A Special Kind of Stupid

   Jay slammed John and Ric's heads together, "Idiots." He walked off as they landed on the floor throbbing in pain. "Don't stay on the floor to long! Janitor is coming soon!" He laughed hysterically as the door shut behind him. Jay walked in a straight line through the schools' hallways as people walked around him. He walked into his class with his head held high, overflowing with charisma. 

   "Jay! Isn't that your girlfriend?" John whispered when he caught up with Jay.

   "ASHLEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Jay screamed in shock. Jay's heart dropped. Jay stormed over to his spot across the room and threw his stuff on his desk.

   "I can explain!" Ashley pleaded with teary eyes.

   "Save it! I don't care, oh yeah as if it isn't obvious we're done!" Jay quickly replied full of anger. 

   Ashley jumped away from the guy she was making out with. She was crying rivers out of her eyes. The room was quiet enough to hear a pen drop. 

  "That's why I don't have a girlfriend." John leaned over and whispered to Jay. 

  "You are a special kind of stupid." Jay replied as he hit John in the face.

  "Yeah, maybe so.", John said with a slight laugh, "Maybe so."'

  "Well, this sucks... alot." Jay sighed.

  "Jay please!" Ashley continued to plead. 

 "No, we are over and to the guy who was making out with my EX-girlfriend, screw you." Jay said calmly. 

 Soon after the teacher walked into the classroom, "Hi class time for a giant test that will determine 50% of your grade.

 "Great..." Jay sighed under his breath.

The End

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