Sirens sounded in the distance and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, even Kurt, who was still lying on the ground but over the last 5 minutes his breaths had started to get shorter and more snappy.

The ambulance pulled up just outside Kurts house, on the yellow lines.
"Thank God! Kurt? Are you still with us?" Pete had calmed down a bit now.
"Yeah... Don't leave me, Dad." Kurt said weakly.

Three men loaded Kurt onto a thingamajig (sorry, I forgot the name of them stretcher things) and into the ambulance. Pete was allowed to ride with him. Finn had said Quinn, Rachel and he would drive behind.

In the ambulance Pete was apolagizing.
"I'm so sorry, Kurt. I've got my shit together now. I honestly don't mind about... you know..." He couldn't say the word.
"Its ok, Dad. Thank you."
Silence engulfed them as Kurt closed his eyes, Pete daren't disturb him.

The End

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