"Dad?" Kurt had been crying for quite some time now. He was looking for his dad, explain things to him.
"Dad?" He called a little louder. He ran to look in the kitchen, grabbing another tissue on the way, then looked upstairs.
Kurt found Pete rumaging through his drawers. "Dad? Please! Let me talk to you! How did you find out? And what are you doing in my room?" Fresh tears broke out.
"Quit whinging. Your friend Rachel told me. You will see what I'm doing in here, just after I finish." He couldn't look at his son. Kurt knelt down to Petes level.
He whispered: "I'm sorry, Dad." And looked at the small wet patches on the blue carpet his tears had made.

"Right. All done." Pete packed the last things of Kurts into his suitcase.
"Done with what?" Kurt kept his head down.
"You are leaving." Kurts head snapped up with surprise. What? He was leaving where? Surely his dad wouldn't kick him out...

"Get out... Go away and never, NEVER come back." He pointed outside, shoving the filled suitcase into Kurts hands. Pete gave Kurt a push, not a little push too. Kurt stumbled down the stairs, he was crying again. Where would he live? How could Rachel do this to him? Anger bubbled up inside him at the last question.
Kurt stood and looked at his father, even Pete had tears in his eyes as he shut the door on his only child. Maybe if his mother was still around... Pete thought to himself, only now letting tears run down his wrinkled face.

Outside Kurt collapsed to his knees, shaking with rage and sadness. He held his head in his hands, until he heard a car door slam. He looked round to see Rachel, Finn and Quinn standing across the road, staring with worried eyes.

The End

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