Competition Breeds Excellence

   John watched Jay return to his seat after turning his test in, "So you okay?"

   "Yeah I'm fine thanks", he whispered back. Jay turned and looked at his new ex-girlfriend as she was talking to her friend. She looked like nothing had happened. The heck? I'd think she'd be at least sad! 

   "Hey, you can do better", John said as he called his friend back to reality.

   "Yeah, but I'm still a little shaken by the whole thing."

   "I would expect that, you may be the great Jay... but you're still human."

   "That's painfully clear right now."

   "It's okay, hey you'll bounce back and get an even hotter girl."

   "Yeah John, you're right... I'm Jay I can do anything!" He said with his usual smirk.

   "That's the Jay I'm used to!" John said as he playfully hit Jay's shoulder. The bell rang and the class hurried out of the classroom. "See ya bro!" John shouted to Jay as he moved quickly down the hallway, dodging people. Geez! That's why love is so stupid! If they wouldn't have gone out in the first place none of that would have happened! As John was thinking he ran into the new girl. They both fell to the ground as their stuff fell around each other. "I'm so sorry!", John said quickly. Their gazes met, She's beautiful..., "I'm sorry, really... well my name is John." He picked up some of the school supplies. 

   "Jamie... so you usually just bump into people you want to talk to?" Jamie replied with sass.

   "It worked didn't it?" He laughed as he gave her things to her. 

   "I guess... well I've got to go see you around maybe." Jamie said with noticeable hesitation. She walked away quickly to get to her class.

   "Alright then." John said as he slowly stood up, still looking at Jamie. He slowly turned around and started to walk to his class. He arrived at his classroom and walked in to find his friends waiting for him. 

   "John! What kept you?" T.J. asked annoyingly. 

   "Just the new girl," Jay said with his smirk.

   "Yup, and guys I think I might have feelings..." John said almost sarcastically.

   "For the new girl? Great we all do then..." Ric sighed.

   "Well a little competition never hurt." Jay laughed. 

   "Well guys we can't let this girl destroy our friendship!" T.J. affirmed.

   "Yeah I agree." John nodded his head. Greeeeaaaaattt. The first girl I like may end my friendships...

The End

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