Trouble is calling


           Hannah walked around the castle; admiring the architecture. She eyed the monstrous pillars and marble hallways. The old time feel of the castle helped her understand her new world. Though Hannah is new to this world, she is not new to magic.

Hannah walked close to a window and perched herself on the ledge. She eyed the ground and peered down. Hannah lunged forward and freefell for a moment. She knew how to do this ever since she received her spell book. She practiced through her entire childhood. She had flying down to a skill.

With a tap to her temple, Hannah was spreading her wings. Her feather framed face beamed up at the morning sun. She shivered as the warmth ruffled her feathers. Hannah flew up past the clouds; she watched the night sky grow into a morning. Swooping and twirling around, she then started to coast for a while, and then flew around with the other owls. She stayed close to the castle, admiring the walls and shillings. She cooed at the details, and wondered who made this castle so long ago. She perched on a gargoyle and let out an owl giggle. Flying had always been Hannah’s favorite thing to do. The sun was now up in the sky, she knew everyone would be shuffling to breakfast. 

 Hannah took a deep breath and flew to the closest window. She waited for the students roaming the hall to leave her sight. Then she morphed back to her girly self. Hannah skipped while students dragged themselves out of bed and got into their robes. Breakfast was slow.

The castles house elves' made eggs and toast, and pancakes. Hannah scooted next to and smiled up at Creighton, who was reading and nibbling on his eggs.

"Good morning Creighton. Sleep well? I did, I had a wonderful dream. Did you have any dreams? What class do you have for first period?"  Hannah babbled while filling her plate.

Creighton patiently looked up from his book and to Hannah, “Good morning Hannah, yes I slept well. I did not have any dreams though; and my first period is herbology. What was your dream about?" He politely smiled at her. 

Hannah giggled, “I had a dream that I was flying over a lake and I dove into the water and caught a fish. It was...exciting..." Hannah looked down at her plate, and nibbled on a pancake; remembering the last time she ate pancakes and the conversation she had with her father. Her face lit up with excitement.

"That sounds very exciting." He cut a piece of toast, and ignored her odd dream. Hannah changed the subject, “Well, I have Charms class first.”

 “Maybe we'll have a class together."

"We can wait and find out." He nodded.

“Yeah I guess we will. Guess what day it is?!”

Creighton looked at her, confused as always, “The first day of school?”

“Well yes, but it’s also my birthday today. My daddy said he’s got a surprise for me. I’m so excited!” Hannah was bouncing in her seat. She felt that nothing could ruin her day.

“Let me be the first to say, Happy Birthday.” He bowed his head and continued to read his book.


After breakfast Hannah ran to her house and grabbed all her stuff. She wanted to be prepared for her first day. She ran through the halls with paper, quills, and notebooks. Hannah hadn't noticed all the students in the hall. They let her pass, at the rate she was going. But one student stood in the middle of the hall.

                 Hannah ran right into the boy. His purple bags sunk into his eyes, and his black hair was slicked back tightly. He glared right at Hannah with pure hatred. Hannah was frantically picking up her papers and notebooks. The boy stepped right pass her, leaving a foot print on one of Hannah's drawings. Hannah was reaching for it as he stepped on it, she grabbed it and followed him with her gaze, jaw dropped.

"Geez, I’m sorry!" Hannah yelled after him, but she didn’t think he heard her. Hannah picked up the rest of her things and raced off to professor Flitwick’s class. Hannah walked in a little late, she saw the black haired boy sitting in the back writing vigorously in a notebook. Hannah rolled her eyes in his direction and took her seat. The teacher had already started his lesson.

"Now class, Swish and flick, very good. Like we practiced, swish and flick."

The students repeated after him, “Swish and flick."

Hannah already knew how to swish and flick. But she followed at the pace of the class.

"Does everyone have their feather?"

Everyone nodded or picked up their feather to show they were ready. Hannah smiled, she was ready to show off her wand skills.

"Alright, now use the Swish and Flick, and repeat after me. Wingardian leviosa."

The students swished and flicked and repeated. Feathers started to float. Hannah giggled as her feather floated higher up to the ceiling.

"Very good, it may not work for others, practice makes perfect. Keep trying."

All the students began again. Some picked up.

Then Hannah's feather started to float down. She was going to make it float back up, but her wand was stalling, she shook her wand and tried again. Hannah swished and flicked five times. At first, the Feather started to float up. Then the feather burst into flames.

Hannah started to freak out, "Ah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she blew at the burning feather, but instead of blowing it out, she blew it forward.

"That's alright Hannah, we have extras."

"I'm just, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened!"

 A girl started to scream as the flames burned some hair off the top of her head.

Hannah took up her wand, "Agualmente!" A burst of water sprouted from her wand, and sprayed the girl. Hannah tried to control her wand, the girl screamed again. Hannah's wand stopped. The girl was soaked from head to toe.

"Oh. I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!" She held her hand up to her mouth. A couple of students giggled under their breath.  

The girl turned from her seat and starred up at Hannah, "What is wrong with you!?"

"I'm so sorry!"

The girl felt her head, and fainted.

"Ah, I'm so sorry!"

Students surrounded the girl, "Give her some air.", “Get the nurse.”

Hannah grabbed her things and ran out of the class. Right after her was Raiden, "Hannah? What’s going on?"

"I don't know, I just lost control and then it blew up. I don't know what happened."

"Well it was just an accident." Raiden put his arm around Hannah, "She'll be fine. Good wand use though, I bet she would have lost more hair if you didn't spray her off."

Hannah sniffed and smiled up at Raiden, "Thank you." Hannah laughed behind the brink of tears.

"No problem." He patted her back a little too hard and Hannah laughed again.

 Meanwhile Professor Flitwick thought it would be useful for the lesson to levitate the girl to the nurse while the students followed close behind. 


        Hannah slumped off to her second hour. She felt so confused and bad for burning the girl’s hair. Her second period was Herbology, with Neville Longbottom. Students shuffled in and took their seats. Lacey looked around and held her book bag close.

“Can I sit here?”

“Oh,yeah, sure.” Hannah led her hand to the chair next to her.

“Thanks.” She took her seat and faced Hannah, they chatted for the first few minuets of class; it was then that class had begun.

"Good morning class." Neville clapped his hands, to quiet the class down.

The class answered him back, “Good morning Mr. Longbottom." Hannah was all smiles.

"The amazing thing about Herbology is these plants are living and breathing creatures. This is my Mimbulus Mimbletonia. I have been growing it since I was fourteen." He picked up a plant about four feet tall, with many heads and spots that looked to be eyes.

Neville passed the plant around, “Yes you can pet him. His spikes on his skin are harmless; He is a good antidote for shyness, or nervousness. Which is good for me, I was very shy and nervous when I was young. No they don't hurt at all."

Some students looked at the bobble heads plant, and asked questions. Then the plant was passed to Hannah. She looked into the twelve eyes of the plant.

"Awe, you're so cute." Hannah giggled and tickled the plant.

The Mimbulus started to scream. Hannah's face went into shock. Neville Ran to her seat and picked up the plant, “What’s wrong!? George!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I don't know what happened."

The plant screamed even louder and a horrible smell arouse from it's skin. Neville tried to calm it down. He was petting it and shushing it. Its scream went from a cry to a shrill.

Hannah felt like she was going to cry, but then Lacey started to laugh. Hannah looked at her with confusion,Lacey was holding her nose away from the smell and almost about to fall off her seat with laughter. Hannah couldn't help but laugh with her. Neville was frantic; he was running everywhere trying to calm the plant down. Then the whole class started to laugh at him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Hannah said mid laugh.

The plant was making a coughing sound now. Neville was talking to it, “Its okay, you're okay."

The poor plant was gasping for air, it was hyperventilating. The class stopped laughing. They watched as the plant went from loud to dead silent.

"No! George!" Neville was hysterical, “Class dismissed, Uh, will someone go get Hagrid for me!? Stay with me George, BREATH!"

Hannah couldn't move, “I’m a plant killer... I kill plants."

"It's okay Hannah, you didn't do anything. Everyone touched it. You were just the last one." Lacey said with a laugh, “What class do you have next?"

Hannah sighed, “Ancient ruins. Let’s hope something else doesn't go wrong."

Lacey slapped her back, “You’re alright. Hey I have Ancient ruins next too."

Hannah laughed and they walked together to the next class.

Hannah had a premonition; she could feel something bad coming. She no longer had a smile to her face, she was nervous to see if she would kill something, or hurt someone else, badly. She felt cursed. She thought to herself that if anything worse happened she would send a message to her father. He would know what to do.

"Now, who knows what this is?" Her teacher Mrs. Babbling was pointing to a drawing on the board; of a castle in the middle of the desert.

A few students raised their hands. Although Hannah had never heard anything about ancient ruins, something made her hand go straight up. She tried to put it back down. But it wouldn’t budge. Then she lost all control. Her face stayed as confused as she was. She stood up from her seat and lifted her voice, “NO ONE KNOWS WHAT A CASTLE IS DOING IN THE DESERT!"

"Now Hannah, sit down. I did not call your name."


Hannah tried to look to see the faces around her, but she couldn't, she continued to point and yell at the teacher.

Mrs. Babbling was furious, “Miss Imel, Sit down!"

"NO," she said while climbing up on her desk, “I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!"

"DETENTION Miss Imel!"


"OUT! NOW!" Mrs. Babbling was bright red; she pointed to the door.

Hannah didn't know why she yelled at her teacher, she grabbed her things and looked at Lacey. Hannah's confused face told Lacey that she didn't know what was going on. Lacey nodded to her. Hannah stormed off.


Lunch was on the table. Hannah did not eat. Creighton came into the dining room and saw her sitting by herself, and came over to her.

"Hello Hannah, you look sad." He said.

"What? Oh, hey Creighton...Yeah, I'm having a bad day..." Hannah sighed.

"Want to talk about it?"

"Well, first I burned a girls head off! Then I killed my Mr. Lonbottom's plant! Then this part doesn't make any sense at all! I yelled at the teacher, I didn't even have a reason to be mad! Now I have detention, and I don't know why bad things keep happening to me! And it’s my birthday; nothing bad is supposed to happen on my birthday!"

"Wow, well I would check up on the girl you burned, and see if the, um, plant is okay; and if it's not, then throw a funeral. And I can't explain the yelling, but you should apologize to her, I guess." Creighton shrugged and started to slurp some soup.

"I guess, I just don't think I could handle any more bad things." She sunk her head deep into her arms.

Creighton patted her back, “It’ll be fine. At least you get that present today?"

"Hmm...Yeah I guess..."

"Class will be starting soon. What do you have next, I’ll walk you there."

Hannah sniffed, “I have History of Magic.”

“I have that next to, I’ll keep and eye out for you there.”

Hannah hugged him tight. Creighton let her hug him and his face was as tired and done as ever. But he had reason to believe this would be a regular thing. He patted her head, “There there, it'll be okay." He said with no feeling.

"Thank you..."Hannah sniffed, “You’re a good friend."

Creighton rolled his eyes, “You should eat. Our next meal isn't for another few hours." Hannah nodded and started to scarf down all her soup and ate a half of a sandwich.


Hannah clung to Creighton's arm the whole way to History of Magic. He was by this point annoyed but did nothing. He had always been taught to be polite. His urge to push her away and run, was held back. But for some reason he felt like he could trust this odd little girl.

Creighton and Hannah walked into History of magic. Hannah let go of his arm. Her face lit up with wonder at her new teacher.

“Good afternoon students, I am professor Cuthbert Binns.”

“Woah, a Ghost.” Hannah stared at her ghastly teacher.

He floated across the room over to the door to greet the students, “You may sit where you please. Yes I am a ghost; if you all settle down I will tell you the story of my death.”

The children sat in their desks and stared at and through their new teacher. Hannah saw ghosts in the cafeteria, and they shocked her as well, but she never saw one that was a teacher.

“Now, I was here in this room. It was very different from now, that is after the fire. Yes I died in a fire. The worst part and the moral to my story is, do not fall asleep in class. Because it may be the last thing you do. I was in my office napping the rest of my day away. When that fire started I was already dead before it was stopped. I am lucky to have been able to keep my job. But figuring out your no longer alive is no cup of tea.”

The students watched him pace without touching the ground, “And that students, is why you should never fall asleep in my class.”  Professor Binns laughed.

The students laughed along with him.

“Any questions?”

Four student’s hands went up. One of them was the purple bag eyed boy with slick black hair. Hannah looked over at him, and before he could ask his question he broke his endless ink quill. The ink poured over his desk and into his lap. It would not stop. His face had black ink in blotches and his robe had been ruined. The ink continued to flow over him and his neighboring student.

“Ugh! Tribonious! What the heck!” His partner yelled.

No one was doing anything, except laughing their heads off. The boy’s face was furious. Hannah thought at first he deserved it, since he ruined one of her drawings. But then she thought how she was the one who had ran into him. She didn’t want his day to be ruined to, so she took out her wand, “Oculus repairo!”

His endless ink quill repaired itself. But his ruined robes and blotchy face where covered. Hannah held out her wand, “Here, let me clean you up.” Hannah was about to spray him with water. But then he pushed her, “No! I don’t need your kind of help.” He cursed.

“I’m only… I didn’t…”

“Out of my way.” He looked down at her, and before he walked out he spat in her eye.

Hannah removed her glasses and wiped his spit off her face with her robe sleeve. Then again followed him with her gaze, jaw dropped.

“What is your problem?! What did I ever do to you?”

He didn’t answer. He merely walked out of the room leaving shoe prints behind him.


“Everyone, my name is Madam Hooch. I am your broom class teacher. Now I want you to all stand on the left side of your broom, spread out your right hand and say, “Up”.”

Hannah flinched at the thought of something bad going on in broom class. She nervously stood on the left side of her broom and hoped to god that nothing bad would happen. She imagined her flying up and then plummeting one hundred feet in the air. She smashed back into her own mind and shivered. Raiden looked over to her, “Hannah, what’s up with you today?”  Hannah did not answer; she simply stared down at her broom.

“Now don’t be nervous. We are not flying very much today.”

All the students started to command their brooms. Half the student’s broom hopped into their hands. Hannah knew how to command her broom, but she was distracted.

“With more feeling.” Madam hooch said.

Hannah finally allowed her broom to jump to her hand.

“Now everyone hop onto your brooms, kick up from the ground, hover, then touch back down.”

Hannah relaxed herself. She thought if she were to get hurt, at least it would be while doing something she loved, flying. She kicked up from the ground and sat back on her broom, she waited till everyone else had touched back to the ground. Her bragging had caught the eye of Madam Hooch.

“You may brag during try outs Miss Imel.” She smiled and winked at her.

Hannah giggled and touched back to the ground.

Raiden laughed at her, “There she is.” Hannah could feel her day looking up. She smiled at the sky. Raiden and Hannah then showed off her moves during the rest of the class.


Hannah found Creighton in the hall and grabbed his arm, “Hey, nothing bad happened to me my last class.” Hannah giggled.

“That’s good. Hey get your schedule out.”

Hannah momentarily let go and rummaged through her bag, and pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper. She eyed it and adjusted her glasses.

“Hmmm, I have care for magical creatures. Where is your schedule?”

“I have mine memorized. I'm in Hagrid's class as well.”

Hannah smiled and hugged his waist, “Yay!” she let go and jumped up and down.

Creighton was confused, as to why she never noticed how uncomfortable she made him. But he ignored her hug and started to walk to class.

“Hey Creighton, I should give you a nickname. Your name is way too long.” She undid his tie and pulled his arm. They walked to class as he attempted to fix his tie back.

“No, no, my name is just fine the way it is.”

“Nah, you cray cray.” She burst out in laughter, and pointed to him, “That’s perfect! Creigh.”

Creighton rolled his eyes and ignored her.

“So Creigh. Do you wanna come to my try outs?” she placed her hand on his arm, and stopped him.

 He stared down at her hand, “I don’t know.”

Hannah hung her head; “If you don’t want to go…I guess you don’t have to…” she dropped her hand.

“No, I’ll go.” Hannah looked up and smiled again.

“Okay, I will see you there.” She began to walk away from him.

 He stopped her, “Are we not going to class?”

“Oh, yeah.” She laughed, “I forgot what time it was.” Hannah bonked her head with her hand and grabbed Creighton’s arm.

She skipped and practically dragged Creighton on to Hagrid’s Care for Magical Creatures. She could not wait to see a magical creature; Hannah had never seen anything above muggle standard zoo animals. She was interested to see what the wizard world was really like.


“Ev'rybody follow me. This way.”  Hagrid said.

Hannah’s eyes were wider than a full moon, she followed Hagrid close. A large fence was holding in five white horses.

“Hagrid, what are these.” Hannah watched as one of the horses turned around and faced the kids. She noticed as its head was topped with a twisty horn.

“Wha, they don' have un'corns in muggle world?”

Hannah gasped, “Can I pet one?”

“O’ course, ’s my job to show everyone how cre’ures are vastly misunderstood.” Hagrid patted his stomach and pushed Hannah a little closer to the stable.

Hannah looked into the beautiful eyes of the Unicorn, “Hello.” Hannah said. She put out her hand and his large muzzle met with her. Hannah could feel his cold nose behind his warm fur. The conflicting temperatures shocked her. She caressed his cheek. His eyes closed with content.

“You’re a new kind of child.”

Hannah looked all around her to see who just talked to her. The voice echoed in her head, she heard the voice next to her, behind her and above her.


“Right here my girl.” The voice echoed again.

Hannah looked to the Unicorn, “Are you talking to me?”

“A little quieter darling, people are staring.” He shook his head up and down.

Hannah giggled, “You’re so pretty.” She continued to pet his nose.

“You can hear my thoughts, you are a different child.”

“Can all the Unicorns talk?”

“I’m afraid not. Only I.” He stomped his foot into the ground, his white trim swaying to his powerful step.

“What’s your name?” Hannah said, twirling his main.

“Hagrid calls me Marith. But my mother called me, Drangous late.” He nibbled her palm.

 Hannah giggled at his tickle,“That’s a pretty name.”

“Thank you. You are a very different child. I will always be here, but now you must let your other students visit.” Then Drangous bowed his head and took a step back.

“Al’righ, very good Hanna’. Who’s nex’.” Hagrid clapped.

Half the class stepped forward to visit the beautiful beasts.

Hannah wondered what he meant by being different.  She thought maybe it was her Animageus talent that she gained the ability to speak to intelligent animals. But other then that she could see no other way she was different. Hannah shrugged what he said off and watched her class mates nervously pet the Unicorns, and giggled when Raiden got nibbled by one and freaked out. Creighton was at peace. He oddly watched the creatures and never touched them.


 Hannah Marched off to her next class with Raiden, Divination. Hannah was looking at her bright day. She had forgotten about all the bad things that had happened to her.

 “Let me see your cup.” The frizzy googely eyed teacher peered into a little boy’s cup,”Mmm, curious. Have you forgotten to brush you teeth? You should as soon as possible.” She tisked at the boy and went to the next child.

“What does your cup say, read it to me child.”

Reena Pamela onwar looked into her cup and held her book close, “umm, it has a little flower on it…which means that I will suffer natural causes…and this little curve here means to live… So I’ll suffer natural causes and survive…”

“Very good child.”

Hannah was giggling under her breath she knew that after this class, during her free time or dinner she would get her surprise from her father.

“Happy Birthday, dear girl.” She bowed and took her cup.  Before anyone could notice, The teacher was wobbling and her eyes stared straight at Hannah.

She went into a trance,“You are in grave danger.”Her voice was strained and it screeched at her. An echo of her last word rang around her,“There is a darkness looming behind you.”She gasped, “You have no where to turn! Who will stand up for the magicless beings?! Who will return a winner! A victor over all evil!”Her voice was pulled and warped. She coughed and turned around.

She was messing with her lip and turned back, “What did I say?”

Hannah’s mouth gaped at her teacher. All her fellow students stared in silence. Hannah took no time, she ran out of the room and down the spiral of stairs. Tears filled her eyes. Hannah knew this was the last straw; she had to contact her father.

Hannah couldn’t hold in her tears, she was thinking about all the bad things that happened. She kept seeing Tribonious’s face. Her tears where flooding the hall as she ran to the only private place she could think of; the girls’ bathroom.


“Hannah?” Raiden called from the door.

  “She’s in there. She won’t stop crying. It’s so annoying.” A pigtailed ghost announced. She was sitting on top of a stall door and looking down at Hannah who was crying on the toilet.

“Hannah, what’s wrong? Don’t listen to that crazy teacher.” He said while approaching the stall she was in. Hannah sniffed and continued to listen to Raiden, “I mean what bad can happen from not brushing your teeth?” He laughed and pushed the door open. Hannah laughed between wiping a tear from her cheek.

“Is it really your birthday? Is that why you’re sad?” He said looking sadly at her.

“No…Bad things keep happening… to me, on my birthday… that’s why.” Hannah sniffed and another rush of tears came up.

“Oh make it stop!” She moaned.

“Shut up,” He yelled up, “You would cry too if your birthday was ruined.” Raiden spat at her.

“I’m moaning myrtle, I cry any way. Don’t make fun of me.” She moaned and cried and jumped into a toilet.

“Hannah, come on. I hear there’s a present waiting for you.”

Hannah stood up from the pot, “What is it!” She said with excitement.

“Oh I don’t know. You’ll have to come with me and see.” Hannah took a tissue from the stall and wiped her face off.

“Okay, I’m ready.” She smiled and Raiden gave her his arm to “escort” her to the cafeteria.

Hannah walked close to him and when she saw the wrapped gift on the table she already knew what it was. She couldn’t believe her dad had gotten it for her.

She ran to it and started to rip the paper off of her new broom.

Somebody gasped, “It’s a lightning bolt Eight thousand!”

 “How could she afford it?” Another kid said, “Woah Hannah that’s the fastest broom in the market!” Yet another kid announced.

Hannah stared at her prize; she rubbed all the sadness away from her eyes. Her silly grin filled the room. Hannah now had the fastest broom in the whole school.

The End

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