The group of friends began to make their way to the cafeteria. The building itself was a large nice looking structure, but the food was awful. Jay and Ric held open the large red doors for their friends and a few other students. 

   After they all sat down with the food the conversation they hoped wouldn't come up did. "Soooooooo, New girl eh?" Jay chuckled.

  "Shut it Jay, if we can avoid that conversation that would be amazing." T.J. snapped back.

  "Woah man hostility" Jay turned to see Jamie walking out of the lunch line. Jay then proceeded to stand up and flag her down. Jamie started to make her way towards the table. John, T.J., and Ric shot Jay a death glare. Jay greeted Jamie when she arrived at the medium sized round table.

  "Why did you flap your arms around like a monkey? You could have just said 'Hi Jamie do you wanna come sit over here?'" Jamie said with her usual snappy tone. 

  "Well I can see your going to be an interesting one." Jay quickly replied. He pulled a chair out from beside him. "Come on we don't bite, well maybe T.J. does." 

  T.J. proceeded to kick Jay as hard as he could in the shin. "Hello, I'm T.J. and I don't bite, I promise."

  Cringing, Jay began to describe his friends, "Ric is the kinda short guy with the brown eyes and shortish shaggy blackish hair. John is the one with really short brown hair and really dark almost black brown eyes."

   "I've met John before, after he knocked me over in the hallway." 

   "Well okay then... John knocking girls onto the ground after beating up a child on a bus is not a good way to make an impression. Anyway, T.J. is the tall guy who could lose a couple pounds, blonde hair that needs to be cut and glasses that cover too much of his face. Oh and the one talking is the extremely handsome guy, with clean cut brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and of course a stunning smile." He said with a big grin. "Oh did I mention that Jay is single?"

   "Why is Jay talking in third person?" Ric inquired.

   "Cause Jay wants too."

   "Ric thinks it's annoying." Ric said joining the obnoxious game.

   "John really doesn't like this."

   "T.J. is confused."

   "Jamie is confused why she is going to be hanging out with you guys."

   "Ha! Hear that guys we got one!" Jay said with overloading sarcasm. He reached in for a high that was returned by T.J. They all started laughing. 

   "Well, welcome to the group Jamie!" John said with a half-real half-fake smile. Well this just got even more interesting. Why does something biggish always happen every five minutes, and why does it always have to involve me?

The End

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