"Kurt!" Rachel, Finn and Quinn ran over to Kurt, still kneeling on the path.
Quinn and Rachel knelt down on either side of him and Finn sat in front of him.
"Are you ok?" Rachel patted his shoulder gently.
"What do you think, Rachel?" Kurt yelled at her, she jumped back, surprised at his outburst.
"My own FATHER just kicked me out! Would you call that ok? Hmm? Where will I live now? Maybe I will just curl up in some alleyway and wait to die! Should I, Rachel?" He suddenly got quieter, almost muttering to himself. "But then, why is life worth living, if all we do is die after however many years God gives us? Hurt is just a feeling, a feeling that will pass..." Kurt now frowned to himself and stared at the pavement. Rachel wiped her eyes.
"Kurt. I'm so sorry. I thought your dad knew! It wasn't my fault!"
"Wasn't your fault?" Kurt screamed at her. She backed away. "Thats rich! Of course it was your fault! Everythings your fault! You told Finn that Quinns baby was Puc's and now this, you are just a self-centered bitch!" Kurt went all silent again, trying to regain his temper, even though he had every right to be angry with her. Suddenly Kurts eyes became wide.
"No!" Finn burst out, he could guess what Kurt was thinking. "No! You can't!"
"Its MY choice, Finn!" Kurts temper got the better of him.
"What? Whats he thinking of doing?" Quinn put each of her hands on the two boys and her eyes darted from Kurt to Finn.
"You can't kill yourself.”

The End

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