Forgive me!Mature

After a few minutes of hearing screams Pete finally decided to tell his son to go away. Pete opened the door to find 3 sad kids gathered around a boy. An injured boy.
"SHIT!" Pete yelled, realising who it was. He had never wanted his son to die, just to stay away from him until he realisied he wasn't gay. 
Shoving Finn out the way Pete kneeled at the head of his son, Kurts lightning blue eyes opened and they both gasped.
"Da..." Kurt tried to speak.
"No. Shhh, shhh... Oh Kurt. I'm so sorry! I shouldn't've kicked you out! Please! Forgive me!" Pete cried.
"I'm so sorry!" Rachel whispered, Pete looked up at her voice.
"YOU!" He screamed at her. "You broke up our family! What did you say to him? What did he say to you?" It seemed Kurts temper came from Petes side of the family. Rachel burst into new tears, fed by guilt and sadness.
"Dad... No... Help." Kurt said weakly. Pete knelt down again and held his sons head in his hand.
"Kurt." He sighed.
"I... I forgive... you." Kurt breathed, taking in painful breaths, tears ran from his eyes.
"Finn?" He said, looking with his eyes.
"Yes?" Finn was kneeling next to Kurts side.
"You're...kneeling on my... hand." Kurt almost managed a smile but it turned to a look of pain.
"Get off him!" Pete was really crying now, for his son, not just that he was going to die, but because of what he had said to Kurt just moments ago...

The End

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