Natural talent


                 Hannah gazed up at the foggy sky. Her glasses condensed and she wiped it with her leather gloves. The large wooden top boxes hid under the blanket of white. Hannah squinted through her glasses and continued to eye the seats. Looking for one person in particular, Creighton. When she spotted his mop, she wondered what he was doing. Because the try outs were about to begin, and he wasn't looking out for her. Instead he was sketching in a yellow paged black pad.

Hannah thought to herself that she would ask about his sketch pad later. In the moment Hannah dropped her gaze to her pacing friend leave his prints in a ring. He was mumbling to himself nonsense about failing and family disappointment.

Hannah marched up to him and swung her hand. The leather on her palm left a red mark on his face. He was shocked that she slapped him. His hand rubbed his cheek.

"You need to calm down! Pull yourself together. You are going to do great. Just do your best, and everything is going to be fine."

Raiden smiled and saluted to her. He slapped her back a little too hard, "Thanks, I needed that. Now lets kick some last year butt!"

Hannah gulped. She wasn't nervous about flying. Flying came very easy to her. It was going against people who are above her age.

It was very rare to be able to try out for Quidditch as a first year. Hannah heard there was only one, who had been a seeker, Harry Potter. She thought she could never live up to that name. She was just Hannah. Born of a half blood wizard family. Raised in a normal magic environment, and born to no one of importance. A writer in the wizard world, and a stay at home mom. But Hannah was different. She was the one with the magic, she was the one who caught the eye of Madam Hooch herself. There is bound to be some natural talent there. She took a deep breath held it in for a second and shook her head. Yes, she was going to try out for Seeker. and she would do whatever it takes to make her writer father and stay at home mom proud.

Everyone got into position. Madam Hooch said her usual pep talk and then blew the whistle.

Brooms went flying. Raiden tried hard to keep up with the older boys. He could remember that the only reason why Madam Hooch let him try out, was because Hannah asked nicely. Hannah cheered him on and as he saw her, his concentration bloomed. He followed near the chasers and hit any bludger that came too close. The small crowed cheered for him.

One of the chasers bounced the Quaffle off of his broom and into the hoop.

"Ten points for Gryffindor." The announcer said.

Hannah looked to the top box to see all who were cheering, and Creighton was glued to his sketch pad. Hannah made a face at him, thinking he wouldn't notice.

But he smiled at his picture and added something to his drawing.

Hannah was going to shake her fist at him, but something caught her eye. Something gold flew pass Hannah. Then the old seeker Sarah Savage chased after, purposely knocking into her. Hannah held tight to her broom and darted forward. determination filled Hannah's face. Sarah's pony tail was fluttering in the breeze and Hannah noticed the purple streak that glowed under it. 

Sarah started to pick up speed. But Hannah was not letting her get that snitch. She pushed on easily. Her jacket was flapping loudly, and her curly pony tail was almost straight at her speed. Before Hannah knew it she was in front of Sarah. Hannah did not look behind her to gloat, she knew that concentration would keep her speed constant. Sarah tried to meet her speed but always fell back.

It was a battle of the best. Sarah was angry, she finally lost it and chased not after the snitch, but Hannah. The snitch was changing it's course. As Hannah followed in hot pursuit. Sarah was the last to change her direction. Her broom flew right into the top box, and she tore through the Ravenclaw banner. The wizards and witches that attended the try outs followed her painful fall all the way to the sand. Their worry showed in their gasps.

Sarah sat up from her fall and yelled after Hannah. But she never heard her.

Hannah was inches to the snitch. She reached for it and kept up her speed. The difficulty frustrated her. She pushed her broom a ten miles per hour more. The cold body of the snitch found Hannah's hand. Before anyone noticed Hannah dipped her broom down and then pushed upward, then down again. She did one loop before decreasing her speed, then she whizzed around the whole stadium showing the crowed her prize.

"The golden snitch has been caught, by Hannah Leigh Imel. The game is over!"

Hannah laughed as the small crowed cheered their new Ravenclaw Seeker. Hannah was no longer just Hannah. She was Hannah, the second youngest Seeker of all time.

Hannah was a humble witch born from a normal wizard family. With natural talent.

The End

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