He floored the acceleratorMature

"I can and I will!" Kurts voice must have been getting worn out, for he was no longer screaming at them and his voice had gone a little hoarse.
"But Kurt, why?!" Finn called, for Kurt had dashed into the road.
"I'm going to die anyway! My dad hates me for being gay! For being myself! I'd be better off dead!"
Kurt screamed to the sky.
"No! Please! Come out the road! This is all my fault!" Fortunatly for Rachel this was not a busy road, unfortunatly, there was just one small van going down that road at this particular point in time, and even more unfortunatly, the driver was a 40 year old virgin speaking on his mobile and chewing a bagel (can i just say? I've always found bagels evil) at the same time, music blared loud and he didn't see the skinny boy in the middle of the road, well he did see him, but only when it was too late. He slammed his brakes on. Realising what he had done he drove away, as fast as possible, he couldn't be held responsible! Crap! Was that boy dead? He floored the accelarator.

Rachel screamed.
Quinn screamed.
Even Finn screamed.
Kurt, however, did not scream, for he couldn't. Kurt was lying in the middle of the road. A large pool of scarlett blood grew from his stomach.

The End

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