For Elion it was the same thing every morning once she slid open the doors that lead into her homeroom. The only difference was that she wasn't alone as she entered. Before she could even turn around and talk to Maika, two hands grabbed her arms tightly and pulled her away quickly. Without looking at her two kidnappers she let out a sigh and placed an elbow on her desk and placed her face in the palm of her hand, cradling it.

"Astrid, Vanessa why did you guys do that?" she asked, her face still red.

"Why did we do that?" Astrid asked, slamming her fist on the table and leaning over to look at Elion, "Well, we want to know what happened of course!"

"But couldn't that have waited until I was done talking to him. he probably thinks I'm he probably thinks your weird," Elion said sternly pointing two fingers at her best friends.

"Please, that wouldn't be the first time, and the girl rules say that we have the right to question you when we think that something is up. So you best spill," Vanessa explained with her slight British ascent.

"And where are these rules written down?" Elion asked, looking at Vanessa out the corner of her eye.

Vanessa tapped her forehead, before grabbing one of the braided locks of her short dirty blond hair. Large dull brown eyes locked with hers and burned into her memory. As cute and adorable as she was, she was perhaps the meaning of all evil in the world. One good glare and you'd be pouring your heart out to her, even if you didn't want too.

Vanessa took hold of Elion's hand squeezing it like a playful little girl, before she leaned over and looked straight at her, "So are you going to tell us or what?"

"I'll tell you guys," Elion began, as she heard the two of them squeal loudly.

She covered her ears and looked from Astrid to Vanessa and told them to pull up some chairs and then she would start telling them what happened. Astrid was gone and back in less than a second leaning over the desk so as to hear every word that escaped from her friends mouth. Elion sighed.

"Well, after a stomach wrenching drive with my sister, me and my brother were walking toward the door of the school, when this football came right at me and-"

"A football hit you?" Astrid asked, her wavy strawberry blond hair falling over her shoulders. Her blue eyes searched her friend up and down, trying to see where the football hit.

"Well, it was about to hit me when Maika just happened to pull me away and then we decided to walk up to homeroom together," Elion finished, not knowing why her friends were staring at her with wide smiles on their faces.

"Oh he's your knight in shining armor!" Astrid cried.

"Oh he's your Romeo!" Vanessa cried to the heavens, blowing a playful kiss.

"You guys are being ridiculous," Elion said as the door slid open once again and in entered their homeroom teacher Mr.Debor,  pushing in a rather large T.V.

Everyone went quiet and stared at their teacher as the middle aged man, pushed the T.V in and then took a seat in his chair. He signaled for the class to sit down and everyone did, some whispering about having to watch some type of sex education video. But Elion had a feeling that it was something else. After a quick attendance session Mr. Debor turned toward the white board and in his neatest hand-writing wrote the word "Alpha."

He then turned toward the class, cleared his throat and began to speak, "What do you guys know about this word?"

"It's the first letter in the Greek alphabet," someone from the front of the room piped up.

"It's the leader of a group, kind of like a wolf pack,"

"Both correct, but this isn't a title for the leader of the group, or should I say faction? Well nevertheless. This is the name of the organization that is taking the world by storm. Alpha, is an organization which wants to unite the world as one, no wars no anything and create a new revolution,"

Elion raised her hand, "But that seems kind of far off. I mean there is no possible way that they could do that. I'm sure some countries are not going to go along with this,"

"Your right, some aren't, but they are going under a reform,"

"A reform?" Maika asked.

"Yes, a reform. It's when Alpha helps with the nations needs and causes and shows them the way to sanity and equality. So today I thought we'd watch a little bit of the speech that is going on right now, by Alpha's leader Alucard Macbeth.

Elion's eyes went wide as she heard that name. It sent shivers down her spin, and her stomach knotted up several times. She bit her lip. IT was just a name, yet she could sense the evil that was coming from it. It wasn't exactly evil, but she knew that this person was up to no good, and that bothered her. The whole, "We're going to unite the world together," thing felt like a facade.

The television flipped on with a quiet all most inaudible click, and it was all ready on the channel of the speech, and Alucard was standing tall, dressed in a well tailored black suit. His short blond hair rested gently against the nape of his neck, and his hair was parted in the middle causing bangs to to go to either side of his face.

"This world, in short, needs change. I want to bring that change. Alpha is here to help the governments, help the people and unite the world that we live on. I am glad that we have so many people following us. I plan to travel the states, land in every city and speak of what I believe in. The Ultimate Peace,"

That doesn't sound right... Elion thought to herself as she tapped her fingers against the desk, and continued to watch the program.

"The Ultimate peace is our ultimate goal. So with my final words, I say join us. Join the revolution. Every country, every person, every child. Join us and fight for what you believe in. With that I say till another time,"

With a bow, Alucard stepped down from the podium and the cheering that commenced after word, made Elion nearly jump out of her skin, It was so loud, and she could bet that it was even louder at where the speech had taken place. Alucard waved to the people, before disappearing off stage. Mr. Debor, turned off the  television and wanted to have a little chat about what they thought of the speech.

Elion didn't participate and when she was asked, she just kept her mouth closed and looked away. her stomach was still twisting up and knotting. She was sure that it was getting smaller and smaller. She looked toward Astrid and Vanessa who sat beside each other, giggling, and Elion new exactly what they were giggling about. She looked toward Maika and found that he was looking at her, a very serious look on his face.

Was he feeling the same thing that she was feeling? She would have to talk to him later about it. She let out a deep breath and closed her eyes, trying to focus on something else, but the face of Alucard sprung back into her head time and time again. She felt as if she were going to erupt right then and there and she couldn't explain why. As the bell rung signaling the end of homeroom, she was the first out of the room, and racing down the hall toward her next class, wanting to get as far away from that class room and Alucard as possibly.

The End

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