La Nuit de Ma Vie (Chapter 2)

     I felt the rain softly falling down on me. I was fading into darkness. The young hansome monster above me was draining me of my life force. He stopped and rolled over to sit beside me.

     He looked at me worried. I could barely see him through my watery eyes being drowned in rain and tears. My eyes closed, and he gave me something to drink. It was the sweetest thing i'd ever tasted. It dripped into my mouth slowly, then faster.

    Then it stopped. I heard a scream, then silence once again. i lay there alone for what seemed like forever.

     I awoke as the moon reached its highest peake in the night. I felt alive and new. I looked down at my blood stained dress. I decided to look for the boy. I ran towards the harbor to find the village flaming, and no sign of boat in the harbor.

     I remembered my satchel in the wood. i ran back in a matter of minutes. I opened it to see what i had to drink. I felt a very powerfull thirst. On the very top was a note, scribbled quite fast obviously.

     "My dear Maria,

          My name is nothing important. I meant you no harm. I only wanted to be with you, forever. And now i must live without you. I only find it fitting to write this, since I never had the chance to tell it to you.

     I am a cursed child of the night. I live with my brothers, we search the world for meaning. I found mine, it was you, and in a matter of minutes, because of my uncontrollable thirst, I lost you. The only one who really made my miserable eternal life worth living.

     I live without sun, food or water, and now without you. I am sorry. I knew you for a short time. But I watched you in my dreams for a very long while. And, frankly Maria, I love you.

     Au revoir, ma cherie.


     I dropped the letter in awe. He changed me, saved me and didnt know it. I knew I had to find him. I put the letter in my dress and grabbed up my satchel. Morning would be here soon and I had to find a resting place for the daytime. "We live without sun, food and water"

      I found an old cemetary near the capital. I found a crypte and moved the large stone door out of the way, then shut it behind me. I could see through the dark i couldnt before.

     Inside I found a coffin belonging to a wealthy governer, deceased twenty years. I opened the top and found nothing but dust.

     I blew away his remains and crawled in the coffin. I felt safe and secure, as if i was being revived. I covered myself, clinging to my satchel, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

     When i awoke, I felt the need to relocate.

The End

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