red and black button up shirt and a black pleated skirt, she looked ready for a night on the town. Her green eyes raced up to her wild mane of red hair that came to the middle of her back. It stuck out in every which way and as much as she tried to tame it, she never succeeded.

With a sigh, she turned on her heels and slid her feet into her black converse, tying them up quickly before she reached for her tan jacket, throwing it on as she slowly opened her window and looked down onto the street below. No lights were on and everyone was asleep, perfect for her escape. She quickly turned around and cut off her lamp, before she slowly made her way out of the window, making sure to keep her balance.

Once she was steady, she dropped down to the garage roof with a slight thud, before sliding down and dropping to the ground. She smiled, happy that so far everything was going as planned, now all she had to do was wait for her ride, which she knew was going to be late. As she stood their in the warm night her thoughts went back to earlier that day when her friends had invited her out for a night on the town to celebrate her upcoming 16th birthday. Of course she had agreed, who would say no to that?

Her mother of course had, and she of course used the same excuse as all ways.

"I'm sorry Alice, but your too young and I don't care what your friends say. Their not your parents and their parents run their house differently, but as long as you live under my roof, then you'll follow my rules,"

Of course Alice could see that one coming, but she had asked any way, hoping that her mother would say yes. Though her mother had said no, that didn't mean Alice was going to listen exactly, so as soon as she got the rejection she decided to email her friends, Sophia and Kaitlin asking for ride and saying they should be here by 12:40 to pick her up, and that she would find a way out of the house.

Slowly looking back up, Alice began to wonder just how she was going to get back into her house, but she decided she'd worry about that later, when she came home...whenever that would be. Suddenly her phone vibrated and she quickly retrieved it from her pocket flipping it open.

Did you make it out of the house OK?


"Yep, I'm out, just waiting for my ride. Where are you guys?"

No sooner did she send the text back did the Black Camero pull up to her house and Sophia waved her down, motioning for her to hurry up. Sliding her phone back into her pocket, she raced over to the car, sliding into the back seat a smile on her face. With a quick exchange of hello's Sophia took off down the street a smile on her face.

Sophia had pulled her long black hair back into a ponytail and had adorned herself with a heavy layer of makeup that only she could pull off. Her lips were stained a bloody red color that suited her well, and all together reminded her of a vampire. Sitting beside her in the passenger seat was Kaitlin who's blond curly hair was attractive and well suited for her young round face. Blue eyes looked back at Alice before she spoke, happy that her best friend could her here.

"I'm surprised no one noticed you, I mean your hair lights up the night Alice. I saw your red her all the way down the block," Kaitlin said with a grin.

"Kaitlin for the last time, her hair isn't just red, it's pomegranate red," Sophia said with a frown.

Alice chuckled, as Sophia reprimanded Kaitlin for her mistake. Sophia was the trend-setter and thus knew what was hot and what was not. She also knew every hair color known to man since she was very young. In fact when Sophia and Alice met back in 6th grade, the first thing Sophia had said was that her head was a rare sort of red. It wasn't until later that week that Alice learned the "Pomegranate red," wasn't a color seen in the world of human beings.

Kaitlin on the other hand was the exact opposite of Sophia, she was the one who wore the played out fashions as if they were the biggest thing. Kaitlin thought it was cool to be different from the crowd and where things that were played out, which Alice had to commend her for. And it was because of this difference that she loved her friends so much and they could have idiotic fights over nothing of great importance and still have a good time without being to serious.

"So where are we going exactly?" Alice asked.

"Oh, yeah We didn't tell you before did we?" Sophia said as she pulled over at a red light, "Kaitlin hand her the card,"

With a nod Kaitlin dug around in her purse before she handed a small plastic card to Alice, that had her picture on it, but her name and age was different. Apparently her name was Harper Evans and she was 19 years old, born in Ventura, California.

"Well, at least you got one thing about me right," Alice said as she flipped the card over in her hands, "Just where did you get this from?"

"Oh, I know a few people. I thought since your finally turning sixteen you should experience the clubs me and Kaitlin have been going to for a while,"

"Wait, how long have you guys been going to the clubs?"

"For a few months now," Kaitlin said.

Alice crossed her arms and looked away with a sigh. Sometimes it really did suck that she was the youngest out of them all. She would be the last one to learn how to drive, the last one to be able to drink, and now she had missed out going to the club with her friends. Pouting Alice, slouched in the back seat of the Camero feeling like a little kid.

"Don't pout Alice, this is suppose to be fun,"

"Why didn't you guys take me before, I could have passed as an 18 year old before I turned sixteen,"

"Yeah you could, but we wanted to let you in on the secret when you were going to experience the most important day of your life,"

"When I get married?" Alice joked.

"Yeah right, whatever Alice. I can't picture Ms. Heart breaker getting married any time soon," Kaitlin said with a chuckle.

Alice sighed at her infamous nickname, and wished that they hadn't brought it up. At their high school, dating a girl like Alice was a prize, since she was smart, pretty, and delicate. But the boys at her school weren't to her liking and over her first two years of high school she had rejected a number of boys exposing them for their flaws and why she wouldn't date them. Now girls and boys at school had nicknamed her, Ms. Heart breaker, but never stopped boys from asking her out on dates, much to her annoyance.


When they pulled up to the club all Alice could do was stare in awe. The building was a full two stories high, and neon signs covered the front entrance. It as an impressive looking building with a bouncer standing in front of the door. The line was long and Alice began to wonder how they were going to get in before the night was over.

Getting out the car, she watched as Sophia shortened her skirt, making it so if she bent over her panties would clearly be sen. Alice swallowed uncomfortably for a moment before she stood beside her friends, Sophia looking her up and down before blinking.

"Just follow my lead,"

"Kay," Alice said quietly, as she followed Sophia and Kaitlin across the street.

Now she really did feel like a child, and Sophia and Kaitlin were her chaperons. Walking straight up to the bartender, Sophia slipped him a couple of hundreds and pointed toward Alice, with a huge grin on her face. He nodded once, and then lifted the ropes letting the three girls in, flashing a wink at Alice as she walked past, making her feel uncomfortable.

"Sophia what did you do?"

"I just told him that it's your birthday and that you're apart of my crew, why did I say something wrong?"

"No, but he winked at me," Alice said.

"Are you scared, Alice?" Kaitlin asked, her gray eyes resting on Alice's green.

"No, I think I'm more disturbed," Alice said quietly.

"Well get over it, we're here to have an adventure," Sophia said as she twirled her hips and danced her way onto the dance floor, screaming out as she went along.

Alice shot a look over to Kaitlin, who just shrugged and then followed Sophia's lead, dragging Alice with her. As they reached the dance floor, their bodies meshed with other peoples and the music blared in their ears, but Alice slowly found herself wanting to dance. After a few minutes she loosened up and found herself dancing right alongside Sophia and Kaitlin.

Alice was surprised at how her friend acted at night. Sophia was a dirty and well...hotter than what she was at school, dancing with several guys who watched her with hungry eyes. Kaitlin was dancing like a fool, earning cheers from the people around her. It was strange to see Kaitlin act that way, since she usually wasn't balanced on her own two feet. But nevertheless it was nice to see her friends having a good time.

"Hey, babe," a voice whispered in her ear.

Jumping out of her skin, Alice turned around to see a young man leaning over and watching her every move. He grinned, running a few fingers through his short blond hair, and sparkling blue eyes. Blue eyes that were hungry for her. He grinned showing of pearly white teeth. He stretched out a hand to her.

"Care for a dance?" he asked.

"No thanks," Alice said turning around.

"Aww...come on don't run away babe," the boy said reaching for her arm and then turning her around.

"Let's dance,"

"I said no!" Alice said pulling away, but his grip was too strong.

Instead the boy pulled her close, nearly lifting her off the ground. He grinned playfully before spinning around, taking her with him. Struggling to break free of his impressive grip, it wasn't until he stopped spinning that she was being taken farther and farther away from her friends. Frowning, she raised her leg, sending it into the crotch of the boy. He immediately dropped to the ground letting Alice go. Dropping to her hands and knees she crawled her way through the dancing feet of couples. People stepped on her hands and she bit her lip, holding back screams of pain.

It wasn't until Sophia and Kaitlin lifted her off the grown, was she finally able to relax a bit. Sophia raised an eyebrow, looking her up and down.

"Alice, what happened?" she asked.

"This, guy...he was trying to take me and-"

"MOVE OUT THE WAY!" a deep angry voice called from behind.

All three girls looked back, and Alice let out a scream as th guy who tried to take her way was rushing toward her, two of crones hot on his tail.

"Shoot, we have a major problem here. Come on, we need to put some distance between us," Sophia said, grabbing Kaitlin and Alice's hand and leading them deeper into the crowd.

Alice continued to look back, and saw that no matter how hard they tried, they were still being followed. Alice blinked as the bright red lights turned to a deep purple and the music slowed quiet a bit. Cursing under her breath, Alice looked around, before she spotted the bathroom.

"Follow me," she said, as she dragged her friends toward the bathroom. It took longer than she expected, but once they reached the bathroom, she knew that time was quickly running out for them.

"OK, so what do we do now? Their not afraid to come in here, especially since we're the only girls in here," Sophia said.

"Alice, what are we going to do?"

Alice shushed them quickly before her eyes rested on the window. Running over, she undid the locks and then pushed it open wide enough for them to get through. With a sigh of relief, she motioned for Kaitlin and Sophia to climb through. Without saying another word, they climbed through the window and just as Alice was beginning to haul herself through the window, she heard the door burst open and the sound of several men screaming at her. Just as she was about to topple out to freedom on the other side o the window, she was grabbed by her leg and pulled back down into the bathroom.

But she hung onto the window for her life, once she was a bit more balance, she swung her legs, kicking the man she had kneed in the crotch in the face. He fell to the ground, and his two cronies hollered" Duncan," as he hit the floor. Alice didn't waste any time climbing through the window and landing on the ground on the other side.

Sophia, Kaitlin and Alice, found themselves in a dark alley way outside the club, and with a few glances at each other, rushed out the alley and towards Sophia's Camero. Alice slid into the passenger seat as Kaitlin dove into the back seat and without putting on their seat belts they hollered for Sophia to drive. She floored the gas, her Camro screeching as she took off the down the street, making a hard right at the turn up ahead.

They didn't stop until they were a long ways away from the club, and that was only to calm their nerves. Alice was taking in mouthfuls of air trying to calm herself, down before she looked over at Sophia who looked back at Kaitlin. Then they all started to laugh hysterically, perhaps out of fear, or that this was the most fun they had had in quite some time.

"Alice, that was some quick thinking there. Those guys never give up once they set their eyes on there prey. But that was the first time that they came fter us lke that...what did you do?"

"I hit him where the sun don't shine," Alice said with a grin on her face.

"Ar you kidding me? No wonder he looked ready to kill us," Kaitlin said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to put you guys in dangers, but I had to do something or I could be in the back of someon's trunk, screaming my head off...or dead,"

" is anyone hungry?" Sophia asked.

"Me," Alice and Kaitling said at the same time.

"Good," Sophia replied as she drove off, a smile on her face.

They spent the rest of the morning out, eating burgers and drinking shakes, and Alice soon found herself arriving hom at 4 in the morning. She waved good bye as Sophia drove off, a smile on her face. Alice, let out a sigh as she looked at her way of getting back into the house. She couldn't go through the front or back door, or the alarm would go off. If she went through the garage, theat would make to much noise. With a frown, she walked to the side of the garage, and leaped up, grabbing the edge of the roof. She pulled herself up and took in a deep breath.

That was harder than she expected, but now she was closer to getting into her home. Walking on the roof, she pushed her window open and then climbed into her room, which was still dark. Slowly and silently she closed her window and then turned on her lamp. Thankfully her mother was still asleep in the other room, which meant that she was off the hook. That was a miracle. Changing into her pajamas, she climbed into bed, and fell fast asleep, the nights events replaying in her head.


The End

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