When a sorceress tries to perform a spell everything goes wrong when she is sucked through a magical portal to another dimention. There she meets many colorful characters who end up needing her help to win a war that's been going on for centuries.


Long ago, in the kingdom of Kordayne, two rivals were preparing for war. The humans who lived in the village and the king and his army were sharpening their blades. The army ran on the fear of what would happen if their enemies were not destroyed. In the dark forest creatures of all types gathered to plot against the kingdom. They had done nothing wrong so why did the king want them dead? Perhaps it was because they were immortal and could do things humans couldn’t. Some could shape shift, some could speak to animals, and some could conjure sorcery. As they prepared for the long battle none of them could have imagined what was to come.

The End

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