La Belle indifference.Mature

Okay, so you have read my first post and haven’t been offended and you are intrigued as to just ‘what the fuck he’s talking about’?  

Okay. When I was twelve it was discovered I had a rare sense of perception, that made me different, I am a Synaesthesiac. (I will put up a link, rather than tell you as it saves me time, I’ll just add that I am color/number orientated and mirror touch sensitive.)

And it made me a little; well different when I was a kid, and then I suffered some brain damage when I was in my twenty-something’s.

Now come on, we have all seen some series, or read some book that alludes to what I am telling you, my true life is a capitalized formula. I am walking media, but hidden from view, and yes a pompous arse to boot.

I pretty much hit you in the face with what it is I see in my first post, and the event that occurred when I was twelve was perhaps the very beginning of one strange fucking life.

  All the supernatural novels you’ve ever read? What about all those myths about sylphs and sprites and imps? Those things which are darker than midnight?

They are all half true.


I don’t know whether they are real (or their equivalents) because the mass mind made them so; we had our myths, and then our movies and they told us tales of great quests and adventures, they tell us of moralistic beasts and spiritual quests for revenge. And maybe they formed because we believed, half believed, and know of, but don’t believe?

And also, we dream who knows what dreams do when they are released?

Nor do I know if they already existed, I know that some of us are aware of them, and they, unfortunately for us are aware of us.

  I am the ghost whisperer, with a cock! Imagine that! (I rarely watch television by the way, I hasten to add that)

Ok, I am a little stoned so bear with me, hey, don’t judge, it’s a crutch!

   Well what do you want to know? I guess you would like me to get right into the story wouldn’t you? Get to all the scary bits first? All the weird shit I have spoken of.

The thing is, is where to start, I mean weird shit has always happened to me. What tale do I tell you? Do I start with my mother is and my father is, and this old lover, all that bullshit. Is it relevant?


Okay, I’ll do you a deal, I’ll start with the last time I was **ahem** working, so to speak and round it off with a flourish at the end, and then I will tell you some spooky tales, and I will, in between that go backwards in time.


My old job was an identity thief, plain and simple, I took your life and I made lives up from the ‘passed over’ children of poor families. Sorry about that.

 I think I am paying for it now

I was a bit of a cunt, sorry ladies! But it is the only word that fits (did a bit too much you know, **sniff**.) I had money falling out of every orifice and pocket, I shagged women who went out partying wearing perfume, little dresses and dappy smiles, I’d roll from bar to club and to party, my Synaesthesic brain constantly calculating and reeling my damaged Temporal lobe sending mass electrical charges into my cranium, I’d tell myself “It’s the ecstasy rushing about” It wasn’t the surges of brain chemicals and weariness would cave me in and I’d what I thought was, hallucinate. Nope. 

 I’d get back to my house that was rented in some other poor saps name, and I’d crash and laze for four days while I recovered. Then when the fifth day came along I would drink a shit load of good coffee with the sometimes dollop of brandy (good brandy, paid for on your card) and I would get stoned on some really nice weed that I was growing in another house, in-of-course some other buggers name, and I would formulate scams and plans, and I would play my guitar and piano, and I would get the giggles and write songs about ripping you off, the things I bought the places I had been, I think you get the picture! And then if the scams were online scams I’d begin to write the formula for the program (I went to university, got grants but no loans, and became a career criminal, guess you paid for that too) and then I’d pay uni students to write the program’s.

How did I get into this?

The End

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