Coffee Chat

The rest of the day for Elion had been absolute torture. Girls everywhere were talking about Alucard, commenting on how gorgeous he was, or a better word that she had started to hear in the afternoon was flawless.  Now as Astrid, Vanessa and herself made their way down to Omoa Coffee House, she heard even more of it, accompanied with there idiotic girly giggles that were slightly getting on her nerves. She walked a few feet behind them trying to block out their excessive talking but nothing was working.

"So what do you think of Alucard Elion?" Astrid asked.

Elion glared at her before crossing her arms, "I don't like him. He freaks me out, and something isn't right about him,"

"What are you talking about?" Vanessa asked.

"All this crap about the ultimate peace, it just didn't sound right to me. In fact it just sounded evil," Elion explained.

"She must be losing it, I thought that it meant happiness. I mean that would be wonderful. No more war, everyone at peace with each other-"

"You guys sound hypnotized," Elion said.

"I have to agree with Elion on this," a voice came from behind.

Turning around Elion saw Maika and his close friend Jamie walking toward them. Elion smiled, she was amazed she hadn't seen Jamie earlier that morning. Whenever there was Maika, there was Jamie right along with him. A warm wind blew against them, making Jamie's ll ready crazy blue-black hair even worse. His bright blue eyes looked distant for a minute before he waved to the girls, they waved back, a smile coming to Elion's face.

"What are you guys doing here?" Astrid asked.

"Maika insisted that we-"


"Don't listen to him, so where are you guys heading?" Maika asked, after slamming his fist into Jamie's head.

"Omoa Coffee House. Your welcome to join us," Elion said as she got closer to Maika and then began to whisper, "I don't think I'd be able to survive by myself with these two talking about Alucard,"

Maika chuckled, "All right, I'm in, what about you Jamie?"

"Sure, but why the hell did you hit me?" Jamie hollered.

"I don't know what your talking about," Maika said as he took hold of Elion's arm and dragged her down the side walk, causing the others to have to catch up. Elion blushed furiously as he turned the corner and they could just see the huge robotic statute that stood in front of the coffee house. It looked all most like a cat, but it had much larger eyes, and didn't have paws, but instead stubby little arms. When she first saw this place that statue had terrified her, but now she thought it was oddly cute.

As they arrived at the wooden doors that lead into the coffee house, Maika finally let her arm go, apologizing for dragging her along, before he sat down on the bench that was right outside the door. Elion continued to stand looking around at the many flowers that surrounded the entrance. It was a such a heavy aroma of different smells that it was giving her a rather large headache. A few minutes later the others arrived, gasping for air after all of the running they had just done.

"You two are paying for this, you know that right?" Astrid asked, pointing at Maika and Elion.

"What?" Elion said, "He's the one that grabbed my arm,"

"Don't worry about it, we'll be able to cover it," Maika said as he stood up, grabbed the handle and swung the door open, "Now, let's get us some sweets!" He said happily a goofy grin on his face.

"I second that!" Vanessa hollered as she raced inside followed by Astrid. Elion shook her head and entered the Coffee House as well. The inside was decorated with wooden walls and had many rooms for every party that entered the coffee house. The Coffee house itself had three floors, and all the rooms on the first floor were taken. The group made their way up to the second, and quickly found one large enough for all of them. Once they were all inside and seated on one of the many pillows, they closed the door, and looked at the menus that rested on the table.

Elion had all ready decided that she would be having a hot chocolate, and didn't have to look at the menu. Instead she turned and looked at the paintings that covered the walls. They were classic Japanese paintings. Were they the ones created by wood? She couldn't remember, but they were all beautiful. Their was gentle music from the room beside their own. She closed her eyes nodding her head a bit as the music played drowning out the loud conversation that Vanessa and Astrid were having.

"Elion, can I ask you a question?" Maika asked.

"Oh, yeah sure,"Elion said as she was brought back to reality.

"Why were you so quiet during homeroom? I mean you totally blew off Mr. Debor,"

"Yeah I was wondering that as well," Astrid said.

"I didn't want to talk about Alucard. Something isn't right about him, I just know it. Can you feel it too Maika?"

"That's exactly how I feel. I knew we were on the same page. His whole campaign bothers me," Maika began as he crossed on arm around his chest and proceeded to rub his chin with the other hand, "I mean why is he getting so much support. By now someone would have posted death threats to him, but nothing, it seems countries are either joining sides with him, or having a reform,"

"That reforming crap is annoying me," Jamie began, "I mean if he is going to reform these countries, this guy must be loaded right? But still he wouldn't have enough. It is just impossible,"

"Not only that but "Ultimate Peace," doesn't sound right to me. It sounds all most deadly, don't you think?" Elion asked.

"Now that you say it like that Elion, it does kind of seem that way. But isn't it suppose to mean the unification of all the countries?" Astrid asked.

"No, it means something completely different at least to me. It sounds all most not true to tell the truth. It seems like a...cover-up," Elion explained crossing her arms.

"I agree," Maika said, "I thought I was the only one who was thinking that. You know I've been looking into this as well. Apparently when ever he goes to a new city, he somehow gets all of the people to take a day off and they come see him speak, how can he do that? He stops businesses for days, and many have closed down after hearing him speak all this nonsense,"

"Really?" Vanessa asked, "Why?"

"Something about the impurity of the heart," Jamie said quickly. Suddenly the door slid open and a young women dressed in a black maids outfit entered the room. They quickly gave the woman their orders and waited until the door was fully closed before they continued their conversation.

"Ok, what is this stuff about the impurity of the heart? I mean you guys have just lost me,"

"I'm not really sure," Jamie said.

"Me either, I haven't been to one of his speeches and I don't plan on going," Maika explained.

Elion shrugged and they all let out a sigh. Elion closed her eyes as the silence reigned on. Once again her heart was beating out of her chest, and sweat was running down her face, even just talking about all this Alpha stuff bothered her greatly. It was a scary thought and the worst thing was that they couldn't understand any of it. It was making much sense to them, but apparently it was making sense to the adults.

The conversation didn't' start again until they all had their drinks and it was much more light hearted. They laughed the way teenagers were suppose to laugh. They played around like teenagers were suppose to. They were just having a good time and that was all that mattered, and in the short amount of time, everything felt right. There was peace, laughter and friendship and all thoughts of Alucard melted away.

After paying, only Elion and Maika were left standing in front of the entrance to the coffee house. Elion turned around and looked toward Maika.

"That was fun wasn't it?"

"Yeah I had a good time. Hey can I walk you home?"

"Sure," Elion said with a smile on her face.

Together the two began to walked away from the coffee shop when Maika suddenly stopped and told her to wait for a quick minute.

"And don't look back! Close your eyes!" he said.

"Their closed," she said covering her eyes, giggling.

Their was silence until she heard Maika say, "Ok, open your eyes,"

Elion did just that and saw a bright red rose in Maika's hand. He bowed a bit, before raising his head and looking at her with his award winning smile. Elion took the rose and held it close to her chest, unable to speak. She just smiled.

"Are you in shock?" he asked.

"No, I am perfectly fine," she said, "Thank you Maika,"

"No problem," he said, "Come on let's get you home," he said sliding his hands into his pocket.

Together the two set off for elion's home. They walked in a comfortable silence, knowing that neither of them had anything to say. They smiled at each other enjoying the time that they had.

The End

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