La Nuit de Ma Vie (Chapiter 3)

     I awoke with a burning thirst. I pushed the lid of the coffin off and crawled out, my satchel still with me. I rolled the stone of the crypte away and gently put it back without a sound.

     The surroundings were different. The forrest had grown around  the cemetary. I saw the capital had grown, and the houses were now ALL brick instead of most being of straw and mudd. I found myself wandering through the desolate streets. A newspaper blew at my feet. The date was September 10th, 1904.

     I had slept 104 years. I looked at my clothes, tattered and rotten. I fell on a bench and wept. A rather large woman came to me and saw I was crying. She sat beside me and held me.

     "Oh my dearie. You look dreadfull! Tell me what's wrong."

     "i'm very poor. i havent any clothes or money."

     "Come with me." She grabbed my arm and brought me to the center of the town to a tailor shop.

     "I can surely help with the clothes dear. The Edwardian Era is a grand style." She sized me and gave me a silk and lace black and maroon gown and told me to try it on. She threw away my older clothes and smiled.

    "You look stunning. I'm going to go start you a bath upstairs. you're the same size as my late daughter was. I'll give you all her clothes! They're in a large bag upstairs." I looked in the mirror, amazed. I hadnt aged a day. My skin was paler, and my eyes darker. My hair was perfectly curled, as if i'd been fixed for a ball. My face was like a statues, perfectly sculpted. I touched myself and smiled a little. The woman came back downstairs as I was undressing.

     "My name is Ms. Byrnes and what's yours dearie?"

     "Maria. Maria Caswell." She gasped.

     "Dear I believe you've hit your head. The Caswells have been long dead."

     Suddenly, I saw her as a threat. I knew she must be rid of. I lunged at her, and covered her mouth. I sank my fangs into her flesh and drained her of her blood. I looked at her on the floor dead. Not a drop of spilled.

     I locked the shop door and pushed her behind the desk, after taking the money in the register and what she had in the safe.

     I walked upstairs and stopped the bathwater. I took a long bath and then changed into the black and maroon dress. I put on a pair of black boots and burnt my old clothes in the fireplace. I stuffed the clothes into my satchel and walked outside.

     I had decided to leave the island. I made run for the harbor and found a ship preparing to leave. I yelled to the captain.

     "Where are you headed captain?"

     "To England! Would the young lady like to join?"

     "I would!" I jumped onto the ship, barely making it. The captain looked angry.

     "You thought I was serious! I cant bring a woman aboard!"

     "I'm not  much trouble captain." I smiled at him and he sighed, rubbing his forehead.

     I was off the island, and on my way to a new country.

The End

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