A park in London.

"Hannah, your freckles are weird!" A boy with a snub nose and chubby front rudely commented.

"Stop it, that's not nice!" Hannah covered her ears and crawled into a giant playground toy that resembled a triangular prism of Swiss cheese.

"You're so odd Hannah." Another skinnier boy teased.

"No I'm not! Leave me alone!" Tears flooded Hannah's little face. She darted out of the cheese and to the dome of monkey bars.

The two boys laughed; one a deep laugh and the other a piercing screech. Hannah started to climb up the dome,"Stop it! just stop!" The boys followed behind her. "Hannah you're a Freak!" Hannah's little fingers gripped onto the bars on by one. She knew something would happen. Not only was her speed unnatural, She could feel her body becoming light.

"No!" Hannah yelled, now at the top.  The boys surrounded her; she stood straight up,"Stop, I'm gunna fall!" Hannah's little arms flung to her sides. As she tried to keep her balance she swayed. The fat boy poked her leg; hoping she'd fall. Hannah then lost balance. As she plummeted, Hannah's  light feeling grew; like a bubble surrounding her. She felt she could make one motion, and jump right into the air.

          She looked all around her, she saw a shimmer of light going threw a watery surface. She touched the wall of what looked like a large bubble; her finger poked right through and the bubble popped. She giggled and landed gracefully onto the grass.

          Hannah turned to see the two boys shaking in their seven dollar shoes. Hannah laughed at them. She stuck her tongue out,"Pfftt!" A little spit flew at their frightened faces.

"Hannah?" Her father called from the other side of the yard.

"Daddy!" she squealed, then ran to her father and hugged his waist.

"Why is your face puffy?" 

Hannah wiped her nose on her sleeve and sniffed,"The boys said I'm odd, and my freckles are weird..."

"Your freckles are beautiful darling." He wiped the last tear from her red cheeks, " don't let these boys bother you." He kissed her forehead and picked her up.

Hannah clung to his neck and he carried her off to the house. They laughed at the two boys, who were running away to their mothers.

The End

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