Dark waters continued...

                    Hannah was skipping along the hall way. It was near the end of the day and she was happy at her good deeds. Since the morning Hannah had had a plan, to apologize for all her wrong doing, and mishaps. So far her day was grand.

She waved to the people she knew in her class. When she saw Tribonious walking solemnly. Hannah took to his side and stayed to his pace,"Hello."

"I'm Hannah leigh Imel." She announced to him.

"I know who you are." He said with out so much as a single glance in her direction.

Hannah began to second think her plan. But she then thought the possibility that he was just anti social.

"Well I was going to go to the lake to swim around and explore. Would you want to join me." Hannah said with a smile.

"No." He said picking his pace.

Hannah ran after him,"But I just thought you look so lonely all the time. I was wondering if we could be friends." She said stopping him in his tracks.

He looked into her eyes, glaring at her smile. She quickly wiped it away, and stared back. A little bit of fear sucked at her soul. Hannah looked away.

"I don't want friends. Go away." He said.

Hannah nodded,"That's fine. But my offer still stands. If you ever want to see what it's like to have a friend, you can come find me." She turned and walked away, on a good note, she thought.


Although her plan to befriend Tribonious did not go as planned. Hannah would not let that ruin her day. She was curious what a magical lake would be like. She had seen Neville go down there before. So she thought maybe today she'd join him.

She ran through the lush green grass. bare footed and full of giggles. Her hands gripped the cool air, and her shorts held tight to her goosebumps.

There she saw Neville standing ankle deep in water, with a magnifying glass. He picked up a specimen and eyed it.

"Hello Mr. Neville." Hannah said.

"Hello Hannah. What brings you to the waters' beds?"he asked.

"I was just out here enjoying the rest of my day. Thought I would join you." She said with a smile.

"Well be quiet, you'll scare away any creatures living in the bed."

"Alright, I will swim over here then."

Hannah tip toed over to the edge of the water, and dipped her big toe in.

"Ooh! It's so cold." Hannah pushed on and put her whole foot into the water,"Just takes some getting used to." she said.

Soon her shins were in the water. She no longer had goosebumps. She admired the ground beneath the water. It shimmered with afternoon light. Her ripples disturbed the peaceful water. She took in a deep breath and walked farther into the lake.

Then Hannah saw something move in the water. She stopped in her tracks and eyed the surface. She was shocked to see a calm face floating towards her. Hannah gawked at the creature. She tipped a little closer, almost knee deep in water.

The creature came an inch close. Hannah put her hand in the water and reached to touch the skin of the beast.

The creature open it's mouth, but Hannah could not hear what it said. She submerged her head into the water. What filled her head, was beautiful music. She was mesmerized.

Hannah stood up to take in a deep breath then dived back in, to watch the fish tailed person swim at her feet. The murky water dimmed her sight.

The creature reached out for Hannah. If she could, she would giggle under the water. She reached for the beast's hand. But the creature did not take her hand. She grabbed her ankle and pulled her out to the water.

Hannah's head breached the top of the water before she went under. Her scream frightened any little creature that was swimming around Neville's feet.

He looked over to see Hannah's head plunge to the depths. He jumped in after her, wand at the wait.

Hannah looked after him, His silhouette moved with the disturbed waves above. She watched with eyes crying for help at him plunge, his bubbles pushing past him. The mermaid pulled at her ankle, deeper, and deeper.

Neville threw a silent spell after the beast. The yellow beam struck her fin, freezing her were she was. Hannah tried to release the grip of the creature. But her energy was gone. She coughed out her last bubbles. Frantically trying to breath. The water burned into her lungs. She soon lost conciseness.  Her limp body started to float, drawing the attention of more mermaids. They carried spears. Hannah's glasses drifted off her nose. Three curious mermaids took and swam away with her glasses, never to be seen again.

Neville pushed to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. then shot up with his wand. Hannah was the first to reach the air. But not the first to breath.

He pushed her to shore, then beat at her chest. Hannah coughed spilling water from her lips. momentarily spraying her teacher in the face. Her lungs where on fire. She tried to catch her breath. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand straight up. No thought passed through Hannah's mind. She jumped up and held Neville's neck. She stayed there.

Neville held her tight and picked her up. He carried her wet and cold body to the nurse.

A crowed of students surrounded her in her bed, asking questions and gasping at all the details.

Soon the crowed died down, Crieghton arrived with a bunch of little yellow flowers.

"Aw, Hannah are you okay?"

Hannah nodded and hoarsely said,"Are those for me?"

Creighton nodded and put them into a vase next to Hannah's bed.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I went swimming and a mermaid tried to drown me...They took my glasses, and now I can't see."

"You should get some more."

"I would, but I don't want to worry my parents." She coughed.

"Well, ask the headmistress to write them a letter explaining the situation. They wont worry when they know you're okay." He said.

Hannah nodded and turned to her side. her lids fell. Creighton brushed the hair from her head and walked away.


The End

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