Dark waters

Hannah was dreaming, while a ravaging storm was just outside of her window. A few girls were roaming the dorm, but Hannah had had a long day. She was snoring quietly. Dreaming.

The forbidden forest was blanketed in fog. The ground moist and hugging her ankles. Night crawlers swiftly climbed pass her feet. She searched for something.

But She didn't know what for. She decided to be a camera above her. To see the entire environment.

Once she had backed up, she noticed something very odd. She felt cold sweat bead on the back of her neck. She then realized that she was not the one whom was walking alone in the forest. It was Tribonious. An unlikely person to be showing up in her dreams. She at first wondered why she was thinking about him. Then she thought, what was he looking for?

She continued to follow him. But being a camera, she decided again to change her perspective. She went birds' eye view, and saw that he was in no hurry. Then she made the mistake of going in front of him.  His angered face frightened Hannah. Why was he so angry? His expression was deep into his soul. The eyes in his head were stuck under his brows, permanent to frustration. He trudged through the mossy ground. Searching.

Hannah sped up, locked her eyes in front of him. she passed a few trees. Then a sign. She only saw the back of it at first. But she knew this is what he was looking for. Hannah watched Tribonious's face change from anger. To a tiny bit of relief.

He had found what he had been looking for. A sign.

Hannah angled herself in front of Tribonious, to see the sign.

it read,

"Here lies the body of Tom Marvolo Riddle. We thought it fair to bury him, to keep the evil from spreading."

Hannah gasped. Why had Tribonious been looking for this?

He spoke,"Oh father...I hear you as a god from Mother. I remember the day she told me you had been murdered un fairly."

"POTTER!" He spat, "I will avenge you father.People will again fear the name,VOLDEMORT, will rise once more!" He looked to the cloud covered moon,"I will kill the Potter's. Their filthy spawn walk like they own the school. I will find the resurrection stone. You and mother will re unite and we will run this world the way you always wanted it."

Hannah backed away, from her dream. She started to run and her speed built up, she felt sick. Her sweat was flowing and her breath was heavy. She ran fast and screamed. Then she fell pass a black wall into an abyss.

Hannah had awoke with a scream. Her back was sweaty and her stomach was un easy. She tried with all her might to remember her last dream. But the only thing she could remember was Tribonious screaming.

She thought,"Poor Tribonious... It's so sad, everyone thinks he's so odd. But he really just needs a friend. That's it. I will befriend him tomorrow. Whether he likes it or not, he will be my friend." Hannah nodded at the thought of her good deed, and fell back into a deep sleep.


The End

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