How it Starts

John never thought it would happen to him; he never thought he would fall for someone like this. He was wrong, dead wrong.

  John was resting on his bed in his nice little room thinking about how ridiculous the idea of love was. He yawned as he got ready for school, he always took the time to pose in front of the mirror. I'm handsome, why can't the girls see that? Shut up! Love is stupid and a waste of time! He always seemed to tell himself the same thing. He realized that he had spent to much time messing around that he had to rush get to the kitchen to eat breakfast. He quickly scarfed down his cereal before running out the door and jumping on the bus.

  He sighed when he didn't see any empty seats next to his friends, so he shuffled his feet over to an empty seat near the front of the bus. He stared out the window until someone kicked his leg. "Hey! Who do you think you are?" He yelled at the second grade boy who had just kicked him.

  "Jerk!" the boy replied hitting him again. 

  "Stop it!" John yelled back as he grabbed the boy's shirt.

  "Big bad ninth grader beating up a seven-year old!" He screamed as he ran down the bus.

  John rolled his eyes back and leaned back on his chair. Well today started out well. Soon the bus arrived at the huge school, so John caught up with his friends and they walked into the building together. They walked into the giant meeting area and all sat down at their table. "So guys, did you hear that situation on the bus? With me and the little boy?" he asked half laughing.

 "John, everyone did... and everyone thought it was hilarious." replied his friend Jay.

 "Expect that new girl, she looked disgusted." Ric pointed out.

 "Yeah, but it doesn't matter John here don't care 'bout girls, or relationships, or fun, or anything for that matter... John are you a robot?" Jay said as he playfully hit John.

 "We have a new girl? Is she hot?" T.J. quickly interrupted.

 "Ehhh she's ok I guess," Jay replied with a smirk, "Why do you you care?"

 "Oh there she is!" Ric said almost too loud.

 She walked in through the giant double doors at the front of the meeting room and John's breath got taken away. She had a perfect body, perfect black shiny hair, perfect face with beautiful brown eyes, she basically was perfect, ten out of ten. What kind of feeling is this? 

 "Hey Jay, could I have a shot with her? I mean you have a girlfriend, Ric is too chicken, and John is John so out of us?" T.J. asked seriously.

 "Maybe... Iduno John and Ric look pretty mesmerized," Jay replied with a laugh, "Right guys?" 

 "Yeah..." The both replied sheepishly.

The End

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