Freindly fear

               Raiden watched Hannah closely as she drew out their plans. They decided to test their skills in all the elements.

               Completed in their Animagus form, swimming in the lake from one point to another. Then climb up a wall of stone. A long distance may be then used to cool off and calm down. Then the next task would be a ring of fire that they must jump through. Then a test in aerodynamics, they must jump a far enough distance, using only the limbs they have worked long years of practice for.

            Raiden remembered his years of practice. He had seen the spell once in a book his mother had left open. His curious eyes led him to a year of practice.

             There was a week in between were he was gone missing; stuck in his form. His mother and father yelled at him that night. He made an excuse that he worked too hard, and needed a bit of time for himself. His father understood and took the heat off his mother. Once he had gotten it down, it had grown to a point were if he concentrated enough,  he no longer uses a wand to transform into a Fox.

The plans were finished and mapped out. Friday was the day this club was to begin.

Although Raiden was ready to wait that long. Hannah was way too excited to wait. She planned to tell Creighton all about their new club, as soon as she got back to the house.

"Okay, so we meet back here Friday. Then we ready ourselves for the Test." Raiden said.

"Right. Then we have a super awesome fun club!" Hannah was clapping and jumping on the couch. Her joy was ready to be shared with Creighton.

"Yes. But remember. Don't tell Creighton anything about it. You have to wait till Friday." Raiden attempted to calm her down. He laughed and lowered her with his hand motions.

Hannah nodded and lifted her hand with a scouts honor,"I promise." She lied.

The sun came to a rest behind the hills, and Hannah transformed without even so much as a wand tap. Hannah had always been a fast learner. Her years of Practice were only tricky with the lesson in flight. It didn't come natural to her, unlike many other things. But after she mastered how to fly, it helped her in other ways as well. She got comfortable with flight at a faster rate than the normal Seeker, and she learned how to better understand many creatures with an intelligent mind.


Her owl fingers clung to her little foxy friend. Raiden was wailing at the top of his little lungs. Hannah thought for sure it must have been excitement coming up from his lungs.

If only she knew of his fear of heights, she wouldn't have been flying as fast as she was. Poor Raiden might as well have been taken by a bird of prey to be fed to starving owlets. When she reached the window it had been to late. Raiden was out cold. She felt confused why he was sleeping so she slapped his face a few times. He woke soon enough, and made Hannah jump a foot back when he screamed in her face. Hannah's bottom was on the ground. She had no reaction. She starred at Raiden for an explanation.

Raiden did not speak. He first stared at Hannah with a frightened face, then to the ground.

"Raiden?" Hannah asked quietly,"Are you okay?"

"Yeah...I'm fine." Raiden stared blankly at Hannah then behind her.

He slowly stood up and walked forward,"I'll see you in class. I had a great time but I have to go now. Sorry Hannah, bye." He stormed out of the hall and continued on to his house.

Hannah sat on the ground and followed him with her confused eyes. She sat there for a moment before she noticed someone standing over her. She turned with a start at the little black haired girl.

"Oh." She said,"Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I just thought...well...You looked sad."

Hannah stood up and looked at the little girl,"Oh, I'm fine. You're Ravenclaw aren't you?"

She stood there nervously and stared at her shoes,"Yes."

Hannah stuck out her hand,"My name is Hannah. What's yours?"

The girl quickly shook her hand,"Reena." then dropped her hand to her side.

"We should go back to the house." Hannah suggested.

Reena said nothing. She looked at the ground and watched every step she took. Hoping not to fall in front of this person, whom she had never talked to before.  Although Hannah's confusion was shooting up the roof, She was a bit excited. She could not wait to get to the house and find Creighton. She felt she had news to tell him.

A smile grew on her face as she became closer to the door to Ravenclaw house.

The Door greeted them as they approached.

"Hello, To breach my walls. Thou must say with glee, how much you will enter when love sends you free."

Reena spoke clearly,"The answer is none. Because who leaves their room when their love is gone?"

Hannah nodded and smiled at Reena,"Good answer. Couldn't have said it better myself."

"thank you." She said with a small smile.

The Door opened and allowed them to smell the sweet scent of home. Hannah skipped into the living area. She was bummed to see that Creighton was not on the couch reading, as usual. Someone tall was in his place.

He spoke without looking over at her,"I suppose you are huffing for that blond headed mop. I saw him leave for the library."

"Thank you who ever you are."

The boy scoffed at her,"You should know my name. Of all people, daft girl."

He turned, but Hannah still did not know whom this boy was,"I'm sorry...I am afraid you must be mistaken. I don't recognize you in the least."

"Hm. Must be the nerves from speaking to a famous person. I am Aldrick Renchie. Face of the best toothpaste in the entire Wizarding world." He smiled, and Hannah could have sworn he was quoting a commercial.

"Doesn't ring any bells. Sorry, but I gotta get to the library. Thanks anyway."

Aldrick stomped his foot, making Reena jump. Before anyone knew it she was hidden behind a curtain shivering like a kicked pup.

The End

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