Chapter 1 ~continued~

The rode for a while longer in silence.

"So," Aiva said, awkwardly, "What's the job?" Joaquin grunted as Micah responded.

"To save a beautiful princess of course!" Aiva blushed, squeezing her knees on her mount, to ride next to Krysia. She ran her dark fingers through her feathers, searching for the words.

"We will be... going for a..." Krysia turned to Joaquin, jabbering to him in her language. Joaquin barked a laugh.

"She says we are going to a whorehouse for a pick up." Aiva's mouth dropped in disgust. Micah and Enzo smirked at the idea. 

"Never been to one, so this should be exciting," Enzo leaned forward, wrapping his arms around the neck of his horse. Joaquin gave him a dark glare, "You won't be going in. Krysia and I will." Enzo frowned.

"Anything especially dangerous in the picking up?" Aiva asked stiffly. Krysia patted the horse, "Yes, very."

A twig cracked nearby. She halted the company.

Something was watching them. 

The End

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