First furlong thrives.Mature

Okay, where did we leave off from? Hold on.

   So when all light had left the world, the world felt heavier, more ominous somehow and although I was dreaming I was afraid that somehow I had divided, that there was two of me. One that was the original self, the corporal I that had somehow become a base creature, one that had looked upon my sylph self with a malicious and animalistic knowing, then there was the I that had stood in my own sunset-filled living room regarding the anger scarred lines of my own jaw.

   I stood in the darkness, the memory of this sequence fleeting, the feeling of presence in that darkness, not at all a diminishing vision. I stood there in the darkness tensely curling my toes into the carpets thick pile, I stood there and I listened, feeling the weight of another in the atmosphere. Nothing happened, nobody spoke, it remained dark and I began to sweat and my legs to tire, still, nothing.

   “Umm…I would like to wake up now!” For surely this was a wowser of a lucid dream?

I rocked backwards and forwards on my heels in impatience and my belly grumbled in hunger.

   “Halloooo! Brain?” Wait a minute I thought I can fucking feel the carpet and I am starving!

   “Okay! I am awake!” I sighed, “Just a little bit of sleepwalking that’s all” I let all the air out of my lungs in a great big “HAAAAH!” I figured I had woken up at some point long enough to close the curtains, shutting out the amber-haze-sunset and that upon seeing the sunset through the gaps in the buildings I had created that dream.

   I put out my arms like a zombie and I felt my way along the walls until I had found the light switch which I pressed, instead of the ability to see, what I got was a shocking and very loud  ‘BANG! SNAP’ and the lights blew in a big blue flash of electricity and at the same time there was this wet slapping sound as though a giant, drunken ghost had apported its puke onto my living room wall.

   It was at this point that I began to think, that the last long binge of drugs had broken me and I determined myself to go to bed. Feeling my way out of the doorway my arms were suddenly and violently thrust to the sides of my body and I was suddenly enveloped as though I were wrapped in giant cling film which began to burn. I pinched my eyes closed and I struggled to move and only resulted in falling backwards onto my back, absurdly, even in the extremities of my terror, likening the feeling to being a sausage in a fry pan.

The envelope began to burn and through my eyelids a bright-white-light began to negate all sense of being, I stopped struggling and surrender to the oncoming death or madness.

   Finally, I heard another loud SNAP sound and I knew no more.

The End

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