Happily Toujours After

I gaped at him and he laughed at my expression.

“It is true – they began dating just two months ago and already, he has asked her to be his wife. What a hopeless romantic, eh? God has quite the sense of humor.”

I smiled at him through my tears and began laughing again. I felt like a mad woman, unsure whether to laugh or cry, so I did a little of both, until Sebastian pulled me gently against his chest and kissed my temple.

“So what do you say, Emily -- will you make me the happiest man alive? Will you take me back?”

I hesitated. I’d been lied to before, hurt before. Could I risk getting hurt again? I didn’t know if my heart could take it.

I took a deep breath. “No,” I said.

Sebastian turned deathly pale.

“No?” he echoed, his voice cracking on the word.

I waited a beat, then said, “No, I won’t say yes – but – I will say oui instead.”

Sebastian punished me by wrapping me in a crushing hug.

Five minutes later, after being thoroughly kissed, I pulled away and asked him, “How did you find me, Sebastian?”

“Well, I went first to NYU , where I found your old dorm and met the charming Daisy, who gave me your new address. She is quite the ‘looker,’ as you say here, in America.”

I punched him in the arm, but then pulled him down for another kiss.

“She’s an incorrigible flirt. I bet she put the moves on you.”

“I don’t understand this expression, ‘put the moves.’”

I smiled up at him. “Maybe it’s best that you don’t understand. At least not for now. I’ll have my work cut out, trying to teach you all of the many different idioms in English. It’s a good thing you’re marrying an English major.”

“And I look forward to helping you with your French. Your pronunciation needs work, ma petite.”

Before I could open my mouth to complain, he stopped me with another kiss.



The End

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