First Sign of Corruption

"Hello and welcome to news at 11. I'm Julia Gold, here with todays news," a young woman said over the television that night.

Elion took a sip of her juice before stuffing a forkful of noodles covered in Alfredo sauce in her mouth. The house was quiet and the only sound came from the television that she had turned on. Every once in a while, she would hear the sound of a car driving past on the streets below, but that was all.

For Elion sitting down and eating the left over dinner and watching the news had become a ritual for her. She liked the quietness of her house at this hour. Emilia was asleep in bed and Evan was out partying with his friends trying to figure out how to win a girl. This was truly her alone time, when she could sit and do what ever she wanted, and for the most part all she wanted to do was watch the news.

Elion watched as large red and blue words flashed on the screen saying "BREAKING NEWS". Elion's fork, stopped a few inches from her mouth as she looked at the television wondering what had happened. The scene then switched back to Julia Gold who had a very sullen look on her face.

"Today, on October 3rd, 2028, we have gotten word that President Elric has died suddenly. Footage from the speech that he was giving at the Capital Building shows him drinking from a glass of water before falling into the podium and falling to the ground. Police have determined that the cause was poisoning and they are trying to find the source and the police have all ready taken in a number of suspects,"

Elion nearly spat out the food that she had been eating as she saw the news. She swallowed whatever she had left before setting her plate down and crossing her arms. She stared at the screen as they continued to cover the story. She couldn't believe it, even if she was seeing it.

President Elric, had brought the country back from the brink, following the presidents before him. Things were going great. The law enforcement was better. Heck everything was better and the country rejoiced when he was elected into office. Why would any one kill him?

As she continued to watch she saw that not only had their president died, but others all around the world had to. The Emperor of Japan, the President of India and several others were now gone. Yet the news and the police were calling it a simple coincidence. But she saw the similarities. They were either poisoned or had an allergic reaction and all of that was bothering her.

Suddenly her phone vibrated. As she flipped it open she saw that it was a text from Astrid.


Are you watching the news?

Elion quickly replied with a yes and told Astrid to meet her on the server. Closing her phone Elion turned off the TV and entered her room, sitting at her desk where her laptop was set up. The server was the nickname for communicating using camera's without using a chat like Yahoo or MSN. It was called Turn Table, and many teens used it since it couldn't be traced by anyone. As she logged on, she found that she had gotten a friend request from both Maika and Jamie and they were waiting to join in the chat. She accepted them quickly before her camera turned on and she saw Astrid, Vanessa, Jamie and Maika.

"Are you guys following us?" Vanessa asked.

"Look we're all friends here," Jamie said, "And Maika sent me the text. We figured that you guys used the server, so we decided to try and find you guys. Thank goodness we did. Please tell me that at least one of you saw the news?"

"I think we all saw it Jamie," Elion began as she she switched the camera away from her face so it showed what she was doing on the computer to her friends. She had brought several stories that were talking about all the strange deaths of world leaders. After a few minutes she closed down the Internet and returned the camera so the others could see her face.

"You know, it's strange. why are we freaking out like this?" Vanessa asked.

"I think it's because we know something isn't right. I mean this isn't coincidence. I mean this is pure blooded assassination going on here," Maika explained.

"Exactly. I knew Elion would be watching the news and once i saw all that was going on, I was just terrified," Astrid piped in after being quiet for a while.

"You know what else, why did this suddenly happen after that speech Alucard gave today? Look I know this may sound a little far off, but what if Alpha had something to do with this?" Elion asked.

"It does sound somewhat far-fetched to tell you the truth Elion," Jamie begin, "But I think you might ave something there. Look here's the latest news feed,"

Suddenly the screen went blank and on popped Julia Golds once again this time talking about who was going to take the President's place, and the other world leaders places.

"It has been confirmed that Vice-President Mccauler, is now moving to take the role of the president..."

The five teens watched the stories, each one gasping and speaking their mind whenever it went on commercial break. Then all of a sudden Jamie went quiet, causing the group alarm. They exited the news feed.

"What's up Jamie?" Maika questioned.

"You wouldn't believe me even if I told you," Jamie said.

"Yes we would, come on you can tell us Jamie," Vanessa piped up, still sounding like a little child..

"Ok, I just looked into all of these people that are taking office, and they are devout Alpha supporters. And in each country the same thing happened, they asked for a reform, even our country,"

"That's ridiculous why do we need a reform, everything is fine over here. I mean this just isn't making any sense at the moment," Elion said.

"I agree with Elion. This feels weird. Then again, maybe it all in our minds and  this is just..."

"Just what?" Astrid asked.

"No, something is seriously wrong here. That's what. I am trying to lie to myself, but it's not really working. We are a big trouble," Maika said closing his eyes.

"You can say that again," Jamie exclaimed with a nod of his head.

"So is killing off the current leader part of the reform?" Elion asked.

"Perhaps, if so, that's why they wouldn't put it under the section of their website," Jamie said.

"Ok, hey can you click around see what this Ultimate Peace is?" Maika asked.

"Can do," Jamie said.

Once again silence reigned as hey sat there and waited for what Jamie could pull up about the Ultimate Peace. It seemed to take hours when all actuality it was just a few minutes before Jamie began to speak again. It wasn't good news.

Elion rung her hands together as she waited for what Jamie had to say, she hoped that they would have something and they could understand what this Ultimate Peace was. She swallowed hard, and then closed her eyes.

"Nothing, it just says that the Ultimate Peace shall bring the world back to perfection," Jamie explained.

"Seriously?" the other four teams asked in unison.

Jamie nodded.

"Something isn't right," Maika and Elion said at the same time.

"Are you guys telepathic or something?" Vanessa questioned.

"No, but I think we have the same feelings at the moment, if I am not mistaken," Maika asked.

"We do. We're bothered by Alpha and what is going on. Another thing that scares me is...exactly how much do we know? I mean we know Alpha is suppose to be for peace and reform, and then this happens? Are we jumping to conclusions saying that Alpha is behind this?" Elion asked.

"Maybe we are. The only proof we have though is that each of the new world leaders are advocates for Alpha. Maybe our teen-aged minds wants this to be bad," Vanessa said, a frown coming to her face.

"That's impossible," Jamie said.

"Look, its getting late, we should get some sleep," Elion prompted as she crossed her arms.

The others nodded and one by one they logged off. The last to do so was Maika who took one last look at Elion, waved and then disappeared. Elion closed her laptop and turned on her lamp so her room was slightly brighter. She wiped sweat from her brow when something caught her eye. She looked at her arm, and found a small indentation on her wrist. It was a small, pink butterfly. She touched it, and immediately shivers ran through her.

It didn't feel like her skin, it felt all most like silk. Her eyes went wide as she turned her arm and saw the indentation went around her wrist and the colors varied from a light pink color to a deep scarlet color. She bit her lip, looking it over for a few more minutes. She had never seen anything like this before.

Is it a rash? she thought to herself as she turned of the lamp and then looked at it. The small ring around her writs, glowed faintly. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw that. She climbed into bed and continued to look at it, her face filled with bewilderment.

This is so not a rash, was her last thought as she laid down and closed her eyes, immediately falling asleep. Unbeknown to her the strange ring of butterflies pulsed as if it had a mind and heart of it's own and, another row appeared, all most like scales of a lizard, right on top of it. With each pulse it released a signal that would begin a chain of events that would change her life.

The End

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