Chapter 1

This was originally a collaborative work, but my partner got bored with it, so I've decided to create my back story for my character Krysia, so I hope you enjoy~

I think that we have a deal,He struck out his hand. Krysia looked at it disapprovingly.

What’s the pay for me and my crew?” She leaned forward over the counter.

10 thousand.”

35 thousand.” She smiled shrewdly.



20. Final offer,” He stared hard at Krysia as she sat back and folded her arms.



“You make hard bargain, stranger,” Krysia then stuck out her own hand, and sealed the deal.


“You are a brute!” Aiva struck a drunken man over the head with her quarterstaff, “And it’s a no,” she said sweetly. Joaquin grasped the back of her neck and lead her over to where Krysia was waiting, grunting profanities under his breath.

“Do we have a job?” he asked, letting go of Aiva, who kicked him playfully. Krysia nodded slowly.

“Yes. We job,” she placed her fist on Joaquin’s chest, “ Gather, to harses.”

“Horses,” Aiva squeaked, greatly emphasising the O sound. Krysia nodded again, muttering, “Horses,” and walked to the stables to wait. Soon, the whole crew was there to leave: Joaquin, Aiva, Enzo, and Micah. All of them have dark, sleek hair, except Aiva. She had very light blondish brown color to hers. Krysia very admired her long hair, since her own wasn’t even hair, but black feathers, protruding out of her head, like a raven’s.

“Everyone’s here, Krysia,” Micah said as he helped Aiva get onto her horse. When they all had mounted, with their weapons in check, they rode.

The End

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