The Gang

They rode quickly. Henri would be with them before too much longer - he could outride the five gendarmes any day, even on an old horse - and that wasn’t counting the fact that they weren’t even on horseback. Sure enough, ten minutes later, he came trotting up, bold as brass, and grinning from ear to ear.

‘They’re halfway to Rennes now,’ he said, rather pleased with himself. Alix laughed, but it sounded false. That had been too close for comfort. Far too close. They’d had close shaves in the past, of course - nothing’s as easy as it sounds on paper - but it still scared her. She loved the exhilaration, the danger, the adventure, of course; if she had been born in another time, she’d probably have taken to piracy or some other criminal job. But still… The Revolution had claimed the lives of her entire family, and each day she rode out to help another Frenchman, she risked not only her own life, but that of Henri, Citizen Grenouille - and, of course, Guillaume, who was in the most danger of them all. For it was well known that the last surviving heir of the Marquis de Lefevre was still at large - and still in France. And Guillaume happened to be that heir.

Alix shook these thoughts from her mind. There was no point in dwelling on these thoughts. She glanced across at Henri. He was the newest member of their party. She’d picked him up in Orléans while rescuing the Duc de Molyneux, whose château Henri had worked in as a footman. When all the other servants escaped, Henri had remained with his master, helping him to stay hidden until help could be called. Grenouille had met Henri several years before, and so it was easy for that connection to be made again. What was most worrying about the situation was that Henri had known where Le Libérateur could be found, or at least how to contact him.

‘Why the long face, my pretty?’ he smiled at Alix, and she grinned in return. It was difficult not to be jolly around Henri - he was such good fun. Not to mention incredibly handsome…

She felt herself grow hot, and turned away, biting her lip to stop herself from smiling.

The End

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