Krispy Kream - a true donut storyMature

It was a Saturday was the day,the day the new donut store opened!
Unfortunately ,i couldn't go as i had a tight schedule.
I had to go to my tuitions , my dentist, practice for my music lessons, GO to my music lessons, etc.
I listened to the radio as they said they were in Krispy Kream and all that,they were interviewing all the customers and stuff.
I decide to go the next day, Sunday.
That night i went on fb to find many pictures of people with donuts in their hands and stuff.
That night i dreamt of donuts.________________________________

The next day i woke up to my dog giving me a HUGE lick.
My mother said with a joyful face that my brother and i had to my gramas house for a while and THEN i could go to Krispy Kream
I sobbed and agreed with a sleepy look on my face.
I went to my gramas house stayed for awhile and some where in the middle my little cousin asked me for my password.
I asked him which one and he said "yours."
"Your password ,come and help me!"he asked me politely
I followed him to the computer and saw this Spider-Man game that needed a face book account.
And I'm like "hold on!" In my head.
I thought to myself :
"Why is the world so stupid?you need a face book account for a children's game.that is just too stupid!"
I told my little cousin that i wouldn't give it to him. 
I think he tried to hack it after that.
He already knew my gmail address but he didn't know any of my passwords!
I kept checking on him to see if he guessed my password or some thing.
But he gave up.
As i walked away i saw 2 forms on the table,both filled my cousin of course.
It read:


Name : Ishitha shialish                       |Name : yashhes shialish 

     Age : 38.                                      

    |Age :         Email:ishithapugy@yahoo            |Email:yashuishi@yahoo         

My cousin saw me looking at that , he asked me if i knew how to play chess.
I said yes
Then my bro came along read it 
He laughed but kinda got a little angry saying 'y did u do that?dont use our names for every thing'
Then he laughed,"Lou spelled both our names wrong any way,and all our it doesn't 17yrs old and that isn't my gmail account!"

I was just standing there...
I asked my bro:
"Is this supposed to be an insult?I AM SOOOOOO NOT 32!!!!!!!!!!!"
"The spelling of my name is wrong,even in my email account,i dont have a yahoo account i have a gmail!And ur supposed to add an and in between Puggy and Ishita,and u spell Puggy with 2 G's not 1!"
I was pretty offended,mainly cuz of the age thing.
I went inside the room as i thought to myself ,realising i was rude and i shouldn't have been that angry...
I said sorry and my uncle drove my bro and me home.
I made my bro listen to 'give me a reason' by p!nk on the. Way home.
When i went home my uncle chased me around with lip balm saying my lips were bleeding for no reason.
I asked my mom if we could go and she said ok.
My bro and dad stayed back at home.
Now, my mom is bad at parking and stuff so she asked my uncle to take the car out of the garage.
He placed his phone on the passenger seat and her drove it out.
We said bye and we left.
While we were half way a phone started ringing.
It was my uncle's!
I picked it up and my dad asked where we were.
I told him we were near the huge park and he said wait there.
We waited for 15 min and the phone rang again and i picked it up
It was my uncle's work assistant,he wondered who i was,i told him every thing and asked to call back later.
Ok,now i have to describe this phone!
It was those flip-open phones.
But the thing was
It wasn't one phone,
They were two phones stuck together!
I'm not kidding,people...
So the phone rang again,it was my uncle.
"Where r u?im next to U.B CITY,"
"U have 3 phones?" I asked
"Yes!" He said in a hurry
"And 2 of them r stuck together?"i curiously giggled
"I have 2 work phones and one smart phone,now tell me where u r!"
I told him and stuff 
He was ahead of us,so we drove where ever he was and gave him the phone!

Now that we finished all that ,lets get us some donuts!
K,so we knew that the donut store was in church street ,but we didn't know where.
So i typed it on goolgle maps,but it only showed the ones in UK AND USA!
We searched and searched and finally found a sign that said : KRISPY KREAM!
I watched through the window as i passed it,there were people crowding outside as the was no place inside.
They all had those cute little paper hats saying-"eat Krispy Kream donuts!"
In India,it's hard to find a parking space...we went more than a Kilometre away...I'm pretty sure.
Then we found this space,but my mom was bad at parking so she asked the traffic guy to do it and he's like-"i can't drive,sorry"
I'm like - dafaq?
Seriously Wat is up with that?
A traffic police who can't drive...yeah that makes so much sense!
So this other guy was waiting to park so my my mom just gives him the keys and asks him to park it...just gives it off!
So he parked it.
It was a long walk to Krispy Kream for there but we walked any way.
I asked my mom how she could just give the keys like that and she said : the cop was there and that guy was with his wife and kids...blahblAhblah.
I said that i was memorising his cars number plate while he was parking.
My mom laughed and said i was smart...I AM OKEY!
I have a bad memory though,a REALLY bad memory....i don't remember the number now.
So I challenged my mom to a speed walk,telling her that she should make space the donuts.
I'm like the number 1 speed walking champion among my friends.
I have never lost to a speed walking challenge before.YES,I AM UNDEFEATED!mwahahaahahahahhaahha!
I dono why evil laughed right now,but any way.
I told her i usually speed walk when I'm late for my chemistry class but this time i had a reason to speed walk...donuts!
She accepted the challenge when i told her ahe will loose weight,but she was sooooo slow...and i was so fast ;)
Every 10 secs i had to stop and turn around.
I won't find her so i have to walk back for a bit  and wait for 1 minute.
The only reason she was doing this much work is cuz she saw a pic of the donuts this morning!!! :D
She was going so slow,the only reason i didn't speed her up or any thing is cuz she was waring heels
It was a tough terrane, but i could speed walk through any thing!
We passed this place called kati zone,i used to go there when i was a kid.
After 15 minutes of walking we finally reached the place!yay!
I saw that Krispy Kream sign again and lit up
When I entered the place, i was handed a paper hat thingy,it looked like those sailor caps!
Now,i was wearing my new BooBear jacket...(if you don't know who boobear is, then ur really him or some thing.he is soooo cute!note:he is not the bear.)
My jacket had blue stripes and i bowed the thread like Lou(boobear)does.
I looked like sailor...cute! :3 XD <3 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
I'm like:- this feels right.
I opened the door to smell the baked goodness.
I ordered 2 dozen donuts- assorted.
If i had a part time job, it would so be here!
Walking out i saw nandoes right opposite to Krispy Kream...NANDO'S!❤❤❤❤
This street is Officially my most fav street is Bangalore now!
 Walked all the way back waring the hat,my mom followed.
I have to admit,it was Harder to speed walk with 2 dozen donuts in my hand and a constantly falling off hat on my head.
Once we were away from the Krispy Kream zone.
My mom told me that people walking on the streets are wondering what that thing on my head was,
She was behind me so she could see people pointing at me and wondering.
I told her i didn't care about that stuff.
I NEVER care about what people think about me...NEVER!
In this case:
Happiness before style
I finally got to the car.
On the way back i kept looking at the donuts. ;D
I got home gave my brother the cap and he's like:
Wat is this?
He opened it,and tore it!
Good thing i got 2 more!
My mom said -"serve ur parents before ur self,i want the chocolate one and get me some water"
Grrrrrr! I can't wait to have children to force them to do stuff like that!
I asked my dad wa he wanted ,he said half of this and that....
That made my job harder
I did it.
My mom made me do my home work.i did cookery,history and left out the English home work,
I never do my English home work  
I don't wana break my record,i haven't done eng hw in a year...
It's just too long!
L8r i got my self 3 donuts.all diff flavours.
I went to my iPad and pocked an original glazed donut in one hand and typed this story in the other.
With my mouth filled with that buttery sugar,i said:



The End

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