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This is the story of a 20 year old woman named "Princess" Valentina Lovery, the second in line heir to the throne of Australia. Born 14thFeb, 1712 and went missing in 1732. (From that date she was never seen again) But stories were told of a young woman about 5ft 6 inches, with yellow hair and eyes like the ocean, wearing a black and red, silk drop waisted dress, seen killing men and women all over Australia on the same date every year (February 14th), people could only assume it was Valentina


Brief history

This is the story of a 20 year old woman named “Princess” Valentina Lovery, the second in line heir to the throne of Australia. Born 14thFeb, 1712 and went missing in 1732. (From that date she was never seen again) But stories were told of a young woman about 5ft 6 inches, with yellow hair and eyes like the ocean, wearing a black and red, silk drop waisted dress, seen killing men and women all over Australia on the same date every year (February 14th), people could only assume  it was Valentina Lovery, but the suspicions were never proven.

Her older sister “Princess” Rahella Lovery, first in line heir to the throne, was born 1709 and died 1804 (aged 95 years) she married at the age 32 years to  a Sir Austin Wonstitch ( prince of Tasmania) in 1746. One year after being married (1747) they had a baby son “Johnson Wonstitch”. And 4 years later (1751) they had another son named Daniel Wonstitch, and 2 years after (1753) another son Vincent Wonstitch, who was stolen by witcherous gypsies in the year 1756, his age being only 3 years,(Vincent and the gypsies where never seen again).

Her father King Johnson Lovery was born in 1680 and was killed in 1720 at age 40; by murderous Americans who were trying to start war with Australia over law disagreements.

Her mother Queen Melinda Lovery was born in 1690 and she died in 1754 (aged 64) of Spanish influenza.



This story starts like any other, with a typical beginning which gets our mind into the zone, and prepares us for a whole new journey into the horrors and mystery that lie within the pages of the book.

Once upon a time

There was a young lady called “princess” Valentina Lovery (2ndin line heir to the throne of Australia) who’s older sister “princess” Rahella Lovery (1stin line heir to the throne)got everything Valentina wanted and was their moms favourite daughter, which in Valentina’s mind was only because Rahella sucked up big time. Though it didn’t completely bother her, Valentina still felt lonely and left out, especially when her dad was killed. Her father was her best friend and his murder in 1720 shattered her world.

Victoria 1731-

One day when “princess” Valentina was in the alley way near the back of the butchers, she saw a young man. He was unlike any other she had encountered before. He was tall, about 6 foot, dark skinned and completely handsome, his masculine body was filled with ripples of muscle, his shirtless chest was smooth and though it was dirty still had appeal, his black messy hair stood up 2 inches and seemed to have a natural spike. He seemed charming, and though she didn’t understand the words he was mumbling to himself, his voice sounded manly and kind. He was completely irresistible and to perfect for words. Just his presence gave Valentina butterflies in her stomach and an anxious feeling. It was completely unexplainable. Yes she fell in love with him at first sight, was it even possible? Valentina didn’t know but she knew how she felt, and had only one thing stopping her from making him her prince, her mother.

Her mother would never agree to her having a native peasant boy, but Valentina didn’t care, she loved him.

Valentina walked up to the peasant boy and said; hello my name is Valentina, what is yours? The peasant boy looked up at Valentina with a surprised look upon his face and looked around him to see if maybe she was talking to someone else, the young man stood up straight and looked at Valentina then replied with a slight tremble in his voice; I am Tommy, eh Tommy Bingston, I am the cleaner here at the butchers, can I help you. Valentina replied and kept the conversation going for a long time. She made good friends with Tommy, and kept it a secret so her mother would never find out. Valentina and Tommy became very close over time and every day for a year Valentina would sneak out to see him at the back of the butchers.

1732- 7thof February (a week before valentina’s 20thbirthday)

It had now been a year since Valentina and Tommy first met and their love was still as strong as ever, but people where getting suspicious, the butcher at the butcher shop would spy on Valentina and Tommy and would tell his friends about them.

12thof February

Today was 2 days before Valentina’s 20thmasquerade ball, and one of the slaves had been given a letter to give to the queen, on it said

Dear majesty the queen

I have unfortunate news about the were abouts of your youngest daughter “Valentina”, I have been watching her movements for the last month and have found her out the back of the butchers everyday between 6 pm till 8 pm eloping with a native peasant boy, named Tommy Bingston,  I now leave this matter in your capable hands,

Sincerely anonymous

After reading this the queen was furious, and sentenced the boy to be hung by the neck till dead on the 13th of February.

Valentina heard about what was happening and tried as hard as she could to stop the execution, but nothing she did could change the situation, She had to come to terms with the fact, that the love of her life was going to be killed the day before her birthday.  And so he did, on February 13thher lover was killed.

February 14ththe Masquerade

The queen had arranged a masquerade for Valentina for her 20thbirthday. Every important person was there, and all the eligible bachelors had been invited, so Valentina may choose a partner. But when she was announced the curtains opened and Valentina was nowhere to be seen.   People searched high and low for hours, days, week’s even months and years but Valentina was never seen again. And from that day onwards the 14thof February was pronounced Valentine’s day. And every valentine’s day, Valentina’s ghost appears and kills 1 man in every country, city, town, and suburb in Australia and Tasmania. She hangs them and paints their face brown to remind everyone of her lover Tommy Bingston, and on every man she leaves her trade mark. A kiss on her victims cheek, leaving red lip marks.

But one very special Valentine’s Day recorded in 2008 everyone expected someone to die, but they never expected it to be a killing like this.

Chapter 1

February 14th2008

A reporter says on  Australian wide TV: 5 men in every state, country , town and suburb of Australia have been brutally murdered in their own houses in under 3 months , police and investigators say it was a planned attack taken place by several very dangerous women, this conclusion was easily made when police found out every man was murdered the exact same way, hung , with their faces painted brown with a unknown substance and a kiss mark on the victims cheek made with red lipstick, police and forensic officers are now looking for evidence and testing for D.N.A on the victims of the attackers, more information on the attacks will be told later in the news when hopefully we get more on the attacks.


February 24th2008                            Butchers Death


in a town called Hamilton in victoria closer to the borderline of south Australia, it was a nice sunny warm day, and out the back of butchers shop was a native Australian man named tom bingston” a distant relation of tommy bingston valentina’s lover back in the 1730’s”, tom was on his lunch break and sitting outside in the sun eating his lunch, when he heard a big scream full of fear and agony, coming from out the front of the butchers, tom threw his food and ran out to the front desk in the butcher shop , where the man who was working out front and was the owner of the business was hanging from a long fishing line on which meat was hanging it was wrapped around his neck several times causing the skin to break and blood rushing down his obese body, as he swung back and forth from the ceiling, his face was painted brown and he had red lip marks on his left cheek, tom had seen the news and knew exactly what this was, he looked over at the window , in shock and saw standing before his eyes , the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, in a long black silky Victorian dress, she had yellow hair like the sun and blue eyes like the ocean, which starred at tom and so intensively, he felt as though she was staring into his soul, he was frozen by her beauty, Valentina smiled at tom, with her bright red perfectly shaped lips, and waved her hand at him in a circular motion as if she was the queen, and disappeared into thin air, leaving poor tom speechless in shock. Once faced with reality again tom quickly turned and saw the body hanging from the ceiling and grabbed his mobile out of his pocket and called the police, when they got to the butchers tom told them everything he saw, everything he heard, and everyone he saw hanging around, everyone except for Valentina.


Chapter 2


March 3rd                             Death Street

12; 00 a.m. in the morning the sun is not yet up, and the moon shines bright with the stars are twinkling in the dark blue sky, and tom the man from the butchers was walking down a dark empty street, where he saw in a distance 2 men probably in their late 30’s trying to seduce a young girl who looked no older then 16, tom ran up to the men yelling things at them so that the men would leave the girl alone, the 2 men ran off and tom walked the girl home. Valentina has saw the whole thing and decided to make those 2 men her next victims as they needed to punishment for hitting on such a young girl. On toms way back home he decided to walk along the same street he found the girl on, encase those men were still there, he turned to walk down an alley way and coming out the other side he saw the 2 men, they were hanging from 2 lamp posts that where opposite each other on each side of the walls of the alleyway, they had rope tied around their broken necks, which was also attached to the lamp posts, their faces brown and red lips marks on their cheeks, it happened again, tom knew it was her, he turned quickly in panic, eyes wide open searching all around when he saw her, Valentina standing in front of him, calmly and content, just looking at tom with her bright blue eyes, tom took a step towards her, his expressions curious yet scared, he stutters as he asks ; wh who are y you?, he takes another step towards her slowly and nervous, Valentina she replied, and tell me young man whom are you? She spoke so innocently, her facial expressions also innocent, he replies Tom eh Tom bingston his voice now calmed down and sounding deep and manly, though the fear in his voice had shifted, his eyes deep brown eyes told a different story, Valentina smiled and said bingston, Tom how lovely her eyes looking filled with joy her smile showing a happiness you could see before, her emotional atmosphere changed into a more approachable feeling, making tom feel that bit more relaxed, but then her body faded into the distance, tom was shocked his mind fell blank and he became completely perplexed, the whole idea that these Australian wide killings where all the work of one woman a ghost woman , he just could not fathom it out, and was sure if anyone else knew, they would think him crazy, Tom decided not tell anyone about Valentina , and phoned the police to come down to the crime scene, explaining to them all what had happened, once again leaving out Valentina.




March 10th& 11th                Pitching a Tent

It was late in the evening on a cold and misty night in the river of victoria where 2 men in their early 40’s had gone on a fishing trip, they pitched up their tent and started a camp fire, then packed their gear ready to go fishing and catch their dinner.

The next morning, a family of 4 had come up to the river on a camping trip, the mom and the dad started pitching the tent and getting the area suitable for a 3 night stay and the 2 daughters went for a walk, about 10 metres away from their camping site through the bushes the 2 girls found another person’s camping equipment , the girls didn’t want to intrude on anyone so they turned around to walk back to their parents, looking up in to the tree’s the girls screamed panicky and fearfully, there hanging in the tree where the 1 men , several fishing hooks pined through the skin into their necks, dry blood coming from the torn skin and covering the rest of their bodies, the fishing hooks in their skin was attached to fishing wire which ended in the men’s fishing rods which were merged in between branches and stuck in the tree, it looked as if someone had gone fishing, but not for fish. The parents came running yelling their daughters names when finding them they grabbed the girls and saw what the girls where frightfully starring at in shock, they called the police and explained the situation and told them about how the men’s faces where painted brown with red kiss marks on their cheeks, when the police got to the crime scene, they started the investigation again, it wasn’t long before news reporters started fleeing to the area asking questions. It was then when they came up with the name The Blood Countess.


March 16th                                  Snake Noose

It was a cold and rainy day, and tom was out the back of the butchers shop reminiscing on his old job and college, when he felt a strange presence, he looked behind himself and there before his eyes was Valentina, watching him as he pondered, hello she said, her voice trembled a little, but she maintained her contentment, he took a step closer to Valentina , I am fine thank you he replied, Valentina said nothing back she just continued to stare at him intensively with her blue almond shaped eyes, Tom was not sure what to think, or how to act, : can I help you tom asked in a uncertain voice,  Yes Valentina replied and she took to steps towards tom, both of them standing only 2 metres away from each other starring in silence, when tom asked : are you a ghost, Valentina’s eyes looked down and she stared at the floor her smile turned into a frown, and all the sudden the happiness that once surrounded her fell into a melancholy feeling, Yes I am she said as a tear fell from her eyes, tom felt bad for asking the  question, please don’t cry Valentina I am sorry he said stepping even closer to Valentina, putting his hand out to touch her shoulder but then pulling back to his side, Valentina looked up at him, with her teary blue eyes I am real she said in frustration, I am just like anyone else , you can touch me, I do exist, just my body is dead, my spirit is just as real, her voice getting snappy but yet sounding very upset and confused, tom put his hand on valentina’s shoulder, and tried to calm her down, he said to Valentina, your right you are as real as they come, Valentina looked up at tom he had a smile on his face, it made Valentina feel calmer and she smiled back , He’s dead you no Valentina said once again putting her focus on to the floor toms face got a perplexed look upon it, tom muttered I don’t then Valentina butted in he loved snakes to much so I killed him with one, who tom said in frustration  the Mr Smarfe the snake man Valentina said in a sarcastic voice, toms smile left his face and took his hand of her shoulder, why are you doing this, what have these people done to you, why are you killing innocent people for no reason his voice became angry and rough, Valentina looked up into his eyes her sadness now gone her eyes hardened and anger suddenly took over her,  it’s for you she said, then she disappeared into thin air just like always, tom stood in the same spot for 2 minutes in shock trying to fathom what had just happened, then reality suddenly struck Mr smarfe he said in panic, he ran quickly to Mr smarfe house, tom got to Mr Smarfe’s house kicked the door open ran through the house in every bedroom and could not find him, tom stopped to catch his breath, then remembered the room out the back of the house where all the snakes where kept, so he walked out to the back room carefully through the door and right in front of his hanging from a pole across the roof was Mr Smarfe, tom couldn’t believe his eyes, he had been hung just like all the rest of the victim’s except one of the snakes has been transformed into a noose, and put it around Mr Smarfe neck, tom got his mobile out and rang the police, when they got to Mr Smarfe’s house the police started asking curious questions about why tom was always at the scene of the crime, tom couldn’t explain I don’t know officer he said but I sure wish I wasn’t, I don’t know why I had a feeling to come visit Smarfe but I’m glad I did, though I wish I had come earlier, the officers accepted toms  excuse  but their suspicion did not cease, tom left the house and started walking home feeling scared and worried, what was he to do now that the officers thought he was involved in the murders, and wondered if now Valentina had intrusted herself upon him, does that make him involved, was there a way he could possibly ignore Valentina , he couldn’t avoid society, he had no choice, tom had to keep living like he did before and only hope that things will return to normal, before he gets caught in a predicament he cannot escape.

The End

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