The not so forbidden forest

It was the third day of Hannah's first year and she was a bit unnerved. Her shoes clicked at her slow pace on the smooth marble floors of Hogwarts. She followed her instructions from an older Ravenclaw student. Her goal was to reach the Office of the Headmistress.

She had had enough of these uprising happenings.

A large eagle greeted Hannah's eyes. She stepped into the arms of the eagle and in an instant the wings enclosed and spun slowly. She arrived to the Office.

The shelves were crammed with books and antiques. In the center was a large desk with golden scales filled black and white rice. Completely balanced. Hannah walked over to the scales and picked up a small piece of white rice, and placed it in the black rice side. It automatically brought it down. Hannah laughed and put it back.

Professor McGonnagol was no where to be found. But Hannah took her time. She wandered to a large round book case and browsed the names of the books.

Tweedle dee and Dumb, Driving me mad, no longer drowning, golden egg, Sweet eyes, History of Magic, Sleepless mastery.

Hannah found a little blue silk cup. It had an Asian design embroidered around it. She curiously opened the cup. Little white dots fluttered around and fell on her lashes like snow, then blew with a hidden breeze. The white dots swirled around her like flower petals, in a tornado. Hannah giggled and closed the cup. Stopping the white dots' show.

Hannah skipped in the large office. She touched the aged wood of the book cases and desks. Her fingers lay over old books and Jade eggs.

"Oh, Hello Hannah." An elder male voice greeted.

Hannah turned with a startled jump,"umm..Hello?" She saw nothing at first glance. She would have missed the fading face if she did not look around her once more.

A ghost was pacing over a Prussian rug. Reading. His robes trailed after him, and his broken nose was framed by a long beard and mustache. His wizard hat bent at the top. He looked up from his book calmly.

"How do you know my name?" Hannah gaped.

He laughed,"I have a knowledge of you my dear. Headmistress Mcgonnagol has told me you are a very interesting girl. She tells me you made an argument of your housing with the sorting hat." He chuckled.

Hannah looked at her feet,"I didn't mean to snoop...I was looking for the Headmistress. I couldn't find her and this room is so big and pretty. I wanted to look around."

"Yes, I filled it with many things in my days of being Headmaster. Every item in this room has it's own story behind it."

"I'm sorry sir, I have never learned the History of Past Headmasters, I'm afraid I don't know your name."

"Well, My dear, I was Professor Dumbledore." He bowed.

Hannah put her hand out. When he gave her his, Her little fingers went right through. Hannah drobbed her jaw,"You're so cold sir."

"Yes, I supposed I would be to a living. What was it you were wanting from Headmistress?" He said.

"Oh, well I needed a bit of advice... I have been put into a lot of trouble, and I keep having these dreams." Hannah went on about her troubles.

And Professor Dumbledore listened.

"Well, Hannah, Dreams can be very important, they might be your subconscious telling you something. Now, my advice to you, is to keep your friends close. They will be the key to help."

"Thank you sir." Hannah turned to leave.

"Oh, and Hannah, I would take advantage of your free time to explore the grounds of the school. Adventures come easy to those who look for it."

Hannah turned back to thank him, but as she did, she watched him float with his book into the walls.

"Thank you." She said anyway.


Hannah thought back to her first day at Hogwarts. She remembered all the adventures she wanted to have. How would Professor Dumbledore have known that?

She took to his advice. She was going to the forbidden forest. No one had trod there since the day evil was finished. But Hannah would be the first.

She ran at first. Then she saw the first trees of the forest. She passed Hagrid's hut. She slowed her pace and admired the trees. 

This was her adventure. The sun was up on this fine Friday afternoon. Hannah had cleared her day to visit Professor McGonagol. She didn't know how long explaining to her parents; of what happened to her glasses. But now that The ghost of Dumbledore would explain it to her. She had a couple of hours before school ended and free time started before dinner.

As Hannah touched the trunks of the living swaying trees. She inhaled the fresh crisp air. Hannah had always loved autumn, the many shades of brown, orange, and red. The smell of pies cooling on window sills. The cool breezes that greeted her every morning as a barn owl.

Then something caught her eye. A sign thrust into the dirt. Hannah trotted over to look at it.

It read,

Her lies the body of Tom Marvolo Riddle. We thought it fair to bury him, to keep his evil from spreading.

Hannah smiled at this sad grave. If this man six feet under, or less, had won that day. She would not be born, and if she was; she would be born into a world of evil. Who knows, Libby probably wouldn't have been able to live in that world. She knew this man would not let her.

She defiantly spat at the grave. Then walked on.

As Hannah followed a deer trail through the forest, she noticed an open area. It was a circle of no trees in the center. She walked around in the empty circle. While Hannah followed the line of no trees. Hannah saw something twinkle in the light that pushed through the canopy.

She crawled to the area were she had seen the sparkle. She prodded the ground. Then she found it. 

A small prism cut stone. Worn with age and scratched with storm. She took the sleeve of her jacket and wiped the dirt of its face. The glow of the little black stone, was purple and blue.

"Ooh, this would be pretty on a necklace." Hannah said to herself.

Hannah thought it fate. She remembered the storm she flew out of with Creighton. The stone must have washed up with it. She wondered how old it was.

She pushed herself from the ground, and put the little stone into her pocket, and patted at it.

She wondered who had the stone before she did. Her mind wandered as she did in the large sweet smelling forest. Hannah's imagination played with many different characters.

One she imagined a simple wizard who was raised in a normal family. Attending Hogwarts and accidentally dropped his air loom stone.

She imagined many more people leaving the stone for her to find.

Then she noticed at how deep into the forest she had gotten. The sun was starting to go down.


 Hannah listened to the birds sing their songs while critters chatter at their brothers.

A squirrel scuttled pass her feet. Her gaze followed it up a large knotted tree, with branches that twisted into the canopy.  the squirrel was forever lost from Hannah's sight; but what was replaced was an aged plank door. Hannah smiled up at what she had found.

She thought, maybe Dumbledore was right. Adventure does come to those who look for it. Hannah had found a tree house, in the middle of the forbidden forest.

She immediately pawed at the knots in the tree, which served as a good ladder. She climbed up to the door and pushed. At first she was pushing into a tree house, in an instant she was walking forward into a beautiful house.

Hannah was confused, She then realized that this was no ordinary tree house. Hannah looked back through the door and down at the needle and leaf covered ground. She looked back into the large two story house.

Her face lit up,"I love magic." She giggled.

The house was white wash, and the molding on the ceiling was charmed, little wolves were running around the whole room. The smell of the house was paint and clean air. Something itched in Hannah, to clean. It ached at her chest. Hannah impulsively took out her wand. She at first waved her wand above her head, then chanted a spell she once heard her mother say while cleaning the house.

The sheet covered furniture lifted and shook, like a dog drying off its fur. The dishes that sat in the sink collecting dust went through soapy water and then sprayed by the sink hose. Hannah took a dish towel and dried off each dish then stacked them in the counter. The spell was almost finished, a duster floated out of the shelf under the sink and danced on the counters and tables. The vacuum was in the back, grazing over the old carpets. All the noise of the cleaning rang in Hannah's ear, then it was all done. Hannah plopped on the couch in the living room and inhaled deeply, the air coming from the window. The air was sweet and warm.

Suddenly a pebble flew through the window. Hannah bent over and picked it up. She looked at it with a confused face, then threw it out the window.

She was about to relax once more, but the stone was thrown back at her feet. She picked up the stone and walked to the window. When she looked down, Raiden was staring up at her. The sun shone on his bright red hair, Hannah could see the brown from his mothers genes glow. He smiled up at her,"Hannah, I found you." he said.

"How?" Hannah scratched her black locks. 

"I kept an eye out for you, I wanted to tell you something. Can I come up?"

"Yeah, you have to see this place." Hannah ran to the door, and saw her friend climbing up at her.

He stepped into the house, and admired the running wolves,"Woah."

"Yeah, I know, right?" Hannah said leading him further into the house and closing the door,"So, what did you need to tell me?"

Raiden scratched the back of his neck nervously,"Well, you know how I keep my eye out for suspision...I saw you and creighton take your walk. I gave you guys space, so I didn't hear your conversation." Raiden linked his fingers together.

"Oh." Hannah said, remembering that day,"You saw us change..."

"Yeah, I saw it. But I wanted to tell you"

Hannah listened.

"I'm an animeagus too." Raiden took out his wand, and tapped it on his cheek.

He stepped forward and his hair covered his body. His eyes changed from their green hazel, to a yellow with little diamond slits. He crouched down and his hands turned to paws. His hair thinned out and his ears grew over his head. His nose pushed forward and his face was framed with white fur.

Hannah giggled,"Aw, you're a fox." She threw her hands forward and picked up Raiden. She petted his soft fur and scratched his ears. Raiden coughed, but she knew it was a laugh. She put him back down and in moments he was himself. Raiden threw himself and lounged.

"I can't believe we are all animageus!" Hannah jumped onto the couch and clapped her hands with excitement,"Hey, we could form a club! I should go tell Creighton!" Hannah suggested.

Raiden was hesitant,"I don't know... Creighton is a bit... Odd."

She resisted the urge to glare for a moment. "Oh no, You just have to get to know him. He is great."

"Well, what should we do in this club?"

"I never thought of that... Maybe we should have a ritual and meet here every so often." Hannah shrugged.

"That sounds fun. Maybe we should have a secret hand shake or something."

Hannah giggled,"Yeah," She laughed,"We have a club! I have to go get Creighton."

"Oh, well he should be just about finished with dinner. It'll be dark soon. You never know, creatures come out this time of night. Maybe we should keep it a secret till Friday..."

Hannah was about to jump out of her skin with excitement. She couldn't wait to tell him.

"Okay, well then we have time before the moon comes out, lets make some rituals to tell him about."

Raiden ran to one of the back rooms, to look for paper. Once he came back to the living room with a pen and paper, he pushed it to Hannah,"Here, I have an idea. You're the better artist."

Raiden started to describe,"Okay, so we have this obstacle course, and we have to do it in our animageus form. To prove we are worthy enough to be in the club." Raiden secretly thought that if he made it a sport, Creighton would either give up or fail. He would be out in no time.

"I agree,  this is so fun." Hannah said clenching her fists and jumping in her seat.

"Okay, so draw this. I will research how to charm a course, and then I will build a wall with the strength of my wand. Then we will have a water part. It will test our fear and ability to conquer it." He pointed on the paper to wear and what he wanted. He thought again back to getting rid of Creighton. He knew he's a cat, cats hate water.

"Oh, and we should jump off a tree into a net. Free falling is hard to do. So it should be in it." Hannah suggested.

Raiden gulped, he always hated heights,"Yeah. Right here."


The End

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