Kuro & Shiro FutagoMature

Song: Decode, Missing
Artist: Paramore, Evanescence
This story is about two deamons that make up a girl's real personality. They go on an incredible adventure to find her true self. But what happens when the girl starts to fall in love with someone she cannot?

Long ago, there were two different worlds: the Dark and the Light. The two worlds were always against each other, always at war with one another. But one day, a woman deamon from the Dark world and a man deamon from the Light side came together to make peace. They, to be honest, did not know why the two worlds were even fighting in the first place. The more the two deamons spent time together, the more they fell in love with each other.

Once both worlds found out, they tried to destroy the Peace Makers. But, before they were destroyed, they combined what was left of their powers to create a human being. Since their powers were incredibly powerful, the being split into two, one with white hair and the other black hair. These two beings personality's were almost completely different from each other. When the two worlds saw how powerful their power was combined, they set aside their differences to take cake of the two humans. The Dark world took the child with black hair and named him Kuro. His right eye was black and his left white. The Light world took the child with white hair and name him Shiro. His right eye was white and the other was black. Later on in life, the two worlds discovered that the two young boys, Kuro and Shiro, would be the guardians of the savior of man kind. The young boys were trained on both worlds to be able to use their deamon powers.

Century's later, the savior was finally born. If the savior dies before their eightenth birthday, all of man kind will sieze to exsist. Kuro and Shiro Futago had to research  evey thing about human kind. Apparently, the saviors name was Kyūseishu Kairī and he lives somewhere in Japan. Other than that, they new nothing else of Kairī. Once they gathered more information on Japan, they went down to earth in search of this so called Kairī. They decided to check Kyoto first, thinking this would be the best place to find her. When years and years had passed by they decided to give up, until their sevententh year. In Hiroshima.

The End

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