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"Hurry up, we're gonna miss the fight!" yelled a teenager, running.

"Don't worry, we won't miss a thing!" yelled another. In Hiroshima, there were many fights, well, underground at least. They were held at some caged in area near a construction site. These fights were only for guys, so girls could only watch. Fights were fist to fist, not some rigged phony matches that you see on TV. They always have someone who is certified in the medical department so no one dies. Today's match is against a six and a half foot man against the champion, a young  teenage boy.


The young boy smashed a pipe against his opponents face, making him fall to his knees.

"Damn you . . . " said the man in agony. He got back on his feet, blood dripping from his upper right eyebrow, and ran at the young boy who was just standing there, hands in pockets. For some odd reason, he felt someone staring at him, he looked  near the cage opening and saw two men staring at him. It was really strange because he had never seen them before now. Before he knew it, the man was already up close to him. He dodged his punch and hit a pressure point on the man's neck, making him stop in is foot steps and fall to the ground. Everyone around watched and waited to see if the man would get up, but when he didn't, they cheered and applauded the young boy. "Nice job kid," said the boys manager. "Here's your 12500 yen for tonight's winnings." The guy handed him the money and went alone with the rest of the crowd. Everybody left, either going to party and get drunk, or home. The boy looked around to see that the two men had already left. He stood there for a while, thinking, then decided to go home.

The young boy always walked home instead of taking the train. It was was way too crowded and hot. As he walked home, he counted his winnings only to find that his manager cheated him off a few thousand yen. He cursed to himself and put it back in his pocket. That was his food money for the month. He continued to walk around the corner and saw to guys arguing in suits. "The girl lives down this street," said the black haired fellow in a white suit. "No, she's not, you got lost. I bet it was because you wanted to take a  detour to watch that stupid match," said the man with white hair and a black suit. The boy noticed that these were the people he saw staring at him. And for a slight moment, he had a sudden urge of deja vu. He shook off the feeling and continued walking past them. "Hey, that's the kid from the match. Maybe he knows. Do you know where we can find a girl named Kyūseishu Kairī?" asked the black haired man.

"What of her?" the  boy stated, pulling his hat low, covering his face.

"It's very important that we find her. Please, do you know anything about her?" the white haired man said calmly. "My name is Shiro and my brother here is Kuro." The boy looked up in shock.

"Aren't those dog names?" the boy laughed, "Why do you need to find this girl so bad?" Kuro scowled.

"That's on a need to know bases. Are you going to help us or not?" stated Kuro, impatiently. The boy stepped back, then took off. "Oh great, our only lead and he runs away."

"Then lets go after him, we need to find her or else," yelled Shiro, running after the boy.

"Why run when you can just appear," whispered Kuro. The boy was running so fast that he could barely see Shiro behind him. He smirked then ran into something hard. He rubbed his head and looked up to find Kuro right in front of him. How did he get there so fast. "Stop playing around kid and tell us what you know," he said angrily, as he picked up the boy by his jacket. Kuro paused for a moment. He felt this sudden spark, but he didn't know why. Shiro finally showed up a moments later.

"Don't hurt the poor boy," he said, almost out of breathe.

"This isn't a boy," Kuro stated. "Shit," the boy whispered. He hit the pressure point on Kuro's neck, but got no reaction. He tried hitting other areas and still got no reaction. "What the hell are you?" said the boy.

"I could ask the same thing," Kuro said. He pushed the boy up against the wall and unzipped his jacket. "This boy is a girl." Shiro looked in shock, the boy was clearly a girl because she had curves.

"Let me go you ass," yelled the girl. She thought a moment, then kicked Kuro in his sack. He let go and fell to the ground, grabbing his genitals, moaning in pain. The girl made a run for it but got caught by Shiro, keeping a good distance.  She felt a certain aura when Shiro grabbed her, and finally gave in. "You bitch!" groaned Kuro.

"Just tell us where Kyūseishu Kairī is and we'll let you go," said Shiro politley. She looked at both of them and then answered sadly.

"You cant tell anyone that I'm a girl, and by anyone, I mean the streetfighters."

"Yeah Yeah, just tell us already," said Kuro, getting up from the ground. The girl looked down at the ground.

"I'm Kyūseishu Kairī." Shiro quickly let go, looked at Kuro, and they both bowed to her. Kairī stared at them like they were crazy. " I'm going home now, it's a long walk home and yer both freaking me out."

"We will come with you, for we are your guardians," Shiro replied. "We will protect you from now on. It has taken us many years for us to find you." Kairī gave them the same look.

" . . . what the hell?"

"Just shut up and let us take you home. We will explain to you more in depth there. Shiro walked up close to Kairī and looked down at her, "Can I get your address for Kyoto?"

" I live here in Hiroshima," stated Kairī, embarrassed.

"I thought you lived in Kyoto?" asked Kuro, confused.

"No, I go to school there, but i live here." Kuro and Shiro looked at each other, then back at Kairī. They asked for an exact address, she gave them.

"Hang on and shut your eyes," commanded Shiro, picking up Kairī. She gasped and shut her eyes. She heard Kuro chant something, then, her heart jumped. She opened her eyes and saw that they were outside her apartment. "Here we are," Shiro said, putting down Kairī. "Well, I think you need to sleep to soak all this in. Are your parents home?" Kairī looked down.

"My parents don't live here." She took out her keys and went inside the apartment. Kuro walked by Shiro, "Nice one bro," then continued going inside. Shiro stood there for a while, then walked in as well. As they walked in, Kairī had already set out some futons. "You guys are gonna sleep here right? Then yer going to tell me everything tomorrow."

"Of course Kyūseishu Kairī," said Shiro, getting into his futon.

"Sure, anything for you," Kuro said sarcastically, batting his eyes and holding his hands together. Next thing you know, he got a pillow thrown at him so hard that he fell backwards.

"Oops, soory 'bout that. You guys can just call me Kairī." She walked into her room, shut her door, and went to bed. Karī knew that her live was going to take a 180 turn to hell.

The End

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