La Libératrice et Madame Guillotine

1793, France. A group of desperadoes help Frenchmen and women to escape the bloodbath that is France. But this bravery comes with a price, and there is one who would do anything to get their hands on the traitors Alix Chevalier and Guillaume de Lefevre...

1793, France. La place de la Revolution. Night.

There she stands, majestic in her robe of blood, the severed heads of enemies and friends alike by her feet. The blade shines in the moonlight, cleaned by the executioner for the spectacle tomorrow. In November of this year, she will claim the lives of one hundred traitors a day. Traitors, as decided by the National Convention that governs this land.

But the National Convention only has half the story.

The man is watching from the shadows. He knows things. How to manipulate people, as if they are mere dolls. How to cloak himself in darkness and laugh as others lose him in the fog of dreams.

Above him, framed by the moon, stands the instigator of the Revolution, the leader. Terrorist, murderer, mercenary. But also victim, missionary, the mercy-filled, humane choice for execution.

Spawn of the Devil.

Daughter of God.


Madame Guillotine.

The End

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