First time arriving

              Sun light dipped down from Hannah's white wash window. She stirred in her sleep and let out a big yawn. Her little eyes blinked off her last dream and she looked into her ember lit room. Her pink walls shimmered at the hand of the light. Hannah allowed a smile to escape her lips and her pearly whites to glow.

she shrieked with excitement, and ran to her bathroom.

She shook her pants and danced to a song in her head,"I get to go!" She shimmied her hands and watched her face in the mirror.

"Bleh!" she stuck out her tongue and pushed her nostrils up like a pig,"I Hate my hair." She grunted and turned on her shower. 

As soon as Hannah finished her shower, she wrapped her cold wet torso with a fat pink towel. She hummed happily and rummaged through her messy drawer for her favorite muggle t shirt and purple jeans. Hannah stepped into her jeans and shook her waist.

"I'm goin to Hogwarts! yes I am!" she belted her voice on one note like an opera singer.

"HANNAH! QUIT!" her sister Libby yelled from the other room.

"NO!" she cried defiantly.

Libby ignored her and continued getting dressed. Hannah finished dressing and ran to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Good morning, my darling." Her father greeted.

"Good morning."

"Did you grab your new wand? And don't forget to pack your glasses."

Hannah ignored her father's nagging and munched on the pancakes in front of her.

"Hannah are you listening to me?"

"Yes daddy."

"What did I say?"

"You said you wanted to give me something for my birthday tomorrow."Hannah winked and smiled with a drip of syrup on her lip. She looked down and licked it off.

"No, well yes but. Oh never mind, you'll see soon enough." He rolled his eyes and took her plate. Hannah's face became furious she tried to protect her syrup plate so she could lick it, but he took it. 

"You've had enough, go get the rest of your things. I know you will forget if you don't grab them now." He shooed her off and washed her dish.

Hannah skipped to her room and grabbed her wand, which she hid under her pillow, for safe keeping. She admired its white wood and brown swirls that were painted all the way down to the handle. She swished and flicked it like her father had taught her,"Accio, glasses."  Her glasses floated out from her closet; dropping a couple socks behind it. She held her hand out and grab, then put them past her ears and onto her cute little nose. She looked at her face in the mirror and squinted at herself, then looked around her; making sure not to forget anything. She slipped on her Mary Janes, and skipped to Libby's room.

"Libby! So what is Muggle school like?"

Libby sighed and finished making her bed,"Well it's like any old school..." She pet her cat and plopped onto her bed.

"I bet it's not like Hogwarts." Hannah bragged.

"Well, I don't care what school I go to." she snuffed.

Hannah sat behind Libby and played with her hair,"Libby, you're so lucky. Your hair is gorgeous."

Libby lay over Hannah's lap, she continued to pet her blonde locks.

"Look at you two." Their mother said carrying a little purple bag,"Darling sisters."

"Whats that?" Hannah questioned.

"Oh, just something my mother gave me when I first went to Hogwarts, and I would like to give it to you. So you don't forget me." She handed it to her; Hannah took it eagerly and opened it.

"Oooh, It's a gold watch."

"Open it with your wand." Her mother urged.

Hannah held out her wand and tapped the glass of the watch. The front opened up; a moving picture of her mother and her as a baby. Hannah giggled as she saw her younger self reach up to a butterfly and miss by an inch. she closed it and hugged her mother.

"Thanks mummy." She said in a fake Brittish accent.

"Welcome love." She laughed and kissed her forehead and walked out; before she left the door,"Don't forget your spell book."

"ooh!" Hannah jumped off her sisters' bed and back to her room


The station.

Hannah could hear the train whistles. Her joy weld up inside her, she was practically skipping. With cart in hand she put her finger into her pet snakes cage.

"Hey Tibble, we're so close, can't you smell it!?" Tibble then stuck his little tongue out and tasted the air,"I'll take that as a yes!"

"Hannah hurry up!" Her father called.

Hannah pushed her cart a little closer to him, "Will Libby get to go through with us?"

"I don't think so, I would say goodbye before we go."

Hannah felt a little sad; she didn't want to go without her twin. She pushed her cart up to her sister.


"Hey." Libby took out one headphone from her ear.

"You wont be able to go through the barrier..." Hannah sniffed.

"I know...daddy told me."

"Why didn't you get to be magic like me?"

"I don't know, but I don't mind. Really, I think it's cool that you do magic."

"I'm gunna miss you Libby." Hannah stopped her cart and gave her sister a big hug.

"I'll miss you too. Write me as much as you can." Libby then kissed Hannah's cheek,"Now go, have fun." she pushed her forward, hoping she wouldn't notice the tear fall from her cheek.

Hannah took up her cart and followed her parents to the barrier between nine, and ten.

Just then the Weasley's came through the barrier.

Raiden Jacob Weasley was holding his cart closely with a nervous look. The eldest daughter of Weasley, Rose, was confident and ready to go. Hugo, the second eldest was staring over at a witch, ignoring his mother's nagging. Their father Ron was holding a very angry little red head,two year old Molly Cherish Weasley, whom was hugging his neck and starring at the barrier behind her. She thought if that was how Libby felt, watching your siblings go to an awesome school, while she stays.

Raiden came to Hannah's side. They started to talk and Hannah's welcoming and silly personality made a new friendship automatically. Raiden was enthusiastic and followed Hannah closely into the train.

As she was beginning to sit down she grabbed Raiden's sleeve and tugged him toward her seat, "Since I know nobody on this train, you can sit with me." She patted the spot next to her.

Hannah waved at her parents through the window warmly, knowing this would be the last time she would see them until after school. While they were disappearing she could feel a tear, but Raiden's talk of Hogwarts and his brothers and sisters experiences shot her mood up to her lungs. Hannah jumped from her seat, "This is the year! We are going to Hogwarts! Can you believe it?!" Hannah yelled from her excitement.

Everyone could hear. Not even compartment walls could hide it.

The End

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