Murader day saints

Dear diary,

Today tom said he wanted to talk to me... He said he needed to finish something. I am worried that he is going to leave me.

I figured out that I am pregnant... I know it's his, he is the only one I have ever been with. I have decided to keep it, and write to it, when the baby is old enough I will give letters to it.

If it's a boy I will name him after Tom. Maybe just use his middle name.

What ever I choose to name it, I will love it as I have my Tom.

Emily Remota.


It was Sunday morning and Hannah wanted to confront Creighton. She remembered early morning that he was distracted at her try outs. She chose to ask about it after breakfast.

Creighton seemed to always have his nose in a book. Hannah was practically sleeping when he finally looked up.

"Oh Hannah, I'm sorry. Were you waiting for me?"

Hannah stirred from her nap, "Hmm?"

"We can go back to the house if you're tired."

Hannah yawned, "Well we don't... Have to go back. We have free time all day. Why waste it." Hannah stretched.

"What did you have in mind?"

Hannah giggled, her little nap was now wiped off her face and replaced with a smile, "I think I have an idea." Hannah grabbed Creighton's hand and ran. He followed with his confused face that Hannah was completely used to by now. She took him deep into the halls, leaving a bee line of giggles.

"Wait, I thought we weren't going to the house." Creighton interrupted.

Hannah stopped in the middle of the hall," You were not watching my try outs yesterday."

"Oh you want to see the drawing..." Creighton scratched the back of his neck nervously, "Well it's kind of personal..."

"No, You were invited to watch the game. So it involves me. You have to show it to me." Hannah grabbed his hand and they ran up to the Ravenclaw door.

"If you want to enter, look in your center. Why does a swallow swoop when he can simply glide?" The door said.

"hmmm." Hannah giggled, she knew a lot about bird habits because she was technically a bird, "Well they like to play pranks of course. Plus they stay close to the ground so if they get tired they don't die from impact."

"You are truly a Ravenclaw. You may enter." The door opened. Creighton Followed Hannah with a new confusion. He thought to himself, "How could she know that?" He then remembered her very random dream. He figured all would come into view if he was patient.

Hannah sat on the couch,"Go get it. I will wait no more." Hannah looked angry but a lingering smile showed she was playing. 

Creighton sighed and reluctantly went to grab a dirty old army bag. It is were he always kept his art pad and colored pencils. Hannah saw the bag as he walked back to her. She noticed how this bag was completely contradictory to him. He was neat and tidy, and utterly pulled back. Hannah longed to mess up his hair and loosen his shirt from their bindings.

"Alright, but don't laugh... I'm not very good." He nervously opened his bag. Hannah scooted closer to him and awaited to see his drawings.

Hannah immediately recognized who was in the drawing, "That's me." Hannah pointed to the drawing of her. The girl was whizzing on her broom. Then she looked at Hannah and stuck out her tongue. 

Hannah laughed, "you were watching me!" Hannah laughed a little louder.

"I saw you stick your tongue out at me. So I added it in for a laugh."

"This is really good! It looks just like me." Hannah started to flip the the next page.

Creighton tried to stop her," No, no that's enough for today." He grabbed at his sketch pad.

"Wait I want to see more!" 

Creighton thought a little bit then sighed heavily, "Fine.

Hannah turned the page and admired his beautifully detailed drawings of black cats and people walking in the halls.

"Wow, none of these are as good as mine. I just draw cartoons."

"You should get them and show me. Since I'm sharing with you..."

"Well if it makes you feel better." Hannah giggled all the way to the girls dorm.

Hannah came running back with a furry hat and a little box stuffed with paper and crayons.

"It's a bit messt, but look. I made this." She twisted her hat and pointed to the round rim. He admired the strange purple stripes in the side of the furry hat.

"Nice, lets have a look at your drawings."

Creighton compulsivly sorted through Hannah's doodles. Her little face sketches amused him. Hannah liked to doodle people flying or spinning in mid air. Her detail on their wings varried in speckles and length. His smile drove Hannah to giggles.

"Well? What do you think?"

"I like these, they are very good." He nodded and continued to flip through the drawings.

Hannah clapped her hands into her lap,"Do you want to go for a walk?"

"Sure. Why not."

Hannah could feel his walls coming down. She was tearing it down brick by brick, and boundary by boundary.


                   Laughter and screams followed Hannah and creighton down the large hills of Hogwarts. Hannah held her hat to her head as she spun out of control all the way down to the bottom. Creighton oddly enough was laughing along with her. He noticed how let go he had becom. It scared him to think about his father dissaproving. But He did it any way. He felt free with Hannah. He felt like one of her drawings, and he was ready to lift off and shoot for the bright sun. Not think about any conciquence.

When they reached the bottom Hannah and Creighton just sat their at first. Hannah started to giggle,"You're no longer binded!"

"What do you mean? I am not bound."

"You are always so tight and pulled back, now your hair is messy and your clothes are out of your crevesses." Hannah laughed up to the clouds and fell back. She tickled the grass and sniffed the crisp autum air.

Creighton for once relaxed. He lay next to Hannah and looked at the clouds.

"I guess once I let go, I just didn't care if my clothes got messed up."

"Well you should let go more often." Hannah put her arms behind her head and closed her eyes.

"I guess... I just wouldn't want to ever dissapoint my father. He is always saying that I dissapoint him."You need to shape up, be more like your brother."" He mimiced.

Hannah looked over at him,"That is so sad..."

"You should have heard from him when he figured out I'm a Ravenclaw. He tried to sue the school. He was furious. Said the hat was jinxed."

"Well what did you think about it?"

"I guess I was thinking,"Atleast I don't have to be around those goons."" Creighton let go again and laughed to the sky. His breath carried out and filled a space, breaking away any remaining ice.

Hannah pushed his arm,"Come on, lets explore." Hannah pushed herself up and started to walk,"Come on."

Creighton got to his feet and followed her. She led him to a feild of little flowers that reached Hannah's waist. She spun around and left a cirlce in the tall grass. Creighton laughed,"You are a very silly girl Hannah." He spun once behind her.

"Thank you, I worked hard for that title." She said in a regal tone.

Hannah liked Creighton's laugh, it calmed her. She would normally think that she was over barring or annoying to him. But now his confusion was gone, and all that was left is their new friendship.

"So what's your mother like?" Hannah asked in mid spin.

Creighton stopped,"She is sweet. But she can't control anything. My father is over barring. He means well... He was just raised by a very hard family. When I was little and would cry, my mother would hold me in her arms and just rock." He looked down," I don't know what I would do if anything happened to her."

Hannah touched his arm,"You are alright in my book Creigh."

Creighton laughed,"Oh yeah I forgot about my nickname." He rubbed his chin,"what should I call you?" He pondered for a second.

Hannah laughed and pushed him down. She pinned him and giggled,"No. I don't need a nickname. I'm just Hannah." She jumped off him and spun around one more time.

"How bout, Han." He said jokingly.

"No." Hanna laughed.

"mmm, Silly girl." He said.

Hannah burst out laughing,"Okay, if that makes you happy to call me Silly girl." Hannah grabbed his hand,"Come on." Hannah first ran with him.

Then she looked to the sky. A sparrow was swooping a little too close to her head. Then before she knew it. Her hat was taken from a top. Hannah yelled at the bird, and transformed. She wasn't paying any attention to Creighton's reaction. She flew at the bird with all her might. Sqwaking menicingly. Creighton laughed a little,"I knew something like this would happen." He whispered to him self.

Hannah finally took her hat in her claws away from the bird,"Filthy bird." She said in her head.

As Hannah morphed back and dropped to the ground she looked around for Creighton. She thought maybe he had run away. Or was hiding. She looked over to a tree, where she saw a black cat climbing up to a branch. The sparrow had landed and was eyeing Hannah's hat. The cat snuck up behind it then pounced. Once the bird had been touched, it's feather poofed around. The bird exploded.

Hannah laughed. She switched back to owl form and flew over to the cat. She sunk her paws into the cat's side and tossed in close to the ground.

"You sly dog, you're an animageus too!" Hannah jumped back into her girl form and plopped next to her friend whom was changing back as well.

"I knew something was different about you when you told me about your dream." He said.

Hannah blushed,"Well yup."

"So what's it like? Flying."

"I can only really compare it to swimming. you push yourself forward and the air is so fluid you move as slow. Once my wings hit the coasting area I just wade and allow my wing tips to direct me." Hannah smiled, "We have more in common then I thought."

"Indeed we have." He looked to the sky and imagined flying along side her,"I'll have to try that sometime."


Creighton and Hannah were on their way back for lunch.

"So you never told me about your home life." Creighton said.

Hannah sighed,"Well my father is a writer and mother a stay at home mom. I have a twin sister... But she is magicless."

"A sqwib?" He asked.

"What? I have never in my life heard that."

"It means they were born from magic but do not in fact have any."

"Oh, well then yes. But I think that word sounds mean. She is just as magical as I am. She just can't do spells."

"I would think so, I would very much like to meet her some day."

"I'm sure you will."

As they grew closer to the school. Clouds began to build above them. A few drops of rain fell on Hannah's head.

"I think I better fly with you, unless you want to get soaked."

Creighton nodded, and was already a cat. His little green eyes peered up at Hannah as if to say,"I'm ready."

Hannah shrunk three feet and her feather framed face lost the girly features. She hopped over to Creighton and she pushed herself off the ground, grabbing Creighton as she flew closer to the school. Hannah could feel his purr under her palms.

She giggled in an owls throat. The laugh sounded more like a belt of vibraiting hoots. Creighton let out a small meow. He closed his eyes and imagined flying on his own. They were soon in the hall and resting by a window. No one seemed to be in the halls. So they where in their original form in no time.


The kids walked closely back to their dorms. Creighton was frantic, he thought it was one thing to loosen up and be messy in front of Hannah but another thing entirely to be so in front of the whole school. He was tucking in his shirt and pushing his hair, with the little grease left in his hair. Hannah smacked his hand as soon as he was tightening his tie,"Bad kitty." Hannah giggled.

"Silly girl." He said under his breath.

Hannah laughed and walked a little sideways. Purposely bumping into Creighton. He laughed quietly and bumped into her.

Hannah turned when she heard running foot steps.

"Hannah." Raiden panted behind her,"I saw! I have to tell you something!"

A prospector was roaming the halls when he heard Raiden call to her.

"You. What are you doing here? This is the Ravenclaw hall. you can not be here. Go back to your house."

Hannah wanted to hear what he had to say,"What is it?"

"No, no. Go back." The prospector said.

"I'll tell you tomorrow, I'll come find you." He said, then turned to run back to his own house.

"I wonder what that could have been about, what did he see?"Creighton wondered out loud.

"You two should be back at the house, it's getting late."

Hannah hung her head and followed the Prospector along with Creighton who was still trying to tighten his tie. Hannah again smacked his hand,"No, no. Bad kitty."

Creighton rolled his eyes and finished. The prospector was momentarily confused but ignored the first year students, and opened the door for them,"Straight off to bed." He said pointing to the dorms.


The End

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