La Roux

For years Alice Rowan has all ways wondered what happened to her father. Her mother has all ways said he was an adventurer he came and went on different"Journeys," but never returned from his last. Now on her 16th birthday, her powers are activated and it is revealed to her that she is of the ancient people called the La Roux who hunt demons and creatures from myth and collect artifacts that determine the fate of the world. Now Alice must save the world and find out what happened to her father.


The whole world seemed to be shaking beneath Red's feet as he knelt their his sword in his hand and blood running down his face. Panting, he slowly looked up his eyes meeting his opponent who was shrouded in a curtain of darkness. They hovered there, their sword covered in black and white flames. Red tried to look past the expressionless black face and see the brother that had been absorbed the by the evil in his heart, but all he could see was the shadowy over cast. He swallowed hard, before pushing himself to his feet, wavering a bit, before steadying himself.

Long red hair fell over his face as he hung his head, shaking it vigorously. Never in a a 1000 years would he have thought his opponent wold be someone so close to him, a fellow La Roux at that. He knew that his chances of escaping this battle alive were slim to none. He silently prayed that if that was the case that his  child, wouldn't have to go through something like this and that the spirit watches over her. He whispered his wife's name, before looking up and facing his enemy once again, perhaps for the last time.

He pulled his sword from the ground and with one arm, swinging it around so it was pointed at his opponents chest. He watched as his opponent laughed, his whole body rippling a with a strange sort of ecstasy as if they were ready to face their death.

"Prepare to die!" Red said sternly.

"I believe that I should be saying that dear brother, considering for this whole fight that you haven't been able to land a hit on me yet. Then again, it was all ways like that when we were growing up. Hmmm...perhaps your heir will be better than you!"

"Coming from the mouth of someone who doesn't even have a heir to succeed him.

"Are you sure of that?" his opponent asked, before he slammed his sword into the ground and crossed his arms, "Let's play a game, little brother. I won't even use my sword to make it easier on you,"

"Pick up your weapon, I won't fight you without it,"

"Idiot, why do you have to have so much honor?"

"Because one of us has to," Red said as he swung is sword, sending bright red flames surging to wards the mass of black.

He watched as his opponent separated clear in half, before racing toward him sword ready to slice him in half. Red ducked out of the way, before swinging his sword once again. Once again his attacked missed.

"Give up! You can't win!"

"I have to," was all that Red said before speeding forward, sword ready to stab his opponent and end the battle....


Miranda sat up suddenly, her mind racing. Had she really just seen that? She felt something drop onto her hand and looking down she saw that she was crying. She quickly wiped the tears away from her eyes, before rising to her feet. Her dream couldn't have been real, that was impossible. She was sure that Red would return to her and help raise their daughter. She needed him for that, considering that their daughter would bare the blood of her father and none of her own. That was the destiny of the child she had given birth to.

Standing over the crib, Miranda looked down at her baby, stroking the baby girls fiery red hair that stuck out in all places. She was sleeping peacefully, like her mother should have been, but as she looked at her daughter, Miranda knew she couldn't sleep and possibly never be able to sleep. A few months into this new life and yet she was still battling with the knowing of what her daughter was. She hung her head, wishing that she hadn't created this destiny for her daughter, but it was too late to turn back now.

She watched as the baby yawned and then with large green eyes, reach for her mother. Miranda felt a tug, before she picked up her daughter. She sighed, realizing that no matter how much she worried, she wouldn't be able to change destiny, and she should enjoy some of the happiest days of her live with her new child, rather than decide to sulk and worry about the future that lay ahead.

That was her oath.

The End

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