The begininnigs.Mature

I was at first, still lying on my sofa and awake, my cats were gone off somewhere to do kitty things and a bar of sunlight shone onto my face and made me sweat.

I heard a whisper

  “kisses” it said, and I jerked up into a sitting position “kisses” the voice implored. I heard this voice, not in my head or in the room, but just inside my ear!

“oh” the voice quavered.

Hello?” I say, and I shake my head and think “weird dream, wake yourself up” and I ran my hands across my face and collect the sweat that threatens to sting my eyes, I hear a thump from the room above the lounge and I look up as if I could see through matter. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! And a sound that is a sly, dragging sound. My heart rate shot upwards in a single beat and my whole body broke into a sweat and goose-pimples and there was the sound of a scream that cut off almost as soon as it had begun, and in my mind I pictured a beheading, there was the sound of something being dragged across the carpet at my feet and I jumped up in fright.

And there I was, still lying down on the couch!

“She’s Mary” The couch me said in a slow drawn voice.

“Kisses” replied the unknown voice. “kisses, oh!”

My ‘real’ body, the one that lay upon the sofa, started to kind of move, but lay still, I imagined that that is what we look like upon waking from a deeper than the deepest of dreams.  I watched it do its invisible dance while the shuffling and thudding and whispering swirled around the room. The room began to dim and the real me twitched and spoke in a hiss “ssssshh-ad-ooow meee-en” and then the real me smiled and it looked evil and triumphant, the kind of smile a bad a guy in a movie has when it looks like the nice guy is going to finish last, but the good guy is really biding his time for the major kiss ass finale. So then the real I sat up and I fell backwards and onto my arse and I sat there looking up at me, looking down on me.

“ssssshh-ad-oow men” I said and leered at me.

I opened my mouth to speak back and the atmosphere felt heavy then, a heavy gravity that weighed on my voice. “What’s going on?” I asked myself and it came out deep and sounding electronic and it buzzed in my dream head as though I were a tuning fork.

The real I smiled and my eyes twinkled and I noticed that they were dilated black pits, even though the room was sun filled (deep down in lucid dreaming, you are there saying ‘it’s just a dream, I’m dreaming, and thinking!’) and I leant into me with a matey’ kind of posture, as though I could tell me secrets and I said “three-0ne-two-two-zero-huhhhh..” and I began to tilt backwards on the sofa, and the dream I stood up in confusion.

“What? What?” dream I asked in my newfound voice.

The real I hung in a limbo between falling and sitting up and my eyes rolled forward and the pupils were tiny, non existent. “Three-six-five-two-three-eleven-two” I couldn’t tell if I was looking me or not, the eyes were glassy green orbs.

 The real I then shuddered and my head rolled forward and I kind of slumped forward and I made a dive to catch myself and the real I sat up straight and grabbed my wrists and the eyes were normal again.

“Don’t do this” real I said “don’t”

“Do what!” The dream I screamed.

The real me slumped backwards onto the sofa as though I slept.

I shook me, and got no responses, and I then realized I was dreaming lucidly and that I was probably waking and I sat beside me and I waited for that to happen.

And I waited, and waited. It got dark outside and I forgot I was dreaming and I got up to turn on the lamp.

  That is when all the light on earth, turned to blackness…

The End

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