They drew their weapons. The tension in the air grew. Krysia held her breath as her feathers frayed up. 

A small white rabbit skittered across the path. 

Aiva giggled madly. Joaquin sighed. Krysia frowned. Enzo shook his head and shoved his arrow back into his quiver. 

Micah rode closer to the front, saying, "Was it really just a little rabbit?" Krysia turned to him.

"Yes," she urged her horse forward. 


Joaquin tugged on his hat. Krysia adjusted her veil that covered her poultry head. The dress she wore was uncomfortably revealing. "It's a great disguise," Enzo winked. Krysia's eyebrows furrowed. 

"Des guy's?" She frowned as Aiva laughed. 

"It means to hide as something else. To change your face," Micah replied. Krysia nodded thoughtfully, muttering disguise to herself. Joaquin gently grasped her elbow and led her into the burlesque.

The idea was to 'sell' Krysia as a slave so she could get in without much suspicion. Then with as less trouble as possible, get out. Joaquin bid her off in no time to the establishment. 

"Be careful," he whispered to her as she passed. She turned back to him, a coy smile on her dark face.

"Careful is my uncle's daughter's son's middle name." Joaquin chuckled at her jest while she passed out of view. 

The End

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