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        The broom.

Hannah and Elizabeth were turning nine, and every year their father got them something magic related. He gifted Elizabeth with a teddy bear that was very much alive. She giggled and cooed at her new friend. His button eyes looked up at the blond little girl, and ever since then he called her goldilocks.

He then gave Hannah her first toy broom. It of course did not fly very fast, but it gave her something to practice with. As soon as Hannah got on that broom she was whizzing around the living room faster that any seeker ever could.At first she would fall right off her broom. but miraculously Hannah learned quickly how to control her little toy broom.


Hannah and Raiden laughed a little too loud. A neighboring compartment slammed their fist into the wall three times. Hannah jumped off her seat and mimicked their knock. They then knocked even louder on the wall. Hannah fell off her seat and into Raiden's. He pushed her away and they continued to laugh loudly.

"If you haven't noticed, I am a bit crazy when I'm excited." She laughed. Her smile was huge, like when you give a two year old a lollipop.

"Yeah, I've noticed. But it's cool, you are fun to watch."

For a moment things got all quiet, so naturally Hannah started talking about the first subject that came to mind. She clapped her hands once and lent forward,"So. Do you play Quidditch?" Raiden's smile hurt his face, this was his very favorite subject.

"Mhm." Raiden answered. Their conversation sped up as they detailed what they could and could not do. Hannah was a little too modest. She could only describe how she felt when she flew.

"Ah, I'm alright. I just always fly as fast as I feel comfortable." Hannah said. She feared failure, for the whole team,"I think I could be a Keeper, I'm pretty good at keeping things away from people." Hannah beamed at her friend, remember playing monkey in the middle with Libby and a few of her non-magical cousins.

"Well, keep your options open." He relaxed his arms behind his head.

"What are you going to be?"

"Well, I think I'll try out for beater. My uncle George said it was exciting. But my dad was a keeper," He lent forward, " I wouldn't want to step on your toes, so yeah, I think I'll be a beater." His face was full of confidence.

Hannah looked out the window and admired the lake, a light fog hung over the water. She thought of the year ahead of her, she anticipated the new friends and adventures she would have. Hannah was determined to have a few adventures.

"We should probably change into our robes. We should be there soon." Hannah suggested.


            As Hannah looked at herself in the mirror, she did a quick spin and watched the robe pick up air and flow back down. Two girls walked in on her spin; Hannah hung her head and walked out. She could hear their giggles as she walked back to her compartment.

           She walked slowly down the aisle, when a boy with light blonde hair caught her eye. He was reading a book very closely. She stopped and watched him read for a minute. He soon noticed someone watching him and looked up. Hannah blushed momentarily, then the boy nodded to her, he smiled lightly and waved. Hannah stepped into the compartment.

"Umm, hello." She stood awkwardly in the middle. Hannah didn't particularly know why she was greeting the boy. But she didn't want to just walk away from staring at him; that would have been weirder.

"Hello. What's your name?" He said politely, still thinking about the last paragraph he had read.

"Hannah, What's yours?"

"My name is Creighton Amous Malfoy." He bowed his head.

"Well, it's nice to meet you." Hannah felt completely awkward, she shook his hand and turned to leave, she half-ran out of the compartment, but just as she was leaving, she heard him call after her.

"The pleasure was all mine." He answered, and continued to read.

Hannah's face was beet red as she shuffled on to her compartment. Raiden was already there watching the lake go by.

"Whats up?" Raiden asked a little confused to her blushing cheeks.

"Oh, nothing, I met this boy named Creighton. He was pretty nice." Hannah sat in her seat and the rest of the ride to Hogwarts was quiet.


     The train whistle went off, awakening Hannah from a drifting sleep. She yawned and stretched her arms out. Raiden was still napping. She shook him awake roughly, making him snort. Hannah laughed and pulled him to his feet.

"We're here!" Hannah turned to her seat and grabbed her carry on.

Raiden took his bag,"That was fast." He said in mid yawn.

"Only because you were sleeping so much." Hannah said, rolling her eyes.

Hannah's mood picked up real quick, she was skipping with her luggage.

"All righ', ev'ryone follow me." A wide and tall man with a black bushy beard had announced to the first year students.

Hannah stared a moment. "Hello Han'ah, I'm Rubious Hagrid," He said while Hannah gaped, " Yeh look jus like yer father."

"H-how do you know my name?" She stuttered,

"Ye look jus like yer father, like I said."

Hannah couldn't say anything to him, she was shocked by how large this man was. Hagrid laughed under his breath, and continued.

"This way ev'rybody." He turned with lantern in hand and led all the kids to the boats.

She didn't know how to react to all that was happening. She stared with her big brown eyes at all the lights glowing over the charmed boats. Hannah stepped onto the dock, closer to the boats.

Two had already climbed into a boat, Hannah was just about to climb in after another one of her peers.  When she lost all her balance, she felt as she did when she was little a top the dome monkey bars.

Just as Hannah was about to hit the water, a swift hand grabbed her arm. Hannah clung to the very hand that saved her. She looked up at her savior. There he was, non other than Creighton Amous Malfoy. His face was full of concern.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

Hannah did not answer, all she could do was think about what would have happened if he hadn't been there, "Thank you so much. You don't know how much I owe you." She hugged him tightly, her eyes still wide with fright.

Creighton watched Hannah with a confused face. He couldn't very well push her away, she was so close to the water, his good deed would be meaningless. He stood there for a moment and did nothing. He waited for her hug to be over but it felt like it would not end any time soon. Creighton backed up a little and Hannah finally let go, although she held tightly to his arm climbing in and inside the boat.

Creighton couldn't help but smile at Hannah's silly grin starring up at him, and at the castle of Hogwarts.

"Thank you so much for saving me, I don't swim very well...Just...thanks, if you hadn't been there..." She babbled, her mood rising as she talked.

            Creighton listened to her, he nodded to all her questions, and laughed quietly at her little jokes. He for some reason felt comfort at her silliness. He thought about his home life, and he knew his father would not approve of this girl.

He knew who Hannah was the child of, and he knew what his father would think. Her blood wasn't as pure as his own. But he felt a little freedom from home, and for the moment did not care what his father thought. He listened to Hannah the whole way to the castle.

                 Hannah was laughing a little too loudly again, but with her home life, she was completely used to it. Creighton on the other hand was so utterly confused, he continued to be shocked at the way Hannah belted her voice and how uncontrolled her laugh was. But Hannah calmed down as soon as she was in a crowd of people.

Her peers made faces at her, Creighton wished he could do something to stop their teasing. But he was again shocked at how quickly their teasing stopped. He watched their faces as they went from disgusted and confused to smiling and laughing. He thought they were at first making fun of her, but he quickly recognized that they were laughing with her. Her mood was contagious, people couldn't help smiling around her.

              The crowd of students were all waiting outside of the dining hall. Hagrid opened the doors and they were lined up to the front of the room. Hannah continued to cling to his arm. He had gotten used to her hands around his arm.

At first he was confused and wanted nothing more than to take a rag and wipe her off. He soon stopped his fidgeting and allowed her grip to loosen on its own.

            The head mistress McGonagoll stood at a pedestal with a large owl and candles melting all around it. She greeted the new students,"Hello, My name is professor McGonagoll. I am your head mistress. This year all students in the first and second year will have free time after dinner to socialize. But be warned, all trouble making will take away time."

             Everyone in the room filled the area with their cheers. She clapped with them, her smile growing wider. Creighton sighed when she finally let go of his arm.

             "Now students, I will call your name and the sorting hat will put you into your house." She unrolled a large scroll and read off a few names,"Lacey Trendal."

A girl with a pixie short blonde hair cut and a large purple bow on the side of her head, walked quietly to a large stool. Professor McGonagoll lifted the sorting hat and placed it on her head.

The hat suddenly had a face, he looked like he was thinking,"hmmm..... Gryffindor is the house for you." She smiled and ran to the cheering table of Gryffindor.

Hannah thought at how fast he had chosen her house. She wondered if everyone had their house written all over them.

Hannah again clapped her hands for her classmate, but then took up her new friends arm. Creighton sighed quietly and slouched.

"Reena Pamala Onwar." She announced.

A little girl; with darker hair than Hannah; tied down in tiny pig tails, walked slowly toward the hat. Her robes over powered her tiny figure. She nervously sat in the seat and fidgeted. The headmistress placed the Sorting hat on her head.

"Ravenclaw." The little girl took a deep breath and her little smile spread on her face. She went to the Ravenclaw table and her peers patted her back and clapped happily to their new arrivals.

"Hannah Leigh Imel." She called.

Hannah felt reality go through her entire body in a rush. Her face was white and her ears rang loudly. Her smile had gone from her face. Her entire future was placed into this hat. She thought so fast she couldn't think. She walked to the stool and relaxed her legs, which felt like Jell-o at this point.

The hat was placed onto her head.

"Hmmm, Imel...Were should I put you?"

"Mmm, I don't really care what house I go in." Hannah thought, forgetting her troubles. She was very fickle-minded, so the mood change was normal.

"Don't care? hmmm? How bout slitheryn?"

"No, no, Not Slytheryn...It's a great home and all, but do you think that would fit my personality? Green can be a bit to down on my skin." Really she was thinking, Ew, green.

"hmmm, You have a very interesting mind. I've never seen anything like this. What about Gryffindor?" The hat pondered out loud.

"I never really liked Orange either."

The hat was laughing at Hannah's thoughts. She knew the colors were red and gold, but she mixed them together, attempting to find a reason to dislike Gryffindor.

"You are very difficult. How about Ravenclaw."

Hannah nodded thoughtfully then shrugged.

"Whatever." She could feel the hat chuckling on her head.

She walked to her cheering table. She laughed and sat with her new students. She waited and watched other students being put into their houses.

Raiden was put in Gryffindor. She was a little sad that they weren't in the same house, but they could still hang out during their new free time.

Then Creighton was called to the sorting hat. Hannah waited with worry to see what house her new friend would be placed in.

Creighton sat in the stool. The hat was placed on his head. Hannah knew they must be conversing as she did. The hat was conflicted to what house he should put him in.

"You don't want Slytherin? What about your father's pride?" The hat whispered.

Hannah watched as everyone did. The hat looked as if it had finally chosen where to put him.

"I know just where to put you. Brilliant mind, clever too. Better be, Ravenclaw!"

Everyone was cheering, some laughing. But Slytherin house was glaring. Five boys where chanting at him,"Creighton the creaton, doesn't know how to meet 'em. Creighton the creaton will never have friends."

Hannah glared angrily at all the Slytherin boys. Creighton sat next to Hannah and looked down at the table. His new mates patted his back, welcoming him into their home.

Hannah beamed up at Creighton. "Thank god you're on my team, It woulda sucked if you weren't."

He nodded slowly, not really listening to Hannah's casual babbling.

Hannah watched the last few students being placed into their houses. Then Head mistress McGonagoll lifted her hands to the students.

"Let us feast in rejoice of a new year!" She put out her hands and like magic the feast had begun.

Everyone was filling their plates with Chicken and bread, pie and cake, fruit, vegetables. Hannah dug into her plate. She felt like she had not eaten in days. She looked over to her new friend Creighton. He was nibbling on a roll. Hannah smiled at him, and sipped at her water.

Hannah and other Ravenclaw students conversed about school, and how to get into the house.

"If you need to get into the house, you have to solve the Riddle. just be as clever as you are and it will open. You wouldn't have been placed in Ravenclaw if you wouldn't be able to get into the house."

Hannah nodded happily and looked to Creighton who looked finished and was reading a pocket book.

"Well, I am tired. How bout you?"

Creighton put his pocket book away," Yes I am a little. Do you want to leave now?"

"Yes." She nodded.

Creighton Stood from his seat and followed Hannah, whom was holding a note with instructions on how to get to the house. They approached a large door with bolts out lining the molding of leaves and a few flowers. A knocker in the middle of the door was pasted with a metal face of a woman.

"Those whom seek to sleep, must tell the tale so meek. I believe you will not fail if you do not wail." the door said.

Hannah giggled,"Oh that's easy." She lent to the door and whispered to it, "I stole the cookie from the cookie jar." Hannah giggled and the door opened.

Creighton gave her a questioning look. She just rolled her eyes. "Must tell the tale so meek, which means you are confessing something bad you did. If you are honest and you don't cry, then you can get in, and of course I won't cry over a cookie." Hannah said.

"Very clever." the door said.

Hannah and Creighton entered their new home for a much needed rest.

The End

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