The Capturing

The sounds of of the cello and violins woke Elion the next morning. Rolling onto her side, she watched as he phone flashed in the darkness, it's white glow, illuminating most of the contents on the desk. Throwing the covers off of her, she raced over to the desk, careful not to trip over anything before she flipped open her cell phone and was greeted by Maika's voice, and that's when she knew that something was wrong.

"I'm sorry to be calling you so early Elion," he began,"but we have a huge problem,"

"What's wrong?" Elion asked, as she looked at the clock that rested on the desk. It read 5:AM, and she let out a yawn as she read it.

"Ok, but first, start packing some things we're leaving," he said.

"Maika, what happened?"

"Alpha has started up again. When I woke up this morning I saw groups of children and teenagers being loaded up into crates on the streets. I don't know where their taking them, but I packed my things and bolted to Jamie's. From his home, we decided that the only thing that we could do was escape from the city,"

"Ok, but why is Alpha capturing children? For god's sake, what can children possibly do?"

"Elion, their are no more adults in Cranebrook Meadows, all of them have left for the next Alucard seminar. All thats left are children and teenagers like us,"

"But...that would mean that every parent abandoned their child when they refused to go? What kind of world is this turning into?!" Elion hollered as she grabbed the large bag of clothes her sister had packed for her the day before.

She looked through it satisfied before she placed her phone on speaker and started to change her clothes. She quickly threw on white spaghetti strap tank and threw on a light green jacket over it to cover her new tattoo's, no one could see them. She threw on a pair of dark blue jeans before throwing on her gym shoes. She raced off to the bathroom, grabbing her toothbrush and few other items before tossing them in the bag. She then packed up her laptop as well, setting it beside the dufflebag.

"It would seem that way and I don't know Elion. Why is this happening?"

"Isn't it obvious, this is Alucard's doing. He is doing something to the adults, and it doesn't affect teenagers. Well that's not the case, Evan is still a teenager,"

"Not exactly he's 18 so that would make him an adult," Jamie piped in.

"Ok, look, where are you guys now?" Elion asked.

"Turning onto your street right now. Hurry up and get outside, I'll be waiting for you," Maika said before hanging up.

Elion stuffed her cell-phone into her pocket before grabbing her bags and racing toward the front door. She didn't stop to look back at her home. She wasn't planning on coming back to it. This place now held horrible evil memories and she didn't want to be apart of that. She stepped out in the cool fall morning, and was knocked backward as a gust of wind suddenly hit.

As she landed on her back, she was greeted by the loud sounds of whirring repliers as a helicopter hovered over her.

"Attention adolescents, escape is futile. Come with us or we will have to use force!"

Elion swallowed, forcing herself to her feet, covering her eyes as dust and ashes blinded her. Coughing she managed to hear, heavy steel hitting the pavement and knew that they had brought the crates along with them.

"I see one get her!" a man shouted.

Elion cursed underneath her breath before grabbing her bags and running threw the flying dust and debris. She ducked as large solid object whizzed over her head and collided with one of the soldiers from Alpha. She smiled, before she was tossed to the ground. She let out a gasp, as the wind was knocked out of her. A large man was pinning her down to the ground.

"I've got her...agh!"

Elion closed her eyes as the man toppled off of her, and she felt gentle hands pick her up, she was quickly met by the face of Maika who was holding a rather large wooden sword in his hands. After a closer look, she realized that he was holding a shinai the sword used when fighting in a kendo tournament or training. She smiled before gathering her things and standing beside him.

"Are you all right?!" Maika hollered over the howling winds.

"I think so!" Elion hollered back.

"Hey get over here you little brats!" another solider hollered from somewhere beyond the dust. Suddenly out of nowhere a alpha solider leaped into the air heading straight toward Elion.


There was the strange sound of wood hitting armor and the slight sound of bone breaking before a scream escaped the man that was heading toward them.

"Head toward the van! I'll cover you!" Maika yelled.

Elion nodded, racing off to the direction of the black van as the dust began to settle. She continued to hear the sound of wood hitting armor, and cries as she continued to run. What was only a few yards, seemed like miles as her legs hit the grass and carried her to the safety of  the van. After what seemed like an eternity, she leaped into the van rolling several times before colliding with the wall. She let out a grown, feeling dazed.

"Jamie drive!" she heard someone holler.

"Elion are you all right?"

"YeahI'mgood!" Elion said quickly, at least that was what she tried to say but instead it came out like a strange roar.

"Elion hello, earth to Elion," she heard Vanessa say as she snapped her fingers.

"I'm ok," she managed to say rubbing her head.

"Good," Maika said as he set his shinai against the wall and sat beside her.

The van made a sharp right turn, throwing them all against the opposite side of the van. As she slid to the other side, she felt strong hands wrap around her waist and spin her around so she didn't hit metal but instead hit flesh. She let out a sigh before the van made a left and they went sliding across the floor yet again.

"Jamie, what the hell is going on?" Maika asked, threw clenched teeth.

"Were being chased, and their trying to gun us down!" Jamie hollered over the increasing fire.

"Damn it all!" Maika screamed, "At this rate they'll..."

"They said that they would use force," Astrid said, as she looked back from the passenger seat, "Is Elion all right?"

"Yeah, she's fine. I think she may be a little out of it though," Maika said.

Are we going to die here? Are they going to keep shooting until we die, or run us off the road? What will become of us? What can we do? Elion thought to herself.

She listened as the bullets continued to rain down on them. It wouldn't be long until one of the Alpha's bullets made a hit and one of them would be hurt. She frowned before covering her face hiding the tears that were beginning to form. She felt Maika's grip tighten, as he saw this happen, but it didn't help. She didn't know what to do.

Calm them down. Calm them down, you can do it. Think calm thoughts and eventually they all will follow.

"The voice..." Elion said to herself, removing her hands from her face. She shook her head. It all seemed impossible. She was stressing out thats what it was, that's why she had heard the voice once again. No, that was a lie. She had heard it and she was beginning to believe it. She swallowed before she closed her eyes.

The day we went to Omoa Coffee House. Does everyone remember that? Sure we talked about Alpha but after that we had good laughs. Everyone please remember that. Calm down. Calm down.

Suddenly the whirring stopped and the gun shots ceased. They held their breaths before Jamie began to speak, his voice much more calm.

"There going away. We're in the clear!" he cried happily.

"But why did they stop?" Maika asked.

"Who cares!" Vanessa said as she leaped to her feet.

"Vanessa's right we're in the clear!" Astrid said in a sing-song voice.

I wish that were true you guys. We're not even close to being in the clear. I have a feeling this is only the beginning. Alpha won't stop until they have captured everyone and find what they are searching for, whatever that is. We are fugitives on the run, and on top of that we cannot do anything. We're kids... Elion thought to herself as she looked around.

Astrid and Vanessa were still cheering and Jamie was quickly leading them away from the city, speeding up as he got onto the free way, which was completely empty. It was a disturbing sight to see. She frowned and hung her head.

"Are you all right?" Maika asked.

"No, I'm not all right," she replied.

"What's wrong?" he whispered in her, sending chills down her spine.

"I'm worried, and afraid. I'm scared because I don't know what their going to do to those children or where their taking them. I'm mad and filled with hatred for the parents living their children. I'm mad because Alucard is seizing control and there is nothing that we can do! And I feel like crying, because I don't know what to do from here. It feels as if all responsibility as been pushed on me," Elion explained.

"Elion..." Maika whispered in her ear.

"Elion, it's not hopeless. I'm sure that someone will help-"

"No they won't!" Elion hollered, cutting Astrid off, "The adults have changed. It's as if their being controlled. They won't help. Alpha's all ready won! Can't you see that?"

"Maybe the adults won't help...but maybe we can?"

"What can teenagers do?" Elion questioned looking at her friends.

There was a long silence as Elion waited for an answer. She frowned lowering her head. There was nothing that they could do.

"We'll figure something out," Maika whispered, holding her closer.

"Maika..." she said looking at him.

Your friends have the strength to keep you going. Listen to them and the path to salvation will be revealed. Keep your friends close, and don't give up hope. Your the only one who can fix this.

Why me? Elion questioned.

It was fate that Mariposa just happened to choose you. It saw something great within you. Accept it. You have won your first battle, be proud and don't give up. Your still developing.

I didn't do anything....

You called it off.

At the mere sounds of those words, Elion stiffened. Had she really called off the attack? Had she actually saved herself and her friends from total and utter destruction? It seemed hard to believe, but then again, weird things have been happening to her lately.

"Maika, why did they do this? What is Alucard planning?"

"I don't know. We'll figure it out though, we have a lot of work ahead of us,"

"What do you mean?" Astrid and Vanessa asked in unison.

"What I mean is that I am not giving up. Jamie is right. If the adults won't help, then we'll take care of it. We'll go in and rescue everyone from Alucard's clutches. We're going to stop him or dying trying, agreed?" Maika said, raising his hand into the air.

"As crazy as it sounds, I have to say that I am in," Astrid began, raising her hand, "I want to save Brandon,"

"If Astrid is in, then I am in as well," Vanessa said.

"What the hell, I am too!" Jamie said.

"What pushes you to do this?" Elion asked.

"We want things to return to normal..." Vanessa said with a slight frown.

"That's all I want," Elion said as she raised her hand as well, sealing the pact that they had just made. She wasn't sure how much they would be able to do, but she had her faith in the voice, and maybe just maybe that had a chance. She smiled weakly, leaning her head against Maika's shoulder.

"Are you all right now?"

"I'm better. It's just a lot to take in. But I guess we have to keep our spirits up,"

"Hey, if this is as bad as it gets then it just has to get better," Jamie said from the front seat.

Does it all ways sound this corny when you try and stop a bad guy with whatever his plan is....

"So what's the first thing on our agenda?" Vanessa asked..

"Learning Alucard's motive and learning what the Ultimate Peace is. We learn that and we take from there," Elion said.

No one refuted what she had said. She smiled, it didn't feel bad to have hope. But how long would she be able to keep it up? How long would it be before she fell apart and gave herself up to the destruction that has all ready set to begin to claim the world?


The End

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