"That was a grand speech sir," a portly middle aged man said as he walked beside Alucard. Compared to the rather extravagant Alucard, he was old, plump and washed up. Soft wrinkles were beginning to appear on his face, and he was completely bald. The only hair on his whole face was his mustache that made him look like the monopoly guy's long lost brother.

"Why thank you Lowen, I thought it went very well. So, what shall I take care of next?" he asked.

"Well, you have a break, and then you have an interview with a local news station and then were moving on to the next city,"

"Good, I'll be in my room at the hotel. Call me when it is time for the meeting and fax me the name of city that I am going to, all right?"

"Yes, sir Alucard," Lowen replied, with a bow.

Alucard smiled before he opened the door to his long black limousine and sat inside. He took one last look at the portly Lowen before telling the driver to take him back to his hotel.

A small grin crept onto to Alucard's face. The speech had gone well, his heart was still racing and the nerves from standing in front of all those people where driving him crazy, but he liked it. He was never one to back, down, but that was by far the largest crowd that he had seen since this whole thing had started. Since he had awakened.

As he drove through  the city of Orion, what he saw was beautiful and peaceful. Young children could play and there mother wouldn't have to worry about anything. The houses were all condo's and they had their own commercial district and several schools. It was an all around good place and he wouldn't have mind growing up here as child, but that was to much to ask for. Closing his eyes Alucard relived a fateful conversation with his father.

Alucard was just a young boy, maybe ten or eleven years old, as he walked into his fathers room. Wide hazel eyes looked at his father who was seated in his chair looking at the fire that danced within the fire place. A cigar was pressed in between his lips and every once in a while he would remove the cigar and let out a large puff of smoke.

"Father..." the young Alucard would begin.

"Yes?" his father would reply.

"Why do we live here?" he would asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm the only kid for miles, I've never been into town. I've never gone to a real school . I've been locked in this house all my life," Alucard paused, "I want to see the outside world. I wan to go to school. I want friends!"

"Alucard, that is impossible," his father would say.

"Why? Why is it impossible?"

"They are horrible disease carrying creatures. They are imperfect and if you were to go down their before a certain time, you to my son, would become imperfect. This world has fallen and I believe that it is time to start a new. I am laying the path way of your destiny and you must follow it, that is why you are a Macbeth,"

"But I don't want to be a Macbeth. It's stupid!" he screamed like a little child.

"You'll soon get over it boy. Soon you'll see everything the way I see it, and when that time comes I will fully accept you as my ward. Now leave me,"


Alucard did in deed leave and from that day on he questioned what it meant to be a Macbeth, and just like his father had said, he soon got over it. He watched the world from his window, and saw the violence. He heard the fighting. He felt the pain of people dying and he knew the world was imperfect. Alucard grinned. It was strange. He acted so childish back then, a time when he didn't understand, but he understood now.

The driver pulled up to the hotel and with a slight nod of his head Alucard exited the vehicle and entered the hotel. The women that worked at the receptionist desk, eyed him, small smiles on their faces. He smiled back, before sliding his hands into his pockets and making his way over to the elevator, hearing the words of the various people who saw him. All were good, and all were surprised to see him.

He entered the elevator alone and hit the button that would take him to 15th floor and to his master suite. The elevator was quick, as if it knew that he wanted to get to his room. It slid to halt on  his floor and without even making a sound Alucard entered the empty hall and made his way toward his suite. Opening it, he removed his jacket and laid it on the bed, before he made his way over to the large full length mirror, and removed his white button up shirt.

His eyes looked at the black tattoo like symbols that raced over his chest and arms. Large, and primitive was what he use to think of them, when they first started to appear over his body. But now, what he saw was the way to power. He watched as the symbols went along with his very skin, every curve and dip of his well built chest. He grinned, as he saw a pair of hands appear gently on is arms.

"I didn't even hear you come in," a woman said.

Alucard turned around to see the only woman that he loved standing in front of him. Her long brunette colored hair raced down her back. Dressed in a black night gown that matched every curve of her body. Her face was smooth and the color of apricots, which he thought was perfect. He placed a hand on her cheek gently, before pulling her into a tight hug, and then releasing her.

"Well some one is in good spirits I see." she said.

"Why wouldn't I be Mandy?" he asked.

"Don't know. Wonderful speech by the way," she said, kissing him on the cheek.

"Thank you," he said happily, "So are you leaving today?"

"Yes, but I'll be back soon. It'll be a quick trip and then I'll be back in a couple of days. Just tell me what city your in and I'll meet you there,"

"All right, I'll miss you,"

"I know, but you'll survive a few days without me," she said, as she walked away, and entered the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Alucard sat on the freshly made bed, his arms resting on his legs. He rolled his shoulders. He felt weak, he needed sustenance, but he wasn't going to get it from Mandy. He waited a few minutes before Mandy exited the bathroom, dressed in a gray business suit. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and a little bit of lipstick was pressed onto her lips. She grabbed her bags from the bed, kissed Alucard and then she was gone, something that Alucard had gotten use to.

He let out a yawn before he leaned back and grabbed his phone from his pocket. He dialed a number quickly.

"Hello, Juiz, can you come by for a bit,"

"Of course I'll be there in about a half hour,"

"Of course see you then," Alucard said, as he hung up the phone and smiled. He looked at his hand a black glow now surrounding it. He was going to get what he needed.

After a short wait, he heard a knock at his door, and quietly he went and open it. There she was, Juiz Montella. Her skin was an olive color and her eyes were shimmering jades . He smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder, as she entered the room. She let out a yawn and started to sway as the black aura started to wrap around her.

"What's going on?"

"I need you Juiz," he said, his whole body began to glow. Juiz life was disappearing as he stood there. Her life was entering him replenishing him. It was like a wave a golden energy that sped up his arms and into his heart. It was the only thing that kept him alive. After a few more minutes, Juiz collapsed forward, leaning against him, eyes now dull and life less. He let go of her, and let her body slid to the floor.

"Much better," he said as he grabbed his phone again, and hit one number and then pressed talk, "It's me,"

"Hello sir,"

"Do you have anything yet?"

"No, we've been searching, but we haven't found the butterfly yet," a deep voice boomed over the telephone.

"All right, keep searching and keep me updated," he closed the phone and then tossed it down onto the bed, cursing under his breath. It's not desperate quite yet, I still have a few moves up my sleeve, Alucard thought to himself as he sat down the bed.

He had been searching for what felt like an eternity. Sending out probes, to find something he was beginning to think it didn't exists. But his father had told him everything, if this plan was going to succeed he would need to get that obstacle out of the way and do it quickly. But he wasn't sure if he was ever going to find what he was looking for. It was a cat and mouse game right now, and it wasn't going anywhere at the moment.

There was a loud ringing from the fax machine. Walking over to it, he saw that the next city he was going to was Cranebrook Meadows. He grinned, he had a good feeling about that place. He folded the paper up, and dialed for Lowen with his cell phone.

"Lowen, I need you to find me a new hotel and send up the usual clean up crew," he said.

"You did it again sir?" Lowen asked.

"I need sustenance and that is the only way I can get it. Just send them up,"

"Yes, sir," Lowen said.

"I have a good feeling about that city. Cranebrook Meadows," he said, as he ran a few fingers through his hair, a small grin on his face.

The End

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