The Visitor

Maika sat in the dark, his fingers laced together under his chin. He stared at his blank computer screen, licking his lips, before he spun around and rose to his feet. Without turning on the lights he removed his shirt and felt around for a pair of basketball shorts. Once he threw them on he collapsed onto his bed, focusing on nothing in particular.

The smile that he had had on his face was long gone and was replaced by a stern frown as he laid in his bed and listened to the quiet emptiness of his house. There were no snores of his parents in other bedroom, no other children for him to take care of. He was alone and that bothered him, it all ways had.

He hated how he all ways had to act happy when around the others. He put on this fake and plastic smile and laughed half heartedly at everything, hoping to hide the sadness that was rising within his heart. The only real happiness that he ever felt was when he saw Elion, the whole reason why he was here and hadn't run off or given up.

He had heard her voice before he actually saw her. It was weak, but it was hers surely. A voice that sounded as if they needed dire help. It wasn't until he transferred to the same school as Elion when he saw the face to match the voice. Beautiful, opaque silver eyes, long black hair, and the voice of an angel. He didn't understand why exactly he had heard her voice so long ago, but since he laid eyes on her he vowed to do one thing, protect her from whatever may come her way.

A hefty task for a guy who was just getting his bearings and growing into his own man.

Maika closed his eyes finally feeling sleep overcome his body, but instead of falling asleep, he reopened his eyes and found himself in a world of gray where the only color came from a bright red thrown. Gray flames danced along the walls of the expansive room. Pillars rose high into the air as if to hold the roof, though their was no roof to held. Even as he stood there a shiver ran down his spine, and in the back of his mind something was gnawing at him, telling him that he should flee.

His hands balled into fist, and his back straightened. His frown disappeared from his face was replaced by a wild grin and large eyes as he stared down the throne and the blond haired man that sat there, one leg perched on the arm of the thrown. He watched as the mans chest rose and fell as he laughed.

"What's so funny?" Maika asked.

"How you come in here as if you own the place boy!" the man spat as he swung his hand.

As if his very hand had stretched out to grab him, Maika felt an invisible force drag him forward so he was standing before the throne and staring down the man. Maika watched as the man swung his hand and the grip loosened. Maika took a in a deep breath before examining the man that stood before him. His heart stopped for a moment as recognized him.

"Alucard..." he spoke out loud.

"I wonder how long it was going to take you realize that it was me," he began, "Now aren't you wondering why I brought you here?"

"Not exactly, I'm wondering how you brought me here," Maika said smartly.

He watched as Alucard's face turned into a frown and his left hand began to glow a deep black color. He aimed it at Maika and a black orb shot it, hitting Maika straight in the chest. He went soaring through the air until the invisible grip grabbed him and slammed into the floor right before the throne The grip loosened once again and Maika let out a moan.

"I will have none of it boy! Do you hear me?" Alucard hollered as he rose to his feet.

Maika was about to remark with a smart comment but kept his mouth closed and then looked toward Alucard, nodding his head gently.

"Good, now from what I've sensed you have a special aura around you. Not exactly magical, but you have a gift. The ability to create bonds,"

"Create bonds?" Maika asked.

"You don't even know do you? Sheesh, you have all ready created on with a girl. You've vowed to protect her, and now your destinies are intertwined forever. It's not a real gift, I personally think that it is quiet dumb, but you some how heard the girl, if I am correct?"

"And what if I did?"

"That would mean you have the hearing. It is just the beginning to developing the seeing. The hearing allows you to hear the past, present and future, and is the first step in the transformation into getting the seeing, which I'm sure you can figure out,"

Maika nodded, "The same as the hearing only you see it,"

Does this guy think I'm an idiot?

"In a sense that is exactly what it does. But, I'm not just hear to talk about you. Tell me, who is this girl that you have created a bond with?" Alucard asked.

"What are you talking about?" Maika asked as if he were a small child.

Alucard's face once again turned wild as he picked up Maika by the neck. He glared at him, and Maika just imitated his wild face. Filled to the brim with anger and defiance.

"Interesting, you act like me," he said.

"I'm nothing like you. Your a murderer. You lead a cult!"

"First of all, I'm not a murderer!" Alucard said as he slammed Maika into a nearby wall with his invisible hand. He then pulled him back glaring at him wildly. Maika hung limply in his grasp as he tried to gather himself together, and Alucard's' invisible hand melted away from his throat and held his upper torso.

"No, I know you know who I am boy. I am the leader of Alpha and I am far stronger than any of you pathetic humans can imagine. You don't have to tell me who this girl is. I'll find her, and if she is the one I am looking for then I'll make sure to take care of her,"

Maika looked up at him, slightly dizzy but more focused. His blue eyes locked wit Alucard's before he spoke, his voice deep and filled with a strange resonance. "You will never find her. I promise you that. I will protect her from the likes of you. She is destined for great things and I will assist her even if it cost me my life,"

"You are a fool. Why don't you join the winning side? Join my side and rule beside. I need a ward and you have the qualifications. You act just like me," Alucard said as he brought Maika close.

"I am nothing like you!" Maika spat.

"You'll understand soon my boy, and I just hope that you make the right decision. I am done with you," Alucard said.

Suddenly the world began to shake beneath their very feet and the floor began to fall tile by tile until there were only two tiles that were holding Alucard up. With a small wave, Alucard let Maika fall into the dark world below, screaming that he was going to find the girl before laughing maniacally.

Over my dead body!

Maika's body collided with his bed, knocking the wind out of him. He frowned before clapping his hands and watching as his lights flicked on. He rubbed the back of his head and found that he was bleeding. He cursed under his breath before rushing off to the bathroom, were he bandaged the wound. After he was finished he had a large bandage wrapped around his head several times and had pinned it down.

"How am I suppose to explain this to everyone?" he asked himself as he exited the bathroom and made his way back into his room. He decided that he would worry about it in the morning and climbed back into bed, this time truly falling asleep. He dreamed of nothing, just a world of emptiness, and he was content to stay with  that nothingness, and not have to see or hear Alucard again.

Bu in the back of his mind...he worried, even in his sleep. He worried of the safety of Elion.

The End

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