Sebastian's Revelation

Somehow, I found my voice.

“Sebastian, what are you doing here?” That was the best I could come up with.

His hair had gotten longer over the last six months and now hung over his brow, almost into his eyes. I decided I liked how it looked.

“I’m here for an interview at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve always wanted to see what New York was like, ever since you told me about it, and now I am finally here.”

“You’re here for an interview? You mean you’re here for good?” I was dismayed at how squeaky my voice sounded.

He threw his head back and laughed. “This is what I like best about you – you always say what is on your mind. Yes, ma petite, I am here for good. If you’ll have me.”

The twinkle left his eyes and his face turned suddenly serious. I noticed the fine lines stretching out from the corner of his eyes. I hadn't noticed them before.

“These past six months have been terrible for me. I’m not asking for your pity – I deserve your anger, your hate. But after you left, I realized something.”

I noticed the doorman, Petey, had slunk off somewhere, probably wanting to give us some privacy. I was grateful to him for it, because my eyes were suddenly starting to well up uncontrollably with tears.

“What did you realize?” I sniffled.

Sebastian wiped away my tear, and I could see his own eyes starting to well up, too.

“I realized how very much I am in love with you. And how very wrong I was to lie to you. I was not completely honest with you when you asked me if I was married. Do you remember asking me that, the first day we met?”

I nodded.

He continued, “I said I was single. This was not the complete truth. The truth was that I was separated from my wife, not yet divorced. We did not want to divorce because of our daughter. But now we are divorced and I am very happy for it. Because now I can be with you openly -- that is, if you'll have me.”

I was sobbing in full force now, my shoulders heaving.

“But wha-what about your family? They’re still in France, right? You didn’t just leave them, did you?”

“Please be assured I am here with their blessing. They know why I am here. I will still visit them, from time to time, if you do not mind and my new job permits me. And if Hélène’s new fiancé does not mind, of course.”

“Your ex-wife is getting remarried?”

“Oui, and to someone you know – Victoire.”

The End

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