La Mariposa

Elion Sanders is a normal 16 year old girl. She enjoys shopping and hanging with friends and hopefully finding that special someone. That is until a strange, new and deadly orginzation called Alpha appears, and the world is thrown into chaos, and the only ones that don't seem to be affected by Alpha are the children. Thus Elion begins a long journey not knowing what she has anything to with a legendary spirit called "Mariposa,". But will she be really saving the world and what she believes in or

Tall looming shadows towered over her, blocking out the bright white light that she considered was the sun. She swallowed before turning around on her heels and running away, her legs carrying her way from the nightmarish creatures. She slid to a stop and looked behind her, and watched as the creatures raced after her slithering like snakes. She swallowed and took a deep breath and started to run again. She wasn't going to get captured by these beasts, no she never was.

"Elion. Come to us Elion!"

"No!" Elion hollered as she continued to run, closing her eyes. Her lungs stung as she run and her heart raced as the adrenaline raced through her. Her instincts were kicking in, get as far away as possible. Suddenly she lost her balance and fell to the ground, knocking the wind out of her.

Gasping for breath she managed to sit up and look back only to see the shadows gaining on her, their blazing white eyes focused solely on her. They opened their mouths revealing razor like teeth that she was sure were going to rip her into shreds. Suddenly as if out of  nowhere a golden butterfly appeared in front of her large and beautiful. It's wings flapped gently as it hovered there, protecting her from the shadowy beast.

"I protector of the maiden abjure you. Leave the girls spirit! I command you! I abjure you!" a strong and powerful voice screamed. It echoed around the world, moving around them like a wave of water. The shadows wriggled in pain before doubling over and melting away. The golden butterfly then turned around, it's tendrils aimed at her, "I wish you good luck. I know you can do it. Be brave Elion. Be brave,"

With that the butterfly disintegrated into dust and she was alone in the empty world, of destroyed buildings and lost echoes. It was a ghost town, and she wondered if this was what her heart was like, lonely and desolate. Suddenly she was over come with a dizziness and she toppled backward onto the ground drifting away.

"ELION! Do you hear me? Elion wake up!"

The voice sounded familiar but as Elion opened her eyes everything was meshed together in a colorful blur.She blinked once and watched as the room, returned to normal and she could make out who was screaming at her. It was her sister Emilia. She frowned sitting up, just as the door flew open and her sister entered holding a spatula in one hand and a pan in the other.

Her face was bright red from yelling at her, and her long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She frowned at her sister before she spoke, "Get up you lazy bum! Your going to be late for school!"

"Emilia...can you stop yelling please?" Elion asked.

"Not until your out of bed." Emilia replied, waving the spatula at her sister.

With a sigh Elion threw the covers off her and swung her legs off the bed and rose to her feet stretching. With a satisfied smile on her face Emilia turned around and walked away back toward the kitchen. Elion smiled a bit before she clapped her hands and watched as the lights turned on.The bright blue walls of her room, made it seem even brighter. She looked up at the ceiling seeing the clouds that she and her sister had painted a few years back. It was beautiful and had taken them hours.

Most of the walls were covered in different photo's or had a bookshelf pressed in front of it. She was a reader, and it was a bit addicting. She smiled before she turned and opened a window to let in a bit of fresh air. Their was something about the air in the morning that she loved. It was strangely sweet, and strong.

Elion opened the nearest drawer and pulled out her school uniform, a white button up shirt, a black sweater vest and black skirt. She then retrieved her knee high socks from the lowest drawer and grabbed her shoes that were under the bed. Once she had everything she made her way to the bathroom and washed up. Once she was washed up and dressed she exited the bathroom and made her way into the kitchen.

Her sister was making her plate as she entered, and her brother was all ready sitting at the table, swirling his eggs around, a bored look on his face. That was nothing new to her, he always sat there looking bored and sad.

"Are you all right Evan?" Elion asked she as sat down and stuffed scrambled egg into her mouth.

"Huh...oh yeah. I'm just thinking about Rosemary is all." he replied blowing his black bangs way from his face.

"Jeez, didn't I all ready tell you to let her go. She wasn't good enough for you Evan," Emilia said as she sat down and started to eat, "So stop moping and eat something all ready."

"I'm to sad to eat. All I want is my Rosie." he said sternly as he pushed his plate away.

"Jeez, what is it going to take for you to forget her?" Emilia asked.

"You have to give him time. It just happened and he was in love with her, so he is a bit heart broken right now sis. He should be better in a couple of days though," Elion explained.

"Fine, I guess your right. When did you become the wise and smart one?" Emilia asked as she looked toward the clock, "Dang! Sorry but we have to cut breakfast short. Grab your bags we have got to get going!" Emilia said as she rose to her feet and raced around grabbing her car keys and purse.

I thought I all ways was the wise and smart one, Elion thought with a chuckle before she scarfed down the last of her food and set the plate in the sink. She grabbed a cup from the cupboard and poured herself some orange juice before she grabbed her bag and followed her sister out the door of their large condo and out to the garage. When she arrived her sister had all ready started the car and was creaming for them to hurry up. Elion slid into the passenger seat beside her sister, setting her book bag on her lap and looking out the window.

It was a bright and sunny fall morning. The trees had begun to change colors, but it was still quite warm and not the right weather for a jacket just yet. Elion loved this time of the year. It wasn't too hot or too cold, it was just right.


"Hurry up Evan your going to make us all late!"

"I am not," Evan said as he slid into back of the silver Porsche.

Throwing the car in reverse, she backed out of the garage and took off down the street, swerving wildly as she went along. Elion wrapped her arms around her stomach as her sister made a sharp right turn, Elion's face turning slightly green.

"Emi, how the hell did you get your drivers license?" Evan cried from the back seat.

"What I am a good driver when I'm not in a hurry. But since I'm in a hurry I tend to be a little reckless." Emilia explained.

"A little reckless?!" her two younger siblings cried out in unison.

"Hang on we're making a sharp turn!"

"Emilia!" Evan screamed.

Whilst trying to survive her older sisters maniac driving, Elion took a look out the window, looking at the city of Cranebrook Meadows as it flashed by. It was a mixture of old and new. On the western side of the city were old Victorian style homes, on the east more urban and modern homes. To the north was the business district and two the south was the commercial district, that every teen knew by heart. Elion loved this city and she wouldn't trade it for the world.

The car slammed to a stop as her sister parked along the side walk of Cranebrook High. Several students looked at the car and laughed in shock while others just stared frozen to the spot.

"Have a nice day. Now...get out of my car!" Emilia hollered.

Elion and Evan quickly got out and watched as their sister drove away the screeching sound or her wheels echoing all around. Evan sighed, turning around and walking toward the school, Elion followed after him. "She is going to kill us one day." he said to his sister.

"You got that right," Elion said as she ran a few fingers through her long black hair. Her gray eyes focused on the three story school that stood before them. Students were scattered everywhere talking happily to each other. She noticed several girls flirting around with, when out the corner of her eye she saw a football heading directly for her. She froze on the spot unable to move away.

"Elion!" a voice screamed, as she was pulled away. She watched as the football bounced off the side walk. She slumped against the person holding her before she straightened up, a rosy blush coming to her pale cheeks. She turned around to see her savior. Maika Heart.

"Thanks Maika," she said quietly.

"Sure no problem. I didn't hurt you or anything did I?" he asked, as a soft wind blew rustling his golden blond hair.

"No, I'm fine,"

"Good, man those guys are jerks, they could have at least said sorry," he said.

Elion watched as his soft large blue eyes suddenly turned hard, "No, no it's fine. I wasn't hurt and I would have forgiven them anyway. It's all in the past,"

Maika smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder, "Your all ways so nice Elion. I can't see why anyone would want to hurt you." he said kindly.

She smiled, just as the bell began to ring, "Come on lets get to homeroom,"

"All right." Maika replied.

Elion waved good bye to her brother who didn't notice her. His eyes were focused on a girl with silvery hair and gray eyes. His ex girlfriend Rosemary. She shook her head, before she climbed the front steps of the school with Maika, her heart beating out of her chest.

The End

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