Women and girls whose clothes left little to the imagination stared contemptibly at Krysia. She felt her cheeks flush slightly as she sped walked past them. The look in their eyes were all the same. No light, no hope, no life. 


Poor 'comfort women'. Krysia pulled her shawl tighter around her bosom to cover herself more. 


Joaquin placed his cap on his saddle horn. Micah and Aiva were sitting next to each other on a nearby bench while Enzo was no where to be seen.

He has a habit of disappearing, but he always comes back. Joaquin sighed and sat down beside Aiva, folding his arms. He stared hard at the brothel down the street. He didn't know how long Krysia would take, but he trusted her. 

"Joaquin?" Aiva tapped his shoulder, pulling him from his thoughts, "Micah and I are getting some food, do you want us to bring anything?" They stand together so naturally.

"Why are you wasting money when we have provisions in our packs?"

Micah huffed, "Where's your sense of fun? Did it leave with Krysia?" Joaquin took a deep breath and finally consented to their flights. He wanted some time alone anyway. 

The End

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