"So to the gym for... P.E." T.J. said with a sigh. The group of friends began to walk down towards the gymnasium. "Sooo Jamie, what was P.E. like at your old school?" 

   "Oh it was really easy we didn't do anything hard." She responded plainly. "The only people who actually did things did them because they were in sports." 

   "Do you miss any of your friends?" Ric inquired with a slight blush. 

   "Ha Ha! Ricky's got a crush!" Jay exclaimed pointing at Ric's cheeks, after Jay's remark they became almost brick red. 

   Jamie looked over in Ric's direction completely overlooking Jay's comment, "Yeah but you guys seem pretty interesting."

   John noticed how willing Jay was to point out Ric's obvious feelings so he decided to keep his in check. "Well here we are, welcome Jamie to the gym." Before them stood a giant building displaying the team colors, pink and gold. 

   "Can anyone explain why your colors are pink and gold? They don't go together at all." Jamie said with the sassy Jamie voice. 

   "Not a clue" The guys all said unison as they waled through the large glass doors.

The End

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