La Nuit de Ma Vie. (Chapter 1)

La Nuit de Ma Vie (The Night of my Life) is the story of a young girl named Maria, who was introduced, induced, seducted, and taken in by the mysterious children of the night.

     The night I died, was the night I became fully alive. I'd never known how much I was truely missing out on, or how much I would miss afterwards.

     It was the turn of the century, the year 1800. Many thought the world we knew would soon come to an end, but I knew better. Why would God create such a world if he intended to destroy it?

     I lived on the island of Barbados, with my mother. My father was a very wealthy Captain for the Queen, and was seldom home. We'd moved to Barbados from England the year before. My mother was a happy woman, always keeping busy with something to keep her mind off of father. I seemed to be the only un-happy one.

    Our house was a large manor near the beach of the island. I loved the water and the soft sand beneath my feet. The beaches, and my secret lagoon were the only things that kept me alive inside. I was alone, my mother lived in her dream world, my father was not around, and so i was on my own. The servants were black slaves from the island, and I was not allowed to associate myself with them.

     This all changed when I saw him. His long black hair that fell on his face, rugged clothes, and piercing green eyes. He was a very poor merchant boy who sailed the seas with a swarm of pirates. We saw each other at the docks one day, the day before his band attacked the village. Our eyes met each others through the crowd, and I knew i wanted him.

     He was about to come to me, when he was pulled back by an older man. I could see they were pirates, but it seemed no one else could.

     The next night, I was in my room looking in the mirror. My long brown hair fell down in curls, I despised keeping it up. I couldnt help but compare my dark brown eyes with his beautiful green ones. My pale skin and his seemed to match, but he was so handsome. I sighed.

     I was about to blow out the candles in my room when i heard a noise. My mother screamed and I heard her running up to my room. She ran through the door and locked it.

     "Maria get dressed! There are pirates at the bay and we have to leave now!" She was crying.

     "How did you find out?"

    "The village is burning! We have to go! They'll be after us next!" I looked at her wide eyed. My dreams of courting the young man were then crushed. I ran around quickly packing and dressing myself. I had everything in a large satchel and had just put my boots on when we heard a knock at the door.

    Mother shook her head no and motioned for me to go out the window. I did as told and as soon as I had jumped over the balcony onto a tree nearby I heard my mother screaming, then silence. I knew she was dead. I hushed my sobs and knew I had to run for it.

    I was at a steady pace through the wood when I found I was lost. I knew the path to the capital in the daytime, but now I was baffled. The more I spilled tears, the more I ran. I fell over an unseen branch and twisted my ankle. It was cut as well. I heard a noise and curled up into a ball.

    "I won't hurt you." A torch came through the forest trees.

     "Who are you? What do you want?"

     "I want to take you away from here." As the light came forward, I saw the most handsome face again.

     "What did you do to my mother?" I was sobbing again.

     "i did nothing. That was one of my uneducated brothers. And i'm sorry for your loss." she was dead. I sobbed again and he came towards me. I fell back trying to get away and he looked at me, smelled the air, and lifted my dress tail enough to see my leg.

    " did you do that?" He bit his lip.

     "I fell.. i should go now."

    "You can barely walk."

     "I dont care. i need to go." I started to get up and leaned against a tree.

    "There are a lot of dangerous things in the rainforests."

    "I can take care of myself just fine."

    "I can see that." He smirked and walked towards me.

    "You haven't the slightest clue what i could do to your frail body right now. I could kill you, you know?"

    "You haven't a weapon." He grinned, showing a pair of elongated canines, and I gasped.

    "I need one not." I tried running again, but he caught me in a very few seconds. He had my hands pinned down, and as much as i fought and cried, he wouldnt let go.

    "Do you still think you can take care of yourself, my dear?" i spit in his face. He growled under his breathe and I felt a sharp twang in my neck, I was growing weaker.

     I heard a noise and loud voices, then it rained.


The End

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