"Quick! You! Go get help! Fast!" Pete pointed to Finn. Finn immediately started to run to a random house. It looked old, this house, an old woman probably lived there, so he tried another one.
Knocking on the door of the one on the other side of Kurts house, Finn turned to check on Kurt, he was coughing now, violently.
The door opened slowly.
"Whats all the screaming?" The burly man who answered the door shouted at Finn. Finn covered his sweating face with his arms, thinking the man was going to attack him, slowly he lowered them. Even though it was afternoon, the man was wearing striped pjs, Finn thought that odd but quickly said: "Please, Sir. Have-you-got-a-phone-we-could-use?-My-friend-has-just-got-hit-by-a-car." Tears ran down Finns face, even though Kurt wasn't Finns best friend, a life was a life.
"Sure, kid. In there." He pointed to a room, Finn rushed in and came out moments later holding a huge old-fashoned phone.
Finn dialed as he ran back to Kurt. The man followed him, anxious to get in on the action.
"Hello. Which service do you require?" A calm woman answered Finn's call.
"Ambulance!" He almost screamed down the phone.
"What is your location?" The same relaxed voice called.
Finn told her and she said that an ambulance would arrive within 10 minutes (or your money back! (no, just kidding!)).
Finn hung up and sighed, Kurt would make it (he hoped)...

"What did they say?" Pete said, worriedly.
"They will be here in under 10 minutes." Finn turned to Kurt. "Its going to be ok." But he was mainly talking to himself.

The End

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